Black senator: Why I’m no longer a Democrat

Elbert Guillory Elbert Guillory, a face that shines with intelligence, dignity, and kindness.

Elbert Lee Guillory, 68, is a Louisiana state senator who is a practicing lawyer with a J.D. law degree from Rutgers University. 

A week ago, on May 31, 2013, Guillory switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. In so doing, Guillory is the first black Republican in the Louisiana Senate since the Reconstruction Era.

Guillory announced his change of party affiliation at a ceremony in which he received the Frederick Douglass Award from the @Large Society. Douglass is a 19th-century abolitionist and a hero to black Americans.

In his speech, Guillory explains why he is no longer Democrat. Calling Democrats the Party of Disappointment, Guillory says Americans have been fed disinformation, and that Democrats have moved away from the majority of Louisianians and away from the traditional values of America on many issues — abortion, school vouchers, 2nd Amendment, union control of public jobs, school prayer, and family values.

He attributes the high unemployment, high crime rate, and destruction of the Black family to the welfare state.


31 responses to “Black senator: Why I’m no longer a Democrat

  1. How long will it be before he is called a sellout , Uncle Tom ……blah, blah .
    I’m sure that idiot Matthews will not be playing this clip on his propaganda 1/2 hour of mental masturbation that’s called P.M.S.N.B.C.


  2. God bless this courageous man!


  3. Brave and brilliant. I’m sure the Democrat/Socialist/Marxist/Fascist, machine will be doing it’s best to dig up dirt on him.


  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post. Good for you Senator Guillory! You have the courage of your convictions and beliefs! May God bless you!


  5. This is a great post Dr. Eowyn. One only wonders how much more could be accomplished if more blacks thought the same. I applaud Senator Guillory for his switch, maybe some of his followers will do the same; and more blacks could free themselves from the slavemasters party(Democratic Party) The Senator is absolutley correct when he attributes welfare as a major factor in deteriorating the black family and community.You’d be astonished at the high numbers of young black males and females, middle aged black males and females who dont work, but depend on a Government check to barely survive. Far too many Mothers and Fathers who were raised on welfare, raise their children on welfare, and then their kids raise theirs on welfare as well. The cycle never ends for some families. Welfare is the breeding ground for the lack of ambition that exist in many black communities. That lack of ambition leads to no education, petty drug sales, armed robbery, kids hanging around liquor stores and corner stores to socialize. Add the ignorance and self hatred, then you have violence and cities like Chicago, a Democratic controlled city, becoming Murder Capitol USA. Once again, great job Dr.!!


  6. And on goes the continuing march of increasing numbers of brave Black Americans toward traditional conservative values and patriotic service to our country. This is real folks. This is a trend, it is happening and it is good news indeed because it promises to put an end to racial divisiveness and bring about real meaningful integration by natural processes.

    Of course it will be a sad day for all the race hustlers like “Jesse Jackass” and “Al Dullton” who thrive on divisiveness, victimhood, and their overblown, corpulent egos.


  7. I want to say it a second time:
    God Bless this courageous man!


  8. Ohoh, here come da IRS! God bless this dear man, and please, Father, give him an extra dose of courage! And thank you, Dr. Eo, for this post. I doubt we’d ever know about this otherwise. The REAL news is on FOTM!


  9. This ought to drive my liberal troll nuts… snicker….


  10. Cautiously optimistic. I’m hoping he will bring some of his constituents over with him as well.


    • Hey Will, I don’t understand. Can you help me. You have a Brain. Lavelle above has a Brain and now this Elbert Lee Guillory has a brain. Apparently they work. Things are so far out of whack I would even say Bizzaro world.
      You guys see what’s wrong. How can 97% of the Black American population still stand behind skippy and the dems. They have destroyed them. I mean is it purely about color? In this day and age I can’t believe 97% would do it for color alone.
      PS how are you buddy? 😆


      • 2 reasons my friend . They have been doing it for damn near 50 years . That is what they have been programmed to do . Or the other , nothing but pure blind devotion ; no matter what the consequences . The media slaughtered Herman Cane . What would happen if Dr. Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell would run ? The same damn thing ! A Black Man daring his people to get off the democrapic plantation ! He will be panned in a N.Y.minute

        B.T.W. , did you get to read that Dave Hodges article ?


        • japoa, I understand what you are saying, but I just can’t wrap my head around it. In this day and age there are just so many ways and success stories to see. You would think it would inspire more kids to get off the reservation. I know it’s hard and you’re called a Tom. But just look around at every aspect of life and you will see Americans who happen to be Black at the top of every field. Some have seen the American way. Why don’t they emulate them. I know I’m going round in circles.
          Until the mindset of this younger generation looks up to the leaders I just pointed out they are doomed.
          OK, On the Dave Hodges, I read half and I emailed the rest to myself. 😆
          Have to find it. I’ve been sicker than a dog for a few.
          Nice kid I have . He shares everything with pop.. 😥
          I’ll get back to ya when I find the rest of article.


          • It’s called INDOCTRINATION . Via parents ( oops pardon me , parent ) who’s been on the public dole for God knows how long . That’s all they know so therefore that’s how they live their lives . And it continues through every offspring . No father in the picture to offer discipline . Ergo , the offspring seek the easiest way out . They will only live their lives like they have been programmed . A never ending cycle of idiocy and dependency .


      • Ditto Steve, but it’s tough when your elders; parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and peers preach to you constantly that Republicans are for the rich whites and that Democrats are for the poor and black. Blacks have basically been brainwashed by their own people. Even the young criminals and losers speak this way. Every election that I can recall since my youth you always hear “we gotta get them Republicans out of office or we are going to be screwed” Really? We gotta lot of problems and sometimes I think that only God can save us, because we are so freakin brainwashed and controlled that only he can change it. Our elders in their ignorance and stupidity have doomed our race.


        • Lavelle, I grew up in a middle class union house. I also was told Dems are for the working man and GOP for the rich guys.
          I don’t know but my parents both worked, Did not hate the GOP, And did not vote out of fear. When I became of voting age I saw the difference and decided my values were more in line with the conservative side of things.
          This was mid 70’s. I can’t imagine now how anyone could support this bum.
          OK, maybe you’re afraid your benefits will be cut, so you vote Dem, but please be honest and say the guy is a schmuck. Any time I hear someone saying he’s doing a good job I’m left speechless.


          • Steve, it is a human Holocaust. You are correct that %97 of blacks voted for Obama simply because of his skin color, there is no other reason. His first term, the black majority blamed George W Bush for the mess that we were in. Now the black majority blame the Republicans in Congress for blocking Obamas initiatives(What initiatives?) He is a terrible President, and honestly I thought better of George W Bush. He was far more entertaining, he gave cash to the people to contribute to a failing economy, and he did not support Gay marriage. The %97 are stupid because Obama admittingly and boldy told the %97 that he will not and cannot have a black agenda. President Lucifer as he is referred too by FOTM paid lip service and bull shitted the graduating class of 2013 at Moorehouse College that blacks have to work twice as hard as whites to make it in society. Duh, almost everyone in the black race knows this. As the saying goes in Chicago about the Richard J Daley era; “Those who ask for the least get exactly that”


        • Lavelle, well maybe that helps me understand a little better. I thought it was just the younger generation. I assumed the older generations were Dem’s , but more in line with say my parents, or Blue Dogs.Just Dem’s in the old style…for the working man. Not brainwashed
          Help me with this if you can. When I see skippy get 97% of the Black vote, is that a vote for his skin color…Racism? I mean 1st term maybe give the guy a chance. 2nd election we now know he’ a commie. They older generations are smarter than that.
          The older folk seemed to me to all have a hard work ethic, were all spiritual, very family oriented. How many times have you seen the Grandmother raising the Grandchild.
          You’re right about needing Gods help on this one.
          How many Billions/Trillions were thrown away that could have been redirected and spent much more efficiently on the community.
          Damn Dems knew exactly how to keep them right where they are.
          That to me is like a human Holocaust. They will meet their maker someday and have to explain what they did to millions of people.
          Steve 😥


  11. japoa,

    When you said Indoctrination. I remembered this. (They will only live their lives like they have been programmed)


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