“IRS” is now a racist term

The GOP is using the term “IRS” in place of the term “n****r,” MSNBC host Martin Bashir claimed on his Wednesday show.

“Republicans are using [the IRS scandal] as their latest weapon in the war against the black man in the White House,” he suggested. ”IRS” is the new “N****r.” Bashir gave a nod to the late Republican strategist Lee Atwater, to whom he attributed the subtle strategy.

With in-depth analysis like this, it’s no wonder MSNBC’s ratings have hit a 7-year low.



13 responses to ““IRS” is now a racist term

  1. Racist this. Racist that. The Left have only one crutch in their tired old schtick of insults and accusations. The time will soon come when the word loses all meaning, if it isn’t here already.


  2. Mr. Bashir’s name has become synonymous with government run media. These people have a number of distinguishing characteristics, one of which is a complete absence of shame.

    This Mick is getting really tired of worrying about insensitivity toward the enlightened descendants of the Benin empire of Africa. And I know a lot of Hymies, Wops, Spicks, Chinks, Nips, Frogs, and Wasps who feel the same way. Archie Bunker Lives!!!


  3. Hey, have all these media idiots completely gone round the bend? How much longer do they think they can throw the race card out there? This guy’s diatribe was total propaganda, and it was LAME at that!!!


  4. MSNBC is no longer a news outlet. They’ve stated that clearly. They are the propaganda outlet for the administration.


  5. Really desperate, if that is the only card they have to play. The racist thing is so used that it is all worn out.


  6. Freedom is “racist,” apparently, for Democrats.


  7. affirmative action is racism. pure and simple promoting an individual based on skin color is racist and affirmative action is racist


  8. Has Martin Bashir been drug tested?


  9. And lets not forget “Benghazi”, “Verizon”, “AP”, “Fast and Furious”, Kenya”, “birth certificate” and even “racist” itself (when spoken by a Conservative) is “racist” as it reflects badly on the current occupier of the White House.


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