Was the Texas fertilizer explosion a missile strike?

It’s a sad testimony of our widespread distrust of any official party line given to us by government and the Marxist State Media that some are wondering if it was a missile strike that caused yesterday’s huge explosion at the West Fertilizer plant in West, Texas.

The blast had enough energy to trip US Geological Survey seismographs as a magnitude 2.1 quake, devastating houses in a four-block radius.

We still don’t have an official figure of the number of deaths, but it’s estimated to be 60 to 70, as well as countless injuries.

Here are two videos showing what is claimed to be something (a flash of light on the left side of the screen) striking the initial fire at the fertilizer plant, which led to the massive explosion.

The first video is quick:

The second video slows it down so that the flash on the left can clearly be seen:

Is there an innocent explanation for that flash on the left?

From an article in the Christian Science Monitor, explaining why the blast was so enormous:

The plant in question, West Fertilizer Co., is said to have had some 54,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia on-site, a key ingredient in making ammonium nitrate, which is widely used as fertilizer. It’s also used in cold packs, as rocket fuel, and as an explosive.

[…] Typically, anhydrous ammonia, a gas, is stored in tanks with relief valves so that as hot weather heats the gas and it expands, the valves vent some of the gas to prevent it from bursting its tank, explains Matt Pearson, fertilizer containment and certification specialist with the Office of Indiana State Chemist & Seed Commissioner, based at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.

The explosion could have occurred in part as heat from the fire caused the gas to expand far faster than relief valves could vent it. Direct ignition of the gas is unlikely, Mr. Pearson suggests, because the gas burns only at very high temperatures – about 1,200 degrees F.

Ammonium nitrate may be the more likely candidate in the explosion.

In small quantities, the white pellets won’t detonate, notes Ronald Willey, a chemical engineering professor at Northeastern University in Boston. […] But the compound begins to decompose into nitrous oxide and water when heated to temperatures above 150 degrees F. – a process that itself releases heat. If temperatures rise to about 400 degrees F. or higher, as in a fire, decomposition can become explosive.

Indeed, the largest industrial accident in US history involved 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate tucked in the hold of a cargo ship in Texas City in 1947. The ship was to deliver the fertilizer to Europe. A fire broke out onboard, and after about an hour of fruitless efforts to battle the blaze, the ammonium nitrate exploded.

The blast triggered more explosions and fires, including a blast on a nearby ship that also was carrying ammonium nitrate. The death toll has been estimated at 581 or more.

[…] In the case of the explosion in the small community of West, the plant itself was destroyed, along with up to 75 homes, a middle school, and a nursing home in a four-block area nearby.

[…] Records from the US Environmental Protection Agency show that in 2006, the agency fined West Fertilizer Co. for having an inadequate plan to deal with risks at the site, according local press reports. The same year, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a citation to the company for failing to apply for or qualify for a permit, after residents nearby complained about strong ammonia odors.

Following Wednesday’s explosion, the US Chemical Safety Board and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have sent investigators to determine a cause.

What do you think?


Update (May 11, 2013):

A former Marine has written a meticulous, systematic, and carefully-reasoned article giving the video evidence that the West Fertilizer plant explosion was caused by a missile. It deserves to be read and disseminated. Please click here to read it or go to http://westtexasmissile.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-missile-that-never-existed.html.



35 responses to “Was the Texas fertilizer explosion a missile strike?

  1. I wouldn’t put anything past the usurper . All his grieving in Boston but not a damn word about the people of Tex. WHY? …….If your evidence on the 2nd. video is correct , it’s Barry’s way of bitch-slapping an insolent child . “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY “…………………………………


  2. Not to add fuel to the fire, (no pun intended) but it may be of some interest that in 2007 the owner of the fertilizer plant filed a lawsuit against Monsanto that stalled in 2010 after certification of class action suit was denied. I am not saying this is relevant to the explosion in question but should be considered concerning the scope of the big picture. With the permission of Dr. Eowin, I will post the link to supporting documentation of my statement.


  3. These web pages are”not available”   hmmm

    Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G TouchFellowship of the Minds wrote:


  4. If nothing else, our focus is 100% on one hand, without paying any attention to what the other hand is doing.


  5. Well, as FOTM’s resident Horticultural Expert [jes’ kidding!], I’ll have to say that while its primary use is as fertiliser, it can be made into an explosive [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonium_nitrate], but it’s not all that easy. However, surely the plant knew all this, so it had safety procedures and handling protocols that were followed to avoid such a disaster. So one would think. It’s the same as NO SMOKING around grain elevators, as that dust is also a potential explosive. There have been a few big ones recorded.

    By the bye, the plant also produces anhydrous ammonia, which is also potentially dangerous, and also requires special handling techniques.


  6. I must admit my antenna went up on this one. It was so close in time to the Boston thing. I’ve become very suspicious of everything now!


  7. I do find it coincidental that this same company filed a lawsuit against Monsanto a couple years or so back….very dangerous proposition…..


  8. I don’t know. Of course with this crew we need to question everything
    If it is a missile strike I find the angle odd ,( looks like it comes in horizontal. )
    I mean it seems it would come in on a 45 degree or so angle.
    I’m thinking probably not.


  9. My immediate thought was terrorism – again. Unfortunately we are now programmed to assume the worst, whether true or not. I truly regret it.


  10. Additional considerations of the West fertilizer explosion…

    It is reported by North Hills Hospital there was a drill being prepared on the 16th scheduled for the 18th of april for “emergency preparedness” though it was cancelled because many of the same resources were already deployed to the actual emergency. For supporting documentation see here http://northhillshospital.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/this-is-only-a-drill/ and here http://intellihub.com/2013/04/18/texas-mass-casuality-drill-apparently-cancelled-following-waco-explosion/


  11. Terrorism is being sponsored by the money generated amongst other by heroin. There are suggestions being made mainly by the Russian Government to destroy the poppy fields in Afganistan entirely, which would mean that the farmers could grow something like maybe foodstuff? They could make ends meet and feed the people in that country instead of the farmers getting a fraction of the amount the drugs turn over on the street
    But then the liquidity of the money launderers would dry up and the access to cash would mean that the militants wouldn’t be so radical about Islam any longer. Before the last election of Chavez in Venezuela there was a huge fire and or explosion at some of the oil refineries over there, which were mysteriously started up to make it look as though he wasn’t running the country efficiently, and now there are riots going on over the newly elected president who was the choice of Chavez before his death, and John Kerry is saying they have to recount the votes. Sorry to go out on a tangent but the mayhem and chaos business is global just like everything else is nowadays.
    Monsanto is just another keg in the global domination wheel, and the administration is bossed around by them pretty much. They have patents on seeds and things, so they certainly don’t want family firms producing fertilizers in case someone is growing crops that are not from Monsanto seeds. They have to be on top of the fertilizer business so they can get it to the farmers who are bowing down to their decrees. Now that the Food for Peace program has been crushed, and the subsidies that were just about keeping the US farmers going are not going to be given out any longer, the State Department has been given the task of funding countries facing famine with money, not food. So I guess the farming business and those companies that are on it’s perifory are endangered now as a species.
    We won’t have food stockpiles here in the US any longer, even if we have our own food shortages, and any money from the State Department will not be easy to turn into something edible quickly, so I guess that means that this is just a beginning of that scenario going into effect. Why will we need fertilizers any more?


  12. After seeing links to these and other videos posted on Youtube from jimstonefreelance.com, I took some time, downloaded one, and, did a frame-by-frame. Bearing in mind the strength of the wind at the time, this created one heck of a low-level smoke trail from the fire, and it is through this smoke trail the “weapon”, possibly a Tomahawk Cruise missile travelled. More important than the video is the SOUND made immediately prior to the explosion… Gas Turbine engine??? Well, the information about the drill seals the deal for me. This was NOT an “industrial accident”.
    So far, all the “terror attacks” have been accompanied by a “drill” which “goes live”. INCLUDING that bombing in Boston… Fasten your safety belts, its gonna be a bumpy ride….


  13. …almost forgot… Apparently there is an Air Force base 12 miles from West, Texas……….


  14. This is not an uncommon occurrence in explosions. It is called a deflagration to detonation transition. You have gases and unburnt material carried up in the smoke. A flame moves through the gases (smoke) at subsonic speeds. The material (mass) is compressed ahead of the wave that may speed up to supersonic speed. This causes a detonation. It is also known as a fuel-air explosion. It has happened before in other industrial accidents. Tragic but not uncommon.


  15. It does look like a missile strike. The Monsanto angle adds interest. And the no crater left, like ammonium nitrate explosions normally produce. SOTT.net said possible meteor, but I don’t see it. Too accurate a hit. CISPA was quickly passed in the house. Maybe this extra diversion would help it go unnoticed. I don’t put anything past this mob.


  16. Suing Monsatan what were they thinking? This company is the scariest corporation on the face of the earth.. What they are systematically doing to farmers, and our food is abhorrent… genetically modified organisms GMO’s are in most processed foods in the marketplace.. This is not a good thing.. They claim to do it to save the world from hunger.. But is is all about world domination and perhaps has some Agenda 21 connection. If they control the food they can control the people. For those that don’t know too much about GMO’s check out http://WWW.GeneticRoulette.com. Jeffrey M. Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology has been at the forefront of the research of GMO’s and their dangers.. Most of Europe has outlawed them and we can’t even get a labeling law here in the US.. They have very deep pockets and people within the close circle of the government. They are a lobbying powerhouse, which is never a good thing… Lets just say when you start to mess with the genetics of anything it’s not what God intended. Do not mistake this genetic modification for normal cross breeding that has gone on for eons. This is not.. The new GM salmon is going to be on the grocery shelves soon and it was modified to grow faster, what’s to say that whatever gene modification that causes it to grow faster does not cause human diseases to grow faster if you eat one of these fish.. They have an apple ready to be marketed called the Arctic…it does not turn brown… This is not normal.. Monsanto and their type are not working to help our world population. They will do almost anything to get to their end game.. when I first started doing research on them I was appalled at what they will do to hush people up, to take over a farm that had their crops inadvertantly cross pollinated by the Monsatan crops. Suing those farmers for patent infringement when the wind caused the cross pollinization. Farmers in India killing themselves when their crops failed and did not do what Monsatan promised…
    Sorry for the rant…our food and this beautiful country are being hijacked by a corporation and most people do not even realize it..
    My great grandparents were farmers and I loved that farm so I feel a connection. Please read up on this as it affects everyone.


  17. Speaking of vigilant citizens. This was rather interesting and related.


  18. This was without a doubt a missile strike. I put everything I know of it into my blog. http://westtexasmissile.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-missile-that-never-existed.html


  19. Nah, it was probably a meteorite or comet fragment. The space rock either remained intact until impact – something that’s rare, but does happen – or it exploded overhead and released a massive electrical discharge that the initial fire ‘grounded’. http://www.sott.net/article/261485-Something-impacted-the-fertilizer-plant-in-West-Texas-most-likely-a-Comet-fragment, http://www.sott.net/article/252515-Meteorite-Impacts-Earth-in-Minden-Louisiana-Media-and-Government-Cover-It-Up


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