Who Wants To Play Spot The Animals Or Your Brain Explodes?

Okie dokie troops, here’s a pic and hidden are numerous animals. I don’t have the answer so we play together.

Click to Enlarge

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I’ll start off with a Bear coming out of Left mountain



If you want to cheat….look up




13 responses to “Who Wants To Play Spot The Animals Or Your Brain Explodes?

  1. I got 3 bears in the mountains and 2 eagles on the rocks.


  2. gudbye, I’ll go for that. I think there are more. I’m cheating and went to link and am reading comments. Not really cheating, cause they are kind of guessing too. If you want go to link below and see if you can see the stuff they are seeing.
    I will when I get back


  3. I see a bear in the middle mountain, and two eagles on the rocks on either side of the river


  4. giggles @ cheating!!!


  5. Hmmm…I see 4 bears and three eagles.


  6. OK, one bear and two wolves in the mountain (I called them all bears before), and I thought the rock on the bottom left looked like a bear. Two eagles in rocks and one flying.


    • OK, maybe bear in rocks. People on other thread said turtle and Gorilla.
      I’m not saying they’re right , cause we’re all just reading what we’re seeing.


  7. I counted seven, three eagles and 3 bears and one wolf, or three eagles, two bears and two wolfs. Can’t really tell if it’s a bear or wolf.


  8. A bear at left center, looking straight ahead
    A bear at top center, looking to the left
    A dog at right center looking at the bear at left center
    An eagle flying below, in front of the dogs head
    Two disimbodied Eagle heads in rocks at bottom on right and at center


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