Is white skin unfair?

Unfair White Skin

Unfair White Skin

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
–Dr. Martin Luther King

What happened to honest scales, upright judgement and integrity? ~TD




Despite the longstanding message that a person’s skin color should not matter in America, students at the University of Wisconsin – Superior are now being taught that it’s “unfair” to be white.

It’s part of a controversial effort known as the Unfair Campaign, designed to teach America’s youth that “systems and institutions are set up for us [whites]” and as such are “unfair.”

One of them main slogans for the campaign is: “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”

CampusReform reports the campaign was initially sponsored by the University of Minnesota – Duluth, but after an investigation by conducted by CampusReform, that college dropped its partnership, and labeled the program “divisive” and “alienating.”

The Unfair Campaign uses online videos, billboards and lectures to help promote its message, and a variety of posters features white-skinned people adorned with facial messages such as “”is white skin really a fair skin?”



16 responses to “Is white skin unfair?

  1. Reblogged this on Thepoliticalchef's Blog and commented:
    Seriously…I don’t know about you but I had no choice about what “skin” I was born with…ya kiddin me? wow…morons…


  2. It’s “unfair” that some people, of whatever “race” or color, are born into wealth, or are genetically disposed to be physically beautiful or thin or highly intelligent or have a likeable personality. Should we have Unfair Campaigns about those too?


  3. Dr. King’s “Dream” speech is a high mark in our history. It’s sad how quickly the foolish have capitalized on it to gain advantage at the expense of civility and honor.


  4. Thank you Trail Dust for this enlightening post. I agree that it is awful how much the “dream” speech has been twisted, being used for evil. They should tell God that He is unfair because it is He who created us with all of our physical looks and physical attributes, the color of our skin, giving us our talents, et al. Once again, narcissism reigns insofar as these people are essentially telling God that He is an unfair Judge, a Creator that is lacking in “fairness”, the maker of us all! How stupid is that! Boy, I have had my share of stupidity this week!


  5. It’s unfair that some people are dumb as a box of rocks, while others are only as dumb as a box of banana slugs. Too bad for all their dumbness these folks can write, appear on TV, make movies, vote, get elected to high office, design programs for others who are dumb as rocks or slugs.


  6. k2globalcommunicationsllc

    It is a revision of ‘White Guilt’


  7. If you would like to see racism, just let a white person walk alone at night into some sections of Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, etc.


  8. I’m white–and I don’t have the “luxury” of blaming all my disappointments and even my failures on those who have skin of a different color. I can’t go around screaming “racism” when I don’t get my own way. Waaah! I have to take responsibility for myself and my life. I have to work hard to overcome the obstacles I may face in life–which is something we are ALL supposed to do–or are SOME people excused from that due to skin color?


  9. I think it’s more accurate to say “It’s hard to see racism when it isn’t directed at you.” And that’s a pretty universal human experience.


    • Good points, Creative Metaphor,

      The “otherness” of cultures we are not accustomed to can cause us to think foolish things about these “others” (to take it off black or white or whatever).

      Things like this college program are fanning the flames of misunderstanding, creating hatred anew, just when it seemed our country was rising out of its past mistakes.


  10. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I am NOT a guilty white person. I am white, worked my way thru school and worked hard my whole life. I have been passed over for jobs just because someone else in applying for the job is black. Never mind if they have the education for the job. I am sick to death of blacks screaming racism about everything. Blacks were given the same opportunities that I was. I just deceided to apply myself to these opportunities.


  11. Here’s a thought. It’s racist to point OUT the color of a person’s skin for any reason. University of Wisconsin, is creating a hostile work and education environment. It’s harrassment, and should apply to any education venue the same as it applies in the work place. What they are doing has no productive or constructive purpose whatsoever. The ACLU needs to do their duty and step in to put a stop to this madness,.


  12. That is so disgusting. Somebody will sue that college for sure & they deserve it. TPTB are really targeting the young minds (God help them) to turn them into docile, self-effacing, self-hating mush-brains with no sense of truth & reality. Send your kids to college at your own risk. Glad I never went. “The University of Brainwashing” is all they are.


  13. Well I’ll just state the obvious, this campaign is racism, directed at folks with white skin, and frankly they should get in just as much legal trouble as anyone would if the skin color being targeted for “hate” was black or tan. If they’re trying to “raise awareness” they’re utilizing the same mentality of raising awareness as someone trying to teach fire safety by lighting a forest on fire (Read: Stupidity). Personally I doubt this level of stupidity and instead presume it’s main drive is malevolence.

    As an aside, they’re obfuscating their Whois information under Bluehost out in Provo, Utah (Their host is 1and1). Guess they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to own up to their claims. Suffice to say I’d be very curious to see who/what is behind this.


  14. From the eugenics viewpoint of leftwing heroine (Planned Parenthood pioneer), Margaret Sanger, the white race is FAR SUPERIOR. Sanger’s goal was to wipe out inferior minority races through birth control to bring forth peace of earth. A post scheduled this Saturday will give it straight from Sanger’s own writings.


  15. Live in Cali, they are NOT ‘fair’ to whites. NOTHING is ‘equal’ there. They worship illegals from south of the border, down Mexico way..


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