Judge censured for berating pedophile

Pedophile to rot in prison.

Pedophile to rot in prison.

Barnack censured for remarks to pedophile

Mail Tribune: A Jackson County Circuit Court judge has been sanctioned by the Oregon Supreme Court over comments he made at the sentencing of a Medford man who is a convicted serial pedophile.

On Jan. 21, 2012, Judge Tim Barnack sentenced Richard Lee Taylor to 21 life sentences without the possibility of parole. Barnack called Taylor, 60, who had previous convictions in Oregon and California for sexually abusing children, a “piece of s—-.” “You are a bad person,” Barnack said at the sentencing. “You will rot in prison.”

Barnack, a former Jackson County prosecutor, continued to excoriate Taylor during the sentencing, telling him he didn’t belong outside a prison cell, and community members would wonder why he wasn’t hanging from a tree.

Taylor will spend the rest of his life in a cell where he can think about the harm he has done the victims, Barnack said, while repeatedly asking Taylor whether he wanted to save his soul. Taylor showed no remorse, stating he had “nothing to say.” I don’t think you have a soul,” said Barnack, at the sentencing. “We are going to make sure you never get out.”

The Supreme Court ruled that Barnack’s comments and behavior violated the Oregon Code of Judicial Conduct, which requires a judge to “observe high standards of conduct so that integrity, impartiality and independence of the judiciary are preserved.” It also states “a judge shall not engage in conduct that reflects adversely on the judge’s character, competence, temperament, or fitness to serve as a judge.”

Barnack said Friday that he regretted his comments and accepted the court’s censure, which carries no fines, fees or limits on his duties as a judge. “I’ve learned from this experience. And I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Jackson County,” Barnack said.

The court’s ruling states Barnack acknowledges he lost control of his emotions when Taylor declined to speak at the sentencing, and that he was traumatized from viewing videos of the abuse. He acknowledges his comments were inappropriate, it says.

“After sentencing, Judge Barnack sent an email to the other Jackson County Judges apologizing for his remarks at the sentencing of Taylor,” the three-page document said.

Barnack sought counsel from other, more experienced judges regarding how to best manage emotionally charged courtroom situations. And he has adopted procedures that include creating prepared scripts so that “such behavior is not repeated.”

In October 2011, Taylor was found guilty of five counts each of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree sodomy; and three counts each of first- and second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse. He was sentenced to life on each of the 21 counts.

Taylor previously served a short prison term after pleading guilty to lesser charges in the same case, but Barnack said significant new evidence made it possible to reopen the case. Taylor also had a past conviction for sexual abuse in California, prosecutors said in asking for a life sentence.

While I understand there are strict guidelines for judges, I doubt anyone would have a complaint with the statements Judge Barnack made. To me they demonstrate a strong character for defending the abused children. And sentencing this animal to rot in prison demonstrates competence as well. Hope Taylor enjoys the treatment he’s about to get in prison.


12 responses to “Judge censured for berating pedophile

  1. I hope he does not live long enough to enjoy his first meal in prison. Our legal system is way to lenient on such people. They need to be sentenced to death and not be allowed to live on the welfare of the good citizens. That in itself is a crime against everyone.


  2. This is disgusting that the judge is deemed inappropriate, when the child molester deserves to be tortured to death.


    • Don’t worry ; their is nothing more despised in prison than a child molester He WILL get his in the end . ( pun intended ) !!!!
      Personally , if I was the judge and said what he said to that p.o.s. molester , there would be no way on God’s green earth that I would apologize .
      Did the itty-bitty molester get his feelings hurt ?


    • The judge said something wrong? I don’t get it…


  3. I would say this judge spoke the mind of most people. But we must observe political correctness. Our potty mouth vice president should be held to such high standards.


  4. Heck, I’d have added “…and in prison, most likely, you’ll be raped– and more than once– by violent hardened criminals in revenge for all the times they were unwantedly touched or violated as a child by someone such as yourself once they learn of your crimes, so you’ll be able to fully understand how your victims felt…” in there somewhere, along with calling him a “piece of sh*t,” if they’re going to be that way about it.


  5. I applaud this judge for speaking his mind. While I might not have alliowed myself to use this language in court; I certainly would have been thinking it. Too many judges are bleeding heart libs, and do not take the time to tell these heinous bast……….what they need to hear. I too hope he has Bubba as his boyfriend in prison,and that Bubba has some mean a”” friends, who will take the time to teach the pedophile some lessons.


  6. It just may be that the judge’s mistake was “repeatedly asking Taylor whether he wanted to save his soul.” Pedophiles are everywhere in government. That’s what Child Protection Services are for………to funnel kids to high level perverts.


  7. I know a person, won’t say names, whose granddaughter was molested. This little 3 yr old girl’s granddaddy was a correctional officer who had earned the respect of some of the more stand up inmates. Seems the violation of this little 3 yr old girl (who was bi-racial to boot, more black looking than white) not only ENRAGED said inmates, it also enraged many a guard because this little girl’s granddaddy was also very respected among his peers. “Officer Granddaddy” also found out where said pervert was being incarcerated (and it wasn’t ANY where near this officer because he was a family member, he also shouldn’t have been told, but he was), but this didn’t matter. Several guards made calls, and a very comforting amount of enraged inmates also made calls and wrote letters. Gossip says that “poor pervert” had to stay in solitary for most of his 5-7 year sentence. Pays to have friends in both low AND high places, eh? 😉 *eyes gleaming, hands rubbing together in glee*

    That poor child’s grandmother was quite infuriated that said perv got out earlier than 2 steps ahead of hell and all its demons chasing him, but unfortunately, sometimes things like that happen. He still “got his in the end”, which is, no doubt, quite satisfactory to this poor little girl’s grandparents. Those grandparents SUUUUURE wish they had been at that perv’s sentencing, but they didn’t even know until after. They still managed to get some revenge tho.

    Personally me? I’d suggest amputating a few appendages, but I, admittedly, have little patience w/ perverts.


  8. “But KNOW this, that in the last days perilous times will come . . . Evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:1, 13)


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