Boston Bombing: Getting the sheeple used to the police state

On Friday, April 19, 2013, during a manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, police and federal agents spent the day storming people’s homes and performing illegal searches in Watertown, a suburb of Boston, MA.

No thanks to the Marxist State Media but thanks to homemade citizen videos like the one below, we can see for ourselves how heavily-armed SWAT police ripped people from their homes at gunpoint, marching the residents out with their hands raised in submission, and then storming the homes to perform their illegal searches.

This was part of a larger operation that involved a total lockdown of Watertown, with a 2010 population numbering 31,915. Roads were barricaded and vehicle traffic was prohibited. A No-Fly Zone was declared over the town. People were “ordered” to stay indoors. Businesses were told not to open. National Guard soldiers helped with the lockdown, and were photographed checking IDs of pedestrians on the streets. All the while, police were performing these warrant-less house-to-house searches.

Attorney Marcus Carey asks that we widely disseminate the videos, via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He writes:




28 responses to “Boston Bombing: Getting the sheeple used to the police state

  1. Worth the read…and mulling over.

    Call Jack Bauer: Boston Bombing Right Out Of TV Series ’24’

    Say a prayer for the souls of those who died in Boston and for the recovery and comfort of the injured and all of the families affected by the bombings. But then, instead of being transfixed on the news as it is being dribbled out to a rapt audience forget reality for a minute and imagine writing for the series ’24’.

    A bomb goes off in the middle of a sporting event. Thousands of people are in the crowd when the carnage occurs. Surveillance video shows the explosion, and the case is being investigated by none other than Jack Bauer and the Counter Terrorism Unit.

    Surveillance video is examined. No one is identified at first. Who placed the bombs? Then a crucial piece of evidence is found. A ripped up backpack at the blast scene and what appears to be parts of a pressure cooker. Obviously the backpack held an improvised explosive device. Photos of numerous people wearing backpacks are circulated and the public becomes engaged in solving the crime.

    Soon many people are being identified as possible subjects. A young Saudi man with burns on his hands is being guarded in a local hospital as a ‘person of interest’. Then word comes that a high level Saudi official met secretly with the President and now the young Saudi man is being deported, quickly.

    He is stopped at the airport and taken off the plane. Is he the bomber? Stay tuned.

    Then the FBI holds a press conference. The Saudi man is not the bomber. They say they have video of the real bomber placing the bomb, but they never show it. Instead they show photos of two men, neither of whom the FBI says it can identify, and ask the public to call in with any information about who they are or where they might be found.

    Cut now to the homes of two brothers who have just seen their pictures on the news. They become aware that the FBI has declared them targets and a manhunt for them is under way. But there is just one problem. They work for the FBI, or CIA. Why, they wonder, is the FBI claiming it has no idea who they are? They are scared. They are from a country where things like this happen all the time, the government hunts down people on made up charges. They are frightened out of their wits. They don’t know which way to turn, and then their private line rings. Stay tuned.

    Bauer begins digging into who these men are and sees a shift in their lives. Bauer sees that the older of the two men went to Russia the year before and recently has begun posting things to the Internet suggesting a more radical Islamic world view. Bauer pegs these guys as probably terrorists with connections to radical Islam in Chechnya.

    Just as he is about to go hunt them down news breaks.

    A campus security guard has been found shot to death in his car. A convenience store has been robbed. Police have responded to a claim from a man who says the two brothers hijacked his Mercedes at knife point and admitted that they were the bombs. It just so happens that the hijacking victim goes into the same convenience store that had just been robbe to call for help. Police respond and review the store’s surveillance photos. Low and behold they got another photo of one of the two brothers from that camera, but he was not the robber. He had been there on some earlier occasion. Bauer begins to get a little suspicious. Stay tuned.

    An hour or so later a handful of police officers encounter someone firing at them in the middle of the night. A number of shots are exchanged and even some explosive devices are thrown at the police. More police respond and hundreds of shots are fired. Then the one man who is identified as the older brother begins walking toward police firing at them. They describe the gun battle as being waged at a distance of 30 feet. The older brother runs out of ammunition and as officers are cuffing him, a vehicle speeds directly toward them hitting and killing the older brother. A huge manhunt for the driver, presumed to be the younger brother, ensues. Stay tuned.

    As day breaks thousands of officers have very quickly organized into teams, arranged for staging areas, found buses with police signs on them, brought in militarized vehicles, robotic vehicles and military helicopters. All of this seems to have been put together in a matter of a few hours. Bauer’s suspicions grow.

    The governor has issued a ‘lockdown warning’ and all citizens of the residential town are told to stay inside unless a uniformed officer knocks at the door. Bauer sees ordinary citizens being pulled out of their homes at gunpoint. The event goes on all day and just before dark the governor calls an end to the ‘lockdown’. People are free to go outside. Bauer begins to think something is wrong with the picture. The lockdown was very well organized and involved a lot of personnel. It was like a massive drill, and ending it at dark makes no sense to him. Stay tuned.

    Shortly after dark police are observed closing in on a private home. The homeowner has apparently called 911 after seeing some blood on a boat cover in his driveway and then lifting the cover, seeing a badly wounded man crouching inside.

    Police respond with a forward looking infrared helicopter, a robot armed with cameras and a flash grenade and say that the man inside the boat opens fire on them. Bauer questions why the man would open fire on the police when he didn’t shoot at the homeowner who had pulled the cover back. Something is just not adding up for Jack.

    Before long the police open fire on the boat. Many rounds of bullets are fired into the boat. After a time the man surrenders and is taken into custody. He will live, but may never be able to talk due to his injuries. As the crowd in town celebrates the efficiency of the police, Jack starts to have doubts. His real investigation is about to begin. Stay tuned.

    Jack goes back and reviews all of the video and photos from the day of the bombing. He sees a number of men all dressed the same wearing backpacks, ear buds, holding radiation sensors, standing around a vehicle outfitted with radar and satellite uplinks and blacked out windows. He zooms in on one of their hats to see the logo. They work for a private military contractor, a ‘black ops’ group known as Craft International. He knows the group.

    It was founded by decorated Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the sniper with the most confirmed kills. The group is made up of highly trained men. Chris Kyle was a true patriot, but unfortunately he along with one of his top men were killed by a ‘friend’ at a rifle range just a few months ago. Jack finds this odd. He wonders if Craft was needed for someting a true patriot like Kyle would surely never have authorized.

    Then Jack discovers that the dead suspect, the older brother, was not unknown to the FBI as they reported. In fact, the FBI had interviewed him and knew him well. He was, reportedly, brought to their attention by Russians. His mother says that the FBI “owned” her son. Bauer becomes very suspicious. Why were men from Craft International at the site of the bombings. Something just doesn’t seem right to him. Stay tuned.

    Bauer digs deeper. He discovers that a track coach had given and interview right after the bombing that he had been told there was a bomb discovery drill going on the day of the race. He reports seeing bomb sniffing dogs, armed men on roof tops, and others sweeping the area. Bauer wonders why this bomb drill was happening. Did they have a tip?

    Then he reviews the facts. The dead suspect walked toward police to within 30 feet and was in the process of being cuffed when a car sped out of the darkness and killed him. His brother, the other suspect, is presumed to have been driving. Why would his brother want him dead? Or was it his brother?

    And when these men apparently hijacked the Mercedes, why at knife point? Where were the duffle bags with the bombs, guns and ammo?

    How did the police organize such a massive and well put together manhunt on such short notice beginning just before midnight but on the march by dawn? And if the FBI had so much contact with the dead guy, why did they tell the public they didn’t recognize him?

    Why was Craft International at the scene? Why was there a bomb drill? What really happened? Stay tuned.

    Could it be that the older brother had been recruited to work for the government? Might a cover have been ‘created’ for him by Youtube postings, a trip to Russia, time in a Mosque? Might he have been able to involve his younger brother in a plan for the day of the Marathon cooked up by others and might that plan have been to participate in a “bomb drill” by carrying to the finish line a backpack they were told was harmless as part of the drill intended to give security details a chance to find it, as part of a ‘drill’?

    Might they have been perhaps the most surprised of all when the bomb actually went off? Might they at first have thought that it was an accident, until they saw their photos on TV identified as the bombers?

    Might they have become terribly confused, not knowing who to trust, where to go, what to do?

    Might their contact person have reached out to them and told them that it was a bad mistake, something had gone wrong with the drill and to “get in the truck”? Might everything that happened after that have been as a result of their contact turning on them, setting a series of events in motion to further identify them as the bad guys, starting an after dark gun fight with police, strapping a bomb to the older brother and ordering him to walk toward police with a virtually empty gun and then, when it appeared that he might survive being arrested, driving the car at him to kill him?

    What’s the story with the younger brother? How did he escape on foot, escape the huge manhunt and hide in a boat? Why didn’t he shoot at the homeowner? Why and under whose orders did police shoot so many rounds into the boat if they were really trying to take him alive?

    I can see Bauer throwing down his file and rushing to the hospital, through the door, running through security, up to the mans room in a rush to make certain that somehow he didn’t die. He now knows that the real invetigation must turn up who was behind this whole series of events and the injured man in the hospital bed is his best resource.

    Stay tuned.

    This was written by a lawyer with 40 years in the political science arena, 33 of those years as a lawyer.


  2. COOL! I just realized you cited the same attny. Pretty amazing analysis!


  3. This is the exact same type of problem we saw in Nazi Germany when they started rounding up people. First they passed the gun laws then they went after people. Ordinary people who did nothing wrong. But the State Security Police went after people as of they were criminals. The frightening thing is everyone accepted it. Until it was their turn.


  4. The Elected Officials Bureaucracy is willing to do these things we see going on because they all have become convinced that PEAK EARTH has arrived and its their duty to ZERO Growth and Eliminate the Consumer driven Free Market system and the only way to do this Peacefully is to do it through a systematically corrupted decline making it look like the Current economic system collapsed from within its own unregulated free market wild west self . We Have Heard Obama say this in Kansas City in a Speech remember ???

    The Globalist Government Elite working together in Concert , This is the only way we would see this cronyism continue like it is and has been doing since 2008 on the global manner it has and is with DEBT ran economies and Military actions that are further destabilizing all area resource supplies that are Free Market Consumer driven , are systematically collapsing every part of Individual Liberty with the destruction of Trust , as we see them go after Truth , Justice , and corrupt those elements so people become confused disoriented and eventually when everything is in a state of despair will be willing PEACEFULLY to EXCEPT a GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED WORLD All in the name of their Fear of Global OVERPOPULATION .


  5. I love our people in the armed services, but I don’t want to get comfortable with a sight like this:



  6. The time to draw the line in the sand is NOW . No more witnessing people being marched out of their home for nothing . This is tyrannical bull -squeeze at it’s worst . How much more is the public going to take before they get enlightened and say in one voice NO MORE . It’s time to put a stop to this crap .


  7. The police knew the face of the alleged bomber in hiding. It is inexcusable to treat American Citizens the way this video reveals.

    This is practice for when Austerity hits hard and it will. There will be so many discontented Americans when that happens.

    January 11, 2012


  8. concerned patriot

    door by door with a hundred armed and armored personnel. how do you stop that?


  9. I wouldn’t have let them in. Period.


  10. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    It’s coming, but you still have ignorant people that are supporting Obama and all he does, because he does it for YOU!


  11. remember only you can prevent tyranny


  12. What innocent person walks out of their own home with their arms up? I guess they would have had to shoot me. And, I don’t even want to hear stories of people’s pets being harmed or killed. The ignorant citizens of this country are crumpling like rag dolls in the face evil because they cannot discern the difference.


  13. The video of US citizens being marched out of their homes, with arms over their heads was about as frightening a scene as I have ever witnessed. I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now. How do you actually fight this?


  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. I understand that they were looking for the suspect, but such behavior is unnecessary and inappropriate. Police can search a home without a warrant if the person allows the search. However, police showing rifles and guns is a good motivator to allow the search.


  15. So, where is the video?


  16. This is not necessary. A single young caucasian male suspect with dark hair (wounded) doesn’t require rousting an entire family at gun-point with a SWAT team (especially in a liberal area with both a low incidence of gun ownership and registration so the cops know where what guns there are are located). Fugitive searches in decades past were not so invasive. Not even close. Police, unfortunately, have both increasingly felt the public to be an enemy and become militarized (DHS’ gifts of weapons and equipment) without everyday need or discipline using them in recent years– this is the effect of all that. Use of a “dragnet” (indiscriminantly rounding people up and interrogating them to find suspects) was long ago ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but this-is-an-“emergency,”-let-the-prosecutor-figure-it-out is at work here…


  17. Like I have been saying for some time now – America, as founded, is over.



  18. There is just now a video tape posted on infowars which has the Police Inspector of Boston or Police PoohBah in Boston talking about the two actors, ur ur suspects in the bombing case. Actors? It played it several times over and he definitely said “actors”. If they were actors, does that mean that Janet Napolitano is an “actress”? What about the people who were injured? This is getting really disgusting and the curtain should be drawn on this charade right now. Lindsay Graham explaining that the reason the exit of one of the actors to Russia only happened because his name was spelt wrongly on the passenger list. Loose lips sink ships, could this be a tactic of the secret service agencies? Two cats out the bag………….number three can’t be too far off…………………


  19. Dr, Eowyn,
    I will sharing completely on PC and I am weeping as I type these words.
    Dave is correct and those of us who smell it, See it, can feel it before it happens know that a war is coming, is here. We must be as ready as we can be.

    Great job Dr. Eowyn, superb and sadly this must be shared and glad to be able to do so, for now……..


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