Were Boston Marathon bombings a false flag? – What’s a false flag?

False flag! False flag!

That’s the cry on the Internet as soon as another traumatic incident of mass casualties occurs in the United States.

It is said that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were a false flag. Skeptics of the Sandy Hook school massacre suspect it was a false flag. The latest incident — that of the two bombings at the April 15th Boston Marathon — is no exception.

I was aware of the latest cries of “False flag!” but was very reluctant to explore their credibility because if proven to be true, I think my last remaining shred of trust in my government would be obliterated.

But the cries persist. Notwithstanding my reluctance, I am undertaking a series of posts to explore that subject — in as responsible and careful a manner as I am able and as the gravity of a “false flag” accusation demands. This is the first post in that series.

Of all my (too many) years of undergraduate and graduate schooling, hands down the most useful course I’d ever taken was one on epistemology and the philosophy of science, from which I learnt how to think clearly and intelligently.

Epistemology is simply a fancy word referring to that branch in Philosophy that studies the nature of human knowledge:

  • The four different types (or domains) of truth claims: Empirical; Analytical (Math & Logic); Metaphysical; and Normative.
  • The criteria we use to evaluate and determine the truth or falsity of any truth claim (which depends on whether the claim is empirical, analytical, metaphysical, or normative).

But before one can even begin to evaluate the truth or falsity of some proposition, we must first have a clear idea about what the proposition says.

In this case — on whether the Boston bombings were a false flag event — before we examine the evidence (or lack thereof), we must first define the term “false flag” and list the criterial attributes of what constitutes a false flag incident. The definition and criterial attributes, in turn, will serve as our standards against which to assess the evidence.

What’s a False Flag?

From Wikipedia:

The name “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag is used as a ruse de guerre. […] False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them. Operations carried during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation.

As the term is used in contemporary America, a “false flag” incident is some traumatic public event that is:

  • False: The public are given an untruthful version of the event by the government and the media. The falsity can range from no one actually had been killed or hurt (it was all theater); to some of the alleged victims are real; to all the alleged victims are real but the alleged perpetrator(s) is a fall guy who was set up by the “real” conspirators behind the scenes.
  • Results in a “rallying around the flag” effect: Whatever the true nature of the “false flag” event, the objective is to arouse and manipulate the emotions (fear, anger, outrage, indignation) of the American people so that they’ll “rally around the flag” in an outburst of patriotism, supplying the current White House occupant and his (and his party’s) policies with their support and loyalty.

As an example, it is said the Sandy Hook massacre was a contrived event engineered to effect gun control. Conjectures about the massacre range from the extreme of no one in the school was killed (although Adam and Nancy Lanza were), to the 20 students and 6 adults of the school said to be killed really are dead but Adam Lanza wasn’t the killer (which would explain why Social Security had a date-of-death of Dec. 13, 2012 for him — one day before the massacre).

This blog on ZeroHedge lists governments from around the world that’ve admitted they carry out false flag terror.

What are some of the suggested signature attributes of a False Flag event?

1. Government officials and their mouthpieces use the incident to advance their policy agenda. This most certainly was and is the case with the Sandy Hook massacre. In the case of the Boston bombings, New York mayor Bloomberg already is using the bombings as a pretext, declaring that “our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution have to change” because of the bombings. (See also “Boston Bombing: Getting the sheeple used to the police state).

2. The co-occurrence of a government drill at the same time as the traumatic event and in around the same place. The purpose of the concurrent drill is to provide special ops personnel (who are the real perpetrators of the false flag incident) and/or professional crisis actors with a cover story should they be seen or caught on film at the false flag event. (See “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors)

Indeed, the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducts HSEEP drills/exercises across America, in partnership with local/state governments. HSEEP refers to Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. In the case of Sandy Hook, on the day of the shooting massacre at Sandy Hill Elementary School (SHES), Dec. 14, 2012, HSEEP conducted a “training course” drill, ”FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters,” at 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT, which is about 14 miles from SHES.

It is claimed that in the case of the Boston Marathon bombings, there was also a drill both before and during the marathon, and that suspicious-looking private military operatives were seen (and photographed) at the bombings.

3. Lastly, if we have evidence of outright fakery, for example, victims who supposedly were killed or wounded, but aren’t, then the event being a false flag is a no-brainer. Alas, clear and incontrovertible evidence is hard to come by, which is why some find significance in the odd behaviors of Sandy Hook parents, quickly switching from laughing and joking to near-choking on tears, and the absence of tears or of other signs of weeping, such as a red nose; and in memorial, donation, and other Sandy Hook massacre websites having a creation date that predates the massacre.

These subjects, and more, will be explored in my posts to come. So put your thinking caps on and stay tuned!




44 responses to “Were Boston Marathon bombings a false flag? – What’s a false flag?

  1. No, I don’t think it was a false flag operation. The people saying it was look foolish to me, pointing out things like other people wearing black caps, or flags waving in the wind, or a photo of the same emergency worker assisting two different people–none of which prove anything. Being cynical for the sake of being cynical doesn’t do any good.


  2. Thank you, Eowyn, for doing this series. I’m looking forward to the rest of it. I have read some of the false flag articles and I think it’s worth looking at. One more odd thing accompanying some false flag incidents is the “stand down” of conventional forces. There may be an emergency drill for special teams such as HSEEP, but often the conventional police and military forces are ordered to do a stand down.


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this well-thought out post. You have not made any conclusions in this post. You have merely defined important terminology in order to address this issue. I, too learned a great deal in my epistemology class in philosophy. The powers that be still have not shown the American citizens the substantial evidence insofar as how these two brothers effected the bombings.


  4. I think it’s worth a look as well. I cannot take anything from the media at face value. There are a lot of conspiracy videos online. One that I found that I’ve been able to wholly stand by and recommend is September Clues by Simon Shack. Some of the evidence presented there is incontrovertible, and since an event like 9/11 could have had so much media fakery, I suspect most major stories are full of it.


  5. The FBI already knew who the two brothers were. They had files on them. They knew where they were from and where they were living and what they were doing here. They HAD to know this. So…why the grainy, street-level photos of them in the crowd, obscured with ball caps and shades, as if they needed the public to help identify them? They knew where these guys lived and went to school-they were getting financial assistance. So…why the massive show of force and the pointing of ASSAULT WEAPONS at private citizens being ordered out of their homes when THEY ALREADY KNOW who the guys are they are looking for? THEY HAD TO KNOW. Think about it.

    This was all Security Theater and everyone complied so willingly. And now there’s a report that the Saudi guy was visiting the White House. The guy that was first a suspect, then not, then not ever, but yet was questioned and detained. But then was let go with an “all clear.”

    Dear God.

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  6. Oh, and isn’t it just perfect timing that there were a couple of “hacking” episodes through twitter that immediately sent the stock market “reeling”- at the very time congress is taking up Internet privacy and control.

    Yep, boys and girls. It’s all for your safety!

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  7. Dr Eowyn . . . thank you, thank you, thank you. I keep hearing about “false flags” and really did not have a good conceptual idea of what it really was. I must say, the ideas you have presented are most informative to those of us who are ignorant. I haven’t made up my mind regarding this incident–but seriously do wonder about the Sandy Hook shootings. The stench of that incident reaches all the way across the nation to us out here in Oregon. Now our county sheriff, who affirmed that he would uphold the Constitution when elected last year–now has changed his mind, and wants draconian measures put in place regarding gun ownership. (Like if someone breaks into your home and steals a gun–well then, YOU are the criminal! I look forward to leaning from your future blogs.


  8. I like the fact that this is being entered into as an investigation and discussion. False flag or not, the government seems to be playing a shell game to hide information about the Saudi person of interest.

    A few of observations on the plus side:

    1. The Obama administration lost a lot of ground in their efforts to redefine terrorism away from radical islam and toward conservative Americans.

    2. The event has caused the civilian demand for fire arms and ammunition to increase, and has crippled, for the moment, the attempt to revoke the 2nd Amendment.

    3. Mayor Menino’s sweet heart deal with one of the most radical mosques in the country has finally been brought to light.

    …and on the minus side:

    4. Americans have become inoculated to seeing the use of military force in their own streets.

    5. A lot of innocent people have been killed or injured by these terrorists.


  9. Great post my friend. I smell blood in the water. LOL


  10. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    You saw Americans citizens locked down in a whole city and the swat teams and all forceing them out of their houses and ill-legally search their homes. We are losing more and more freedoms everyday. The 1st amenment is taken away–you can only say what they want you to say or you are labled a hate speech. They are trying to take away the second amendment and wanting to change our “outdated constitution.” The constitution must change Mayor Bloomberg said. How much more do you want to lose. Look back at what our lovely government has done to unspecting citizens. Oh and the 4th amendment was lost way back when. I would really like for all of us to study what our government has done.

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    • I agree with you, a whole city was shut down for one snot nosed kid that they knew who he was and where he might go for help. I think the whole situation was taken advantage for a conditioning drill. I think we will see more and more of this. A huge distraction with red herrings while yet, another bill/order was signed.
      Perhaps, while delving into all the false flags, we will find out who the Saudi kid really is, his resemblance to the missing OBL son is amazing. And why did he deserve a MO visit while real victims did not? Who was the Saudi bigwig that met with the WH off schedule.
      Why is the WH taking demands from 57 Islamic organizations to have a say so in our governmental process.
      Just exactly what have our missing billions been spent on and to whom?

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  11. Dr. Eowyn, this is great! Thanks very much! I hope someday you come out with a book filled with your forum articles and color photos. I predict it would sell extremely well.

    I think we have to acknowledge the Gulf of Tonkin incident a true false flag.


  12. Thank you, all, for your responses! We will proceed — systematically, carefully, rationally, with eyes wide open (instead of EWS). 😀


  13. What exactly do people want to think about this? Do they want to salivate on all the juicy details that are thrown out at us like doggie treats, or do they genuinely care about the way our government is handling this, and for that matter, all the other cases of mayhem and chaos that have broken out, with a series of really outrageous examples such as the shooting of Ms. Gifford. There seems to be a pattern of odd young men who have been accused of perpetrating at least a few of these crimes, and that’s particularly disturbing, because most adults find it so hard to relate to the violent video game playing generation and the facebook crew. But there are links to modern warfare such as the remote control of the drone assassinations that are engaged in on a daily basis funded by the US Government and the legal excuse for which the current administration has denied the citizens of this nation, and the congress is saying that even it isn’t clued in on this, the hearings in the Senate are not about whether or not the current occupant of the WH is within his rights to carry out drone assassinations the way he does, but just picks at the scab. The government is involved in producing weapons to create wars and mayhem world wide, as well as financing terrorists. If you want to pin a “flag” on the crimes that are being committed, whether or not they are in the US or abroad, they have certain elements in common, which point to certain ideologies such as fascism which has a history of creating fear and reducing the quality of life of peoples and nations. So if we were to look for the financiers of this behavior, then you could go back to the backers of Hitler. The cause of fascism was financed certainly by bankers and their names are available on the web and these people are linked to many of those who were tracked down and punished at the end of the last great depression. However this breed is very resilient and has not been eradicated.
    The bible tells us that if we clean out our spiritual house of all demons, unless we fill it up with the Holy Ghost power then seven times worse demonic oppression and invasions and setting up of house will occur.
    So really the cause of most of it regardless of whether the flags are false or not, or if someone is flying someone elses’ flag so they can get away with something, like providing safe conditions for sailors and such if a military ship is guarding an oil tanker, when flags of a nation who doesn’t require stringent safely precautions and decent living accomodation are flown to save money to, is generally to do with the root of all evil, namely the love of money.
    So if someone can fly a Christian flag to commit terrible crimes in the name of saving people from terrorists they themselves are funding, who are flying a flag of another religeous order or similar organization, then that is evil, because of the genuine belief that human people have in God Almighty, and it is blasphemy.
    That’s my take on the issue off the top. I await the rest of the series and analysis with enormous interest.


  14. Not saying either way, either….. this was interesting though.

    Bless her heart! What HORRIBLE luck!!! Right by the bombing on Monday AND lived next to the shoot out 4 days later….bless her heart!

    Then there’s this…..reminds a little bit of Dorner…police scanner recording chatter….”We have a couple of conflicting plans we need you to deconflict. Stop team is on scene and they’re bearcat holding fast. HRT is moving into position to execute an assault plan. I’m also hearing Boston traffic. We do not want to light up the boat yet for HRT….and put ordinance on the boat.” “Sir, contact is being made by Boston. They are reporting a fire or a flame on the boat.”

    Older brother was run over and killed by younger…. but… When asked about reports that Tsarnaev was run over by his fleeing brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Dr. Richard Wolfe, head of the hospital’s Emergency Department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline, said he did not see any obvious injuries that would back up that theory.

    “I certainly did not see any tire marks or the usual things we see with someone run over by a car,” he said.


    This guy is interesting….

    Can’t wait for your research, Dr. EWO. 🙂


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  15. This was pretty quick work:

    http://www.lautenberg.senate.gov/newsroom/record.cfm?id=341506& Two of the VERY pertinent points are: Require a background check to purchase black powder, black powder substitute, or smokeless powder, in any quantity; Make it illegal to manufacture homemade explosives without a permit; “IN ANY QUANTITY” “ILLEGAL TO MANUFACTURE HOMEMADE EXPLOSIVES W/OUT PERMIT”……like ppl who reload?


  16. Boston was a false flag (duh) and here’s the where and when of the next false flag. Just this time, it will make 911 look like a game of dominoes. It’ll be a major game changer. Or, as the Batman map would say: Strike Zone #5 (the last one, the final one):


    (pdf file)

    Best wishes from Germany,


  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for braving the waters. The more we question, the more we know, the better equipped we become to deal with these evil forces that control us all too often.

    It smelled of false flag to me right away, but then I’ve been label a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I watched the staged photo show and could just not sense there was real emotion and action on display. Maybe I’ve been a skeptic for too long. This is some interesting ‘proof’. I posted it yesterday on another thread here, but it seems more pertinent going here.

    Happy hunting 😀

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  18. Anybody that thinks that the people that occupy offices in the United States government would never stoop to the level of other despots throughout history has had political a lobotmy already performed on them. No one will ever know the truth as to what levels the corrupt U.S. government has sunk to. It’s already to late. God have mercy on all of us. The worst is yet to come because those in power will never give up willingly. They will use all of their resources to remain in power. The only good news is that they will ultamatly fail – but not until unfathomable carnage has been visited upon the world. I plan to live as long as I can and to go down fighting. But only because I know not what eles to do.

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    • Laserboy, I agree with everything you said except “It’s already too late.” It’s not too late or these events would not be occurring. Their existence is a demonstration of how desperate the enemy is and how much power we still possess. However, I will grant you that the hour is short.

      I recommend forwarding these posts and others to everyone you know. Most people aren’t ready for it and will react with anger or skepticism, but don’t worry about them. You will get through to the ones who aren’t brainwashed.

      Also the movie Agenda: Grinding America Down is available for free for a limited time. Forward it to everyone. And consider running for office yourself.



  19. Didn’t take long to shut down a major american city and bring out all the armored vehicles! Smelled like a false flag to me right away! Dress rehearsal for what’s coming?

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  20. Hey Doc , and anybody else interested . Check out jimstonefreelance.com for some really thought provoking info . He’s got pics of 3 cops that were involved w / S.H. and at the Marathon . Co-incidence ?


      • Anytime ! Just thought you might be interested !


      • Eowyn, I think that was the first “Rabbit hole pic I sent you..
        Yup, check this out. Now why are SH hero’s now at Boston.
        If you scroll thru some pics guy on right is carrying backpack all day , after blast
        he’s running away, guess what? No back pack. They look like the same three guys.
        Also the bag they show on floor all blowed up has a white square patch on top. Guess who else carried
        a bag like that prior to losing it.? OK This Thing Officially Stinks


        H/T Japoa

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  21. The guy in the middle looks similar.


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