More evidence that Americans are stupid

Remember this evidence that I posted on February 1, 2013, demonstrating that the problem with America is stupidity?

letter to editor

This self-identified Democrat who wrote the letter to the editor of Morehead City, NC’s Carteret County News-Times, thinks the term “natural born citizen” in Article II of the Constitution means someone who wasn’t delivered via a C-section. God help us.

How about this video that I posted on March 5, 2013, about how Americans have no idea what “sequester” is, and are too stupid to even ask what is?

And this video that Trail Dust posted on March 28, 2013, of Americans so stupid as to think Jesus Christ, crucified two thousand years ago, had been killed by a gun?

Here’s more evidence of American stupidity.

Infowars’ Lee Ann McAdoo went around asking passersby to sign a (fake) petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide, which is an unfamiliar name for H2O or water.

Watch as one person after another happily signs the petition — to ban water.

See also DCG’s companion post today, “A nation of low-information voters.”

We’re doomed. 😦



31 responses to “More evidence that Americans are stupid

  1. Wow. These people should never be allowed anywhere near an election station of any sort. Not even to elect a dog catcher, they would probably elect a dog that catches humans.


  2. Yes, we are definitely doomed.


  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    Thank you so much for getting the real news.


  4. Should I laugh, or should I cry?
    How is this degree of ignorance even possible?

    Okay, I’m laughing now, but there’s going to be a hangover. Why did we believe the best government is one that lets everyone vote? Surely we should ban idiots! But then, this would lead to serious discontent among the Idiot-American community.


  5. That has got to be one of the more inane , if not the most inane/ insane l.t.t.e. I’ve ever read . Where to begin ? To the @#$%^&*( comment that our great president came from a ” civilized part of the country ” : you stooooooooooooopid fool . Stop watching American Idol long enough to investigate . This w/e in Chi. , 4 dead 14 injured by gunfire in a city where it is supposedly ” civilized “.

    THE most lame / stupid / insane / idiotic / mind-numbing / comment of the article still has me in tears of laughter . ” THE NATURAL BIRTH ” comment is one that should go down in history as an accolade to the job that public schooling / gov’t indoctrination has brought down the mental capacity to the level lower than an amoeba’s I.Q. ( this is one of the 45 commie goals )

    Then , to top it all off ; the person who tried to grow a brain and show off his/her so-called education level decides to finish the letter w / PROUD TO BE A DEMOCRAT ” . Nobody can be this stupid and yet be allowed to VOTE !


    • japoa, I’m thinking the letter is a put on. Read the first sentence. If that is not heavy sarc I don’t know what is.
      I think it is brilliant. Read it again, and this time not as a stupid person writing, but as a put on..LOL


  6. I think the letter from the democrat is a spoof to show how stupid the newspaper is.
    As to the videos, I think it is time to consider the possibility that we have passed into an alternate universe.


  7. Robert McElhaney

    Another pot head no doubt


  8. How dare Kimmel take it upon himself to make light of the Seaquester . . . I live on a lake, we have one and my kids and grandkids use it all of the time to go riding on. Kimmel ought to be ashamed of himself!


  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. I had to re-read the C-section reasoning again to actually understand how lost this person is, how devoid of knowledge, common sense, proper reasoning and most of all, appropriate and specific thinking. And, this communication is very serious. Really, this is truly frightening!


  10. Uh, the letter is obvious satire written by a conservative to make fun of liberals. Before we all get up in arms about how stupid people are, we should pause…lest we reveal our own gullability.


  11. youd never debate some one like me because im too informed you wouldn’t stand a snow balls chance in hell stupid liberal


    • You’re so stupid you can’t even distinguish conservatives from liberals.


    • sharon, a word to the wise…umm I don’t think you would like to debate Dr eowyn on any subject. Don’t say you have not be warned.
      BTW if you would look at top of page you would see this.
      Fellowship of the Minds
      Conservatives who love America

      just saying that’s all. 😆


    • Sharon, Liberal?
      I just looked around and saw nobody at FOTM wearing a corduroy jacket with color coordinated elbow patches.
      Nope, no liberals around here.


    • Sharon, Your comment is worthy of a “stupid Americans” blog topic all of its own. Are you sure you’re a conservative, or a dumb, uninformed liberal conducting a lame-assed attempt to turn the tables on us or deflect attention from (o)bama’s latest, numerous gaffes of leftwing hubris and stupidity? Methinks you just proved Dr. E’s point beautifully, and for that, whatever your political persuasion, you have my eternal gratitude.

      Now, what we all are dying to know is this, when you were born, were you delivered vaginally, or anally?…………Why you ask?………….Oh, nevermind.


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  13. Cannot thank you enough for this, it’s priceless! Yep, we are indeed doomed.


  14. She also forgot that DHMO is also a greenhouse gas. LOL


  15. When reading the first pic, the letter to the editor written by that dumbass who thought natural born meant not with a C section, I almost thought for a while that it was written by a conservative satirist. Wow. And who except for a radical liberal progressive would ever dare utter the blasphemy that the Constitution “isnt all that great” and that the president ought to change it in violation of it before it is changed to allow him to by executive order?


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