A message for Hillary Clinton

draft Chelsea Clinton

Hillary (not) for Prez. 2016!

Hillary 2016

H/t FOTM’s Miss May (aka maziel)



7 responses to “A message for Hillary Clinton

  1. She is a has been. “What difference does it make?” will always follow her now. Being in bed with this administration has dirtied her beyond recreating herself again.


  2. Deja vu!


  3. She and her husband have been dirty since their Arkansas days, only now they are literally wallowing in that filth. It’s just too bad those who are “in love” with them either never took the time to research their sordid history or they’re just plain ignorant.


  4. Dressage Rider

    All we lack now is the “pretty in pink” do-over scene.


  5. Two thoughts that kill her chances for me: Vince Foster (remember him?) and Benghazi, the shame of this administration. Oh, yeah, and “What’s the difference?” Wow, talk about arrogance – that makes me sick to my stomach. They can dredge up every nitpicking little nothing to slap us with when they want to elect themselves to whatever, but hey, “what’s the difference” when loved ones get killed over their INdifference! I’d better go before I blow another gasket over these criminals.
    P.S. Great pix!


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