Russian Official: Obama is a Communist KGB Agent

Whether this article is true or not, it is worth the read.  I knew we were headed towards communism when the American electorate chose Clinton, not once, but twice.  I knew because I’d gone to high school with Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton, and I knew her politics.  It frightened me, but I thought we could recover.  With the election of Obama, not once, but twice, we are now truly a communist nation.  There are barely any threads of the Republic left to grab onto and the nation still sleeps.  If we don’t awaken the “sleeping giant” soon, the Gulags of Russia will become an American reality. KJLN

A Russian government official bragged that Barack Obama was a KGB operative and that his presidency had been planned since birth, an American physicist and government contractor reports. Tom Fife, an American computer networking specialist and international businessman, reported the alarming facts about the Kremlin’s connection to Barack Obama. The boast from a Communist Party official reportedly occurred during a business trip to Russia,16 years before Barack Obama was ushered into the presidency of the United States.
“It was like an elastic band snapping all the way from 1992,” Fife shakily admitted, upon recall of the exact moment he realized the Communist official had been telling the truth.

“It was a very, very scary feeling.”

Fife, a physicist and computer engineer, had been traveling to Russia for a joint venture with a state-owned company when the shocking revelation was revealed to him. After several business meetings, Fife and his partner were invited to the company owner’s home at the end of the journey for a farewell dinner.

The owner’s wife was a Communist Party official and was “climbing two ladders”, as Fife puts it, one ladder being the KGB and the other being the traditional Russian society and business ladder. As the evening wore on, the female Communist official became increasingly agitated over a perceived slight and her emotions spilled over.

“You Americans like to think you’re so perfect!” she snarled. “Well, what if I told you that very, very soon you’re going to have a black president… and he’s going to be a Communist!”

The KGB operative was not finished. As she had now dropped this bombshell on the entire gathering, she felt compelled to continue.

“His name is Barack,” she sneered. “His mother is white and his father is an African black. He has gone to the best schools, he is what you would call ‘Ivy League’.”

Fife recalls being stunned and shocked at the words flowing from the Communist’s mouth as she continued to rattle off an incredibly precise set of details about this Communist operative who was to supposedly become president of the United States.

The Communist official then stated that he was from Hawaii, but would very soon be elected to the Chicago state legislature. This has turned out to be an eerily prescient prediction, as Barack Obama was not elected State Senator until 1996, a full 4 years afterwards, as he took Alice Palmer’s seat.

In 1992, Obama had recently graduated from Harvard Law School and accepted a position as a Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School. Perhaps the most shocking revelation is how deep the Soviet Communist network has embedded itself into American political and educational culture. A quick review of Obama’s political “career” shows a track that was inexplicably greased, from his tuition payments at Columbia and Harvard, to a position at UOC Law School, to his eventual electoral “victories” at the Illinois State Senate, United States Senate, and U.S. Presidency.

Barack Obama’s parents ostensibly met in a Russian language class. This could have been where his mother was recruited by Barack Obama Sr, who could have already been working undercover for the KGB. In order to brainwash the child from an early age, they surrounded him with diehard Communists and fellow KGB agents, such as Frank Marshall Davis, a known Communist Party USA official. The Soviet KGB directly funded the CPUSA. This would fit directly into what the Russian Communist said about ‘Barack’, boasting “He has been raised to be an atheist and a communist.”

“He will be a blessing for world communism,” Fife recalled her saying, after getting over the initial shock of hearing the current president was a KGB agent. The creepy prediction stayed with the physicist upon his return to the United States, although he paid it no mind until he began to hear of a swiftly rising political star named Barack Obama. When Fife learned that this same Barack was running in the2008 presidential election, everything snapped into place and he knew he had to tell someone. Today, Fife admits that it deeply disturbs him and that he has never been able to shake the ominous feeling of foreboding about what comes next, now that the KGB official’s prediction has come true.

“It never leaves you, having someone tell you that they’ve engineered the takeover of your country,” he admits. “It’s really quite scary.”

See also Dr. Eowyn’s May 24, 2010’s post on this, “Obama, A Sleeper Agent For World Communism.”


18 responses to “Russian Official: Obama is a Communist KGB Agent

  1. Thank you, Kelleigh, for reminding us about Fife’s intriguing account. It truly boggles the mind.

    There is no reason for us to think that Fife simply concocted it because, no doubt, he’s been pilloried with vicious hate from the Obama idolators.


  2. What puzzles me is how the American people could not see the signs before they elected – and, God help us – REelected this agent from hell. It was all there for any who cared enough about this country! I’d better sign off before I get arrested for what I’m thinking.


  3. This, together with the “More evidence that Americans are stupid” from Dr. Eowyn today, makes a complete package.


  4. Unfortunately , we can’t blame Barry for this . This has been an on-going effort by every pres. since the passage of the 14th amend . ” INCREMENTALISM , death by a thousand cuts . T.P.T.B. do not think in one, two , or three year intervals . More like 10 , 20 , 30 , yrs. , if not more .

    The sooner people realize what they are up against , the better off they will be . If not , we are ……………………………………………………


  5. bIgger than one nation or the other: Its the beast system of the New World Order and who runs the world under ther master Satan. But grand pa Dan Pope was our agent over there? All on my own sites. Have to go back a generation on this? Two Stanley Dunham’s Two Stanley Ann;s one born in 1942 and the other in 1945, his mother, And this gives credence to the fake Hawaii bio when he was really born in Toepka ks and the murders of this dad and two others never closed would blow this all wide open if there was ever an investigation. Its time to get to Toepka ks and unravel all of it. As the Murder case file verifies a lot of this. Like the eyewitness in your article, I am one too. and we have not been allowed to share in a whole what each of us knows. Every one I;ve read or had contact with has pieces of a whole and put together ti al fits. But each may not realize the whole and speculations then take over. Its time!Linda Joy Adams eyewitness.Tine for the whoel truth to come out.


  6. This is more evidence that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Obama is doing everything possible to take our guns away so we cannot defend ourselves against his communist regim. Obama now only cares about Boston and the horrible tragedy that happened there. He is not showing any remorse or even acknowledging the horrible tragedy in Texas. Obama is pure evil!


  7. It’s March 29th, 2014 now and this article seems to be more absolutely true than ever, the actions of Hussein Obama and his regime prove it every day.


  8. I have always wondered why Obama seemed so “palsy-walsy” with the Russians. Especially chilling was the overhead exchange a few years ago with a high-level Russian representative on a “hot” microphone about what Obama said he could do for them after his last election, when he had more “flexibility.”

    Some people think Obama was attending Patrice La Mumba Friendship University in Moscow when he was supposedly at Columbia University in New York. Patrice La Mumba, the man the school was named for, was a dictator of the Belgian Congo, who was assassinated. La Mumba University was set up to train young men of color to overthrow countries.

    Obama may have attended La Mumba under the name of Roman Obama, as an exchange student from Equitorial Guinea, where some people think he was really born.

    It turns out that La Mumba University may have a reciprocal relationship with Columbia University in that La Mumba’s information sheet says: “you might as well study in our dual-degree program with Columbia in International and World History.” Maybe he did this, which explains why no one ever knew Obama at Columbia, yet he has a degree from there. Obama is said to have a “wide and deep” relationship with Russia.


  9. Fantastic post, Kelleigh!


  10. Whatever this worthless, mediocre, despicable, gutless, “AFFIRMATIVE
    ACTION PRODUCT,” half-baked mutt, traitorous, Muslim POS of a POTUS
    is: he ain’t an American citizen. My question is, where does he hide his
    prayer rug in the White House? The Middle East does not produce anything of value with the exception of oil, and there is a reason for that. Muslims must spend 5 time per day, on their knees, praying to their ALLAH, and therefore, I make the assumption, is it any wonder the Middle East is not noted for any special product, simply because they spend too much time on their knees praying, to accomplish anything worthwhile, and I also
    believe that 99% of Muslims, currently residing in the Middle East, have
    been touched by the effects of the sun, causing them to become aggres-
    sive, similar to the Blacks.


  11. like thioRemember back when Nikita Kruschev claimed “we will bury you!” and everyone wondered what he meant. They did d\a grand job of infiltrating the eduKation system, movies, tv and printed MSM with their own agents

    When I was in the Navy mid/late 60’s to 70, one of our CO’s got us together for a chat informing us that the US gubmint was totally infiltrated with communist agents. That was also when I researched and learned MLK had heavy communist leanings. King was also being groomed to be the first black pResident but the country was not ready to embrace a black socialist as commander in chief

    I was all set to vote for Ron Paul before he was swept aside and ignored, then out of nowhere I began hearing the name Barak Obama running on a hope and change line of BS. Right away it raised a red flag with me while everyone else was oohing and ahhhing. afraid to be called….GASP!….a racist for not supporting him. I saw through him right away, came across to me like the con artists playing shell games from a TV tray in some back alley

    Sometime for kicks read the communist manifesto, it reads like a playbook for everything that’s happening


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  13. Wrong. Komrade Drumpf is the actual Kremlin illegal. He needs to be arrested, then hopefully tried and convicted of espionage and treason!


  14. E agora, será que você ainda pensa isso, seu demente ridículo? Vocês são tão racistas, paranóicos e histéricos quanto ignorantes. E Obama é tão genocida e reacionário quanto Bush e Reagan! Obama “Comunista”! Vá se tratar, retardado!


    • @P.J.N. in Brazil:

      “demented” “ridiculous” “racist” “paranoid” “hysterical” “ignorant” “retarded”

      You must be a graduate of the Saul Alinksy School of Insults. Are all Brazilians as rude as you, hurling gratuitous insults in Portuguese at people on an English-language blog? Just know that we are on to you, as studies have shown that internet trolls like you are psychopaths. And to think you call us “demented”!


  15. Seems like tis was true with all that is coming out today!! I


  16. Do you morons still feel this way now that we have an ACTUAL President that colluded with Russia to win? Or was this only a good insult to throw around when our President was black?


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