A happy puppy ending!

'Lil pup Darby. Photo by Patti Blake/The Starr Press

‘Lil pup Darby. Photo by Patti Blake/The Starr Press

Garbage worker saves puppy left for dead in  Indiana trash container

NY Daily News: Garbage worker Michael Upchurch has been hailed a hero after saving a 6-week-old puppy dumped in a garbage can. The Muncie, Ind., native is the talk of the town after he stopped the dog — which he has adopted and called Garby — from getting squashed to death.

He said: “This ole’ doggy here was hollering, ‘Save me,’ I guess, in dog talk. He was frozen stiff. “I turned on the heat right here with the heat on full blast. Now, every bag  I dump I’m like, ‘Oh no, what’s in that one?’”

Garby’s original owner thought her pet, and two others, were dead, so she  threw them in the garbage. Cops say she could now face animal cruelty charges.

Phil Peckinpaugh, director of the Muncie Animal Shelter, spoke to the Muncie Star Press about the incident. He said: “When the puppies stopped moving because their blood sugar was so low because they were starving, she made the decision that they were dead and  threw them in the trash. You should never throw a puppy in the trash can — dead or alive,  obviously.”

He also revealed he had officially filed a citation in Muncie City Court against the woman and that cops were now actively investigating the case.

Watch the video here.

There’s a special place for the “owner” who threw her dogs in a trash can. Hope they give the owner the stiffest fine. And glad that Garby survived!



I watched the video, hoping to find the name of the woman who threw the dogs in her trash can. No name, but there’s very good news!

Mike Upchurch, the kind-hearted garbageman, has adopted the puppy!

Here are two screenshots I took from the video. The first is of Mike Upchurch and Garby (I want you to see what the kind man looks like. Look at the joy on his face!).

Mike Upchurch and Garby

And here’s a close-up of adorable Garby!




11 responses to “A happy puppy ending!

  1. I hope they throw the book at the heartless owner. Cruel woman.

    Garby (so cute!) deserves a better home, which he will now get as I’m sure many are clamoring to adopt him.


  2. I want him.. Oh my how cute.


  3. Just another example of why certain humans shouldn’t be allowed to have pets or raise children…….


  4. Thank you DCG for this wonderful post and thank you Dr. Eowyn for the update! What a beautiful act of kindness on the part of Mr. Upchurch. As for the woman, many thoughts came to mind what I would like to do to her-she is the “near occasion of sin” for me. I cannot imagine how anyone could throw a puppy or a kitty or any living thing like that in a garbage; out of respect, they should bury the animal. As to Mr. Upchurch’s face, it is full of kindness and goodness, the window to his soul! God bless him!

    I also had a thought about aborted children-they are regularly thrown in the garbage! Such is the realm of evil. . .


  5. Precious.


  6. Awwww, bless his little heart….


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