W VA college professor forbids students from using FoxNews as source

A professor at West Liberty University (WLU), a public university in West Virginia, tells her students they are not to use Fox News as a source.

Visiting (temporary) Assistant Professor of Political Science Stephanie Wolfe has a list in her course syllabus of sources that her students are to use and to abjure.

Among the sources her students must not use are the satirical and wholly fictitious website The Onion, as well as Fox News, a cable news channel that is regarded as more politically conservative than other cable news channels such as the more liberal CNN and the decidedly leftwing CNBC.

Josh Eachus reports for WTOV9, Feb. 12, 2013, that students and parents are questioning Wolfe’s syllabus that filtered student’s research options.  The syllabus for Wolfe’s political science course tells students what sources they can and cannot use. Among those sources that students are asked not to use are The Onion, an openly fictitious parody of real-life news, and Fox News, a professional news organization. In the syllabus, Wolfe allegedly says, “The tagline Fox News makes me cringe.”

Upset students and parents have taken their concerns to local media, saying that it is unfair to the students to encourage some sources which lean in one direction politically, while discouraging those going in the other direction.

In response, WLU President Robin Capehart said: “One of our values at West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and inquire and gather information and look at as many different sources as possible on any side, before you reach your opinion. If students have concerns about these types of issues, they can approach their department chair, they can approach the dean. Any attempt to limit the breadth of a student’s ability to investigate is obviously something at which we have a concern.”

WLU officials said Stephanie Wolfe is only with the university for this year in place of another instructor who had taken leave.  They also said Wolfe has gone back to the class and lifted any limitation on research sources.

I found Wolfe’s faculty profile on WLU’s website:

Stephanie Wolfe, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Political Science/International Studies

Note the wiccan “goddess” pendant on her necklace in Wolfe’s profile photo below:

Stephanie Wolfe

Here’s a close up of Wolfe’s pendant (l) and a pic of a “goddess” key chain (r) I found on the web:

Stephanie Wolfe

If you want to leave a message for WLU president Robin Capehart, the university has a blog, “West Liberty Online,” where you can write a comment on Capehart’s Biography page. Click here!


19 responses to “W VA college professor forbids students from using FoxNews as source

  1. Stupid Cow. She’s still wet behind the ears, and most certainly has a whole lot to learn!


  2. Teaching use to be about expanding ones views and using ALL the resources available. But the left wants to continue to keep people in the dark, and brainwashing that is supposed to be illegal seems to be the “new normal” When I taught school I always told my students that STUPID was not using all your available resources to get the answers you think you want.


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  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Of course, scholarship entails researching an issue from all different angles and points of view. So the wiccan visiting assistant professor “Ms.Wolfe” is not a scholar at all, since she is censoring valid research sources that can be used by her students. She has a lot of nerve doing this, especially in light of the fact that she is only with the university for a one-year period of time and she is “visiting”. It is further noteworthy that because of the pressure she received, she lifted her research limitations. Some people live in a haze and don’t want the facts – tell them what they want to hear, but certainly not the facts!


  5. That Professor is a disgrace to her profession.


  6. I commented on this issue on another blog so won’t repeat that comment here.
    However, I did have another idea – what specifically did she object to regarding FOX other than the mere mention of it makes her cringe? If she cannot cite something specific, that is not a sufficient logical reason to disallow them as a source. And is that FOX at the national level or does it include local FOX affiliates as well?


  7. She’s a coward!


  8. interesting that a (presumablely) female with zero chance of becoming impregnated wears a fertility goddess pendant.


  9. Sent a note to the college Pres………….


  10. My professors in undergrad told me I should use peer-reviewed journal articles, etc… anything but Wikipedia. That was the only one not accepted. This seems like something personal.


  11. She’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. Realizing that 87.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot, 95% of college students have already been brainwashed by liberal, left leaning, socialist, marxist, faciest, narcisistic, college profeessors that are so enamored with themselves that they have no idea what constitutes reality.


  12. Catholic Glasses

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  13. Granted Fox News is conducted by a significant number of dirt bags and cretins, W VA students ought to be allowed to use Fox News as a source.



  14. Another picture to hang up to encourage ‘birth control’… I know I wouldn’t touch it…


  15. I’ll bet I could cite Ramparts or High Times…


  16. Captain Kirk was correct when he made this quote : ” BEAM ME UP SCOTTY , THERE’S NO INTELLIGENT LIFEFORMS ON THIS PLANET “.
    And what’s with that fertility necklace thing she’s (?) wearing ? I know one thing , If I was the last man on earth and she was the last woman (?) , the human race would be in deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep doo-doo !!!


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