Homosexual couple book remains in school library

A model of "inclusiveness"

A model of “inclusiveness”

Davis School District settles lawsuit with ACLU over book depicting same-sex homosexual couple

Deseret News (Farmington, UT): After returning a book depicting a same-sex homosexual couple to elementary school library shelves, Davis School District officials have agreed to not remove “In Our Mothers’ House” from libraries based on its content.

The agreement settles a lawsuit filed against the district by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Tina Weber, a mother whose children attend school in the district. But district spokesman Chris Williams said the settlement applies primarily to the book in question, and the district’s policy of reviewing library books for offensive content remains in place.

The lawsuit was filed after the district removed “In Our Mothers’ House” by Patricia Polacco from four school library shelves to be placed behind counters as the result of a petition by a group of parents. Students were still able to check out and access the book, but only with parental permission.

Earlier this month, Assistant Superintendent Pamela Park instructed librarians to return the book to library shelves. Park said the existing library computer system, which allows parents to block their children from accessing certain books, is sufficient to address what individual parents find objectionable.

The lawsuit also took issue with the district’s argument that “In Our Mothers’ House” violated the state’s sex education law, which prohibits schools from using educational materials that endorse or advocate for homosexuality.

According to the ACLU of Utah, the district has agreed that library books do not fall under the sex education statute and furthermore that a depiction of a family with same-sex homosexual parents does not constitute advocacy of homosexuality.

In the terms of the settlement, provided to the Deseret News by Davis School District, the district agrees to not rely on the current wording of the sex education statute as a basis to remove or restrict access to school library books.

“We’re glad that the school (district) agrees that they can’t remove a book from the shelves just because some people don’t agree with its content,” said John Mejia, legal director of the ACLU of Utah. “Children shouldn’t be discouraged from learning about different homosexual families or cultures by keeping books behind a counter as if there was something wrong with them.”

Williams said books deemed objectionable will still be subject to review under district policy. The settlement also states that it does not represent an admission of liability, but rather is a “compromise of disputed claims.”

Davis School District succumbs to the minority, of course. Just following the Communist Goals for America: Get control of the schools, break down cultural standards of morality, and present homosexuality as “normal, natural, healthy.” Reason  ∞ to home school.



7 responses to “Homosexual couple book remains in school library

  1. Reblogged this on DeborahBidwell's Blog and commented:
    thanks for keeping us informed, you are right this is a good reason for home schooling children


  2. Do they have heterosexual couple books aimed at the same age group in school libraries? Probably not– should be for older kids of something. Same for sex stuff, too. How come they’re learning about homosexual stuff (couples, sex, etc.) before they’re understanding straight stuff?


    • Anonymous: I’d guess most children’s books about family have a heterosexual couple heading the household. I haven’t read this book, but from the cover (I know, I’m violating the first law of judging books! :)) it looks like it’s for the younger set, and so presumably wouldn’t have any sexual content, either way. It’s probably not much different from any other children’s book, except instead of mommy and daddy, it’s mommy and mommy. Any child with two parents knows what a “couple” is, even if they don’t know what happens in the bedroom. This book would just show kids with a mom and dad at home that some kids have a different situation (no doubt there are also books in that library about single parents, adoption, etc.). I don’t think it has to be interpreted as being an encouragement of homosexuality – parents can still teach their kids it’s a sin, if that’s their belief. But there’s no harm in a kid reading a book like this, if it’ll help them understand someone else’s situation a little better. Don’t you think the phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin” would apply here, if you believe homosexuality is a sin? Even while schools have no business advocating or condemning homosexuality, they can’t pretend it doesn’t exist.


  3. Damn shame they are teaching children about same sex couples. Things are going too far and have gotten out of hand with gay rights and same sex marriage. What was wrong with taboo like we had growing up in the 80’s? Growing up, I had gay relatives, gay classmates, and in the closet associates. A person’s sex life is private, what those did in their homes away from others was their business. Now it seems to be forced down our throats whether we like it or not. If Gays want to be respected and recognized, they need to respect and recognize others who puke at the sight of two men being intimate. Speaking for the black race, if we’re only 13% of the U.S population, how in the world can we survive if half of those are gay? Can we say Extinction anyone?


  4. Missed an edit:

    “We’re glad that the school (district) agrees that they can’t remove a book from the shelves just because some people ,who are forced to purchase the book at the threat of tax liens on their home, don’t agree with its content,”

    Just to put the “free” public schools in the proper perspective.


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