Barack Obama is registered to vote in Chicago

This is a follow-up on my post of just a few hours ago, “Barack Obama is not registered to vote in D.C., but Barry Soetoro is!

An alert FOTM reader, sharzie, wrote this comment:

But, didn’t we see him and Mooch cast their votes in their “home” town of Chicago last fall??? I guess if you are a Dem you can be registered to vote in as many districts or states as you please. No voter ID required.

So I decided to look into whether Obama is registered to vote in Chicago. But, in order to do that, I would need a physical address for the Obamas.

According to Wikipedia, Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964, and is 49 years old.

Using the people search engine Spokeo, I found the following addresses in Chicago, IL, for Michelle Obama:

  1. 5450 S East View Park, Chicago, IL 60615 (Spokeo says Michelle Obama, female, 49, birthday January 1964, lives at this address with Barack Obama, male, age 50s).
  2. 7436 S Euclid Ave, Chicago, IL 60649 (Spokeo says Michelle Obama, female, 49, birthday January 1964, lives at this address with Barack Obama, male, age 50s).
  3. 5470 S Everett Ave, Chicago, IL 60615 (Spokeo says Michelle Obama, female, 49, birthday January 1964, lives at this address with Barack Obama, male, age 50s).
  4. 5046 S Greenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60615 (Spokeo says this Michelle Obama. female, 49, birthdays December 1963, lives at this address with her father and mother.)

Then I went on the Chicago Board of Election website for “Check your voter registration,” and typed in each address above, and in the space for last name I typed in “Obama.”

For the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd addresses (see #1, #2, #3 above), I got the same message:

“No voter found at this address with that last name.”

For the 4th address (5046 S Greenwood Ave), I got this message:

Please select voter:


So I clicked “BARACK OBAMA” and got this (click image below to enlarge!):

Obama voter registrationSo, Barack Obama is registered to vote in Chicago, IL.

So who is this Barry Soetoro, with the same birthdate as Obama (August 4, 1961), who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. (address of the White House), whom the District of Columbia Board of Elections says had registered to vote on October 15, 2012, as a Democrat?

Whoever did that — whether he’s Obama himself or an imposter — committed voter fraud.

UPDATE (July 27, 2013):

Surprise! A week after I published this post, Barry Soetoro is no longer registered to vote in D.C.! Go here.


24 responses to “Barack Obama is registered to vote in Chicago

  1. vote early and vote often – it is the Chicago way.


  2. So he’s registered in two places to vote? ACORN approved!


  3. So could a employee be considered a resident of 1600 Pennsylvania, and just happen to have the name the President used all his young life, I thought the only resident is the President and his family. This whole mess of rats smells more like fish all the time and they expect us to believe in them, BS, Maybe the KBG should be called in to investigate this mess, I would trust them more.


  4. The Kenyan fraud of a POtuS is probably also registered as the comrade Dear Ruler, too.



  5. How come the liberals are silent about the separation of church and state? How come Obama is supporting a religious group? The religion of Islam. And how about the Muslim Brotherhood? They are a radical islamic religious group. We have some serious violations taking place by Obama and his administration.


  6. This has to go into the highest court of all, it needs to go up before God himself, there is no court here with human judges that have enough moral authority to take this on. One thing I know, God’s word tells us that truth is older than terror so it will outlive it. The secret court that just extended the NSA surveillance is the court that most likely is ruling on it at present.
    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.


  7. BO – wow, this guy gets smellier by the search!!


  8. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Deputy’s comments: Do you get it yet? We have a criminal holding the highest office in the land. We don’t even know who he really is or what country he is a citizen of.


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  10. My question is did both vote in the 2012 election or just registered????


  11. He definitely isn’t registered as Barry Zimmerman, but perhaps he’s registering another voter name such as Trayvon Soetoro? How about Lady Moochelle Oboro last heard living with His Excellency Vonrack Hustray Oboro in Qadaffi’s earstwhile bedouin tent in the garden of the French Presidents Palais in Paris? They want to play name games? We;ll show them name games.


  12. he is a null and void foreign and domestic enemy.


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  16. He’s a fraud….be it his legal name, where henwas born or how he gotfinancial aid for school. George Soros and his baner buddies made him up and thelame media sold him to the voters. Isn’t it interesting that his initials are either BO or BS whis both STINK.


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    The secta Subud is a special mixture of Java mysticism, magic and the Dharma (originated from India), which is controlled from above, by a theocratic, authoritarian system: The teaching can be interpreted only by the main leader. The Dharma is about the circulation of our world, where the destruction is a natural part of the system, so that is why Shiva can be one of the most important, central God in their religion.
    The Secta is based on ordered relationship hierarchy.
    The secta is led by a very little group of leaders, who hold the most of the economical power of the Subud.
    For an example, they new HQ of the Subud was planned to be built in Jakarta. It would have a special „boat” shape with a huge chimney.


  19. Lloyd Martin Hendaye

    As bruited on certain sites, Surname DNA confirms that Barry-O is not the offspring of a drunken Kenyan goatherd called Obama, but the bastard whelp of Comintern agent, coke addict, and pedophile Frank Marshal Davis (revered in Ayers’ ghost-written “autobiography” issued under Fudgepack’s name). Accordingly, though most certainly born in Mombasa, Kenya, to sleep-around Stanley Ann Dubham (SAD), Obama/Davis/Soetoro was in fact a “natural born” American with two –count ’em!– U.S. citizens as parent.

    But soft!– from age six in 1967, as the adopted son of Lolo Soetoro (another SAD exotic), wee Barack became a naturalized Sunni Muslump citizen of Indonesia, resident in Djakarta, eventually traveling to Pakistan on a drug-networking excursion via an Indonesian Muslump passport.

    Returned to Chicagoland’s and NYC’s Black Muslump/red-diaper baby roots in early 1980s, Barack Soetoro with his fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number (!) and other phony documents from draft card to driver’s license and Bar Association affidavits, never filed U.S. re-naturalization papers, preferring to register at Columbia and Hah-vahd as an Indonesian national for purposes of Foreign Student aid.

    This means. of course, that from 1967 Benedict Barack Gangrenous never was, and is not now, a U.S. citizen– as everyone from the Chicago mafia to
    Rats’ DC establishment, Soros’ subversive underground, and Saudi Arabia’s terrorist-affiliated Wahabist ambassador al Walid bin Talal well knew.

    This means, or course, that Barry O as a foreign national was prima facie ineligible for every U.S. political office he fraudulently occupied, rendering all every official acts from Illinois State Legislator to U.S. Senator to (lord help us) two-term Rat President criminally illegitimate in every aspect.

    Anyone who doubts this is welcome to present authentically serialized, third-party verifiable originals (not copies) of SHD’s 1980s re-naturalization filing. (Note that his Foreign Student applications are necessarily archived in NYC and Boston). Absent this perfectly standard, irrefutably necessary credential, no official act of this abominable poseur has any legitimacy whatsoever.

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