LGBT is so passé. All hail LGBTQIA

I already have trouble remembering what the initials LGBT stand for — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender — and the order of the initials, as in LGBT, not GLBT, not LBGT, not BLGT, or GBLT.

Now they’ve added three more initials!

All hail QIA: Queer, Intersex (whatever that is), and Asexual.

Augsburg College

Dale O’Leary reports for LifeSiteNews, Feb. 6, 2013, on “LGBTQIA: the expanding gender agenda”:

Last month The New York Times published an article on the latest expansion of sexual identity among students at progressive universities in the United States. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) no longer covers it, according to a handful of students who seem to have nothing better to do than reinvent themselves. “Generation LGBTQIA” want recognition for queer, intersex and asexual proclivities as well. According to the Times, this list by no means is final but continually being added to as students “move beyond the binary of male/female”, heterosexual/homosexual and reject the normal.

Most people are unaware of the inroads made by gender theory — the ideology that has produced “Generation LBGTQIA” — or of the dangers it presents. […]

The term “gender” has become ubiquitous. The forms we routinely fill out, which previously asked for our sex, now asked for our gender. Most people assumed that gender was simply a polite synonym for sex – preferable since sex has a secondary meaning, namely as a shortened form for sexual intercourse. But those pushing the use of “gender” did not do so out of an over-scrupulous sense of propriety, for them gender and sex are not synonyms.

In the past, sex referred to the totality of what it meant to be a man or a woman, and gender was a grammatical term – some words had gender – masculine, feminine, or neuter. However, in the 1950s, John Money, who was on the staff at Johns Hopkins University, promoted the idea that sexual identity could be broken down into its constituent parts: DNA, hormones, internal and external sexual organs — and gender, the sex that the person identified with. He argued that a person could be one sex physically, but identify with the other. Money promoted so-called sex change operations, in which men who believed they had the brain of a woman were surgically altered to resemble women. When Dr. Paul McHugh took over at Johns Hopkins, he commissioned a study into the outcome of these supposed sex changes and, finding that they did not address the underlying psychopathology of the clients, discontinued the practice. Unfortunately, other hospitals continued to perform this mutilating surgery.

Money also pushed the idea that if a baby boy were born with deformed genitals, he could be castrated and raised as a girl and he would never know the difference. In other words, one’s sense that one was a man or a woman was socially constructed by the way people treated you. However, studies done on these boys raised as girls found that many of them rejected the reassignment and demanded the right to live as males, even without intact genitals. In 2006 a book by John Colapinto, As Nature Made Him, exposed Money as a fraud who covered up the failure of his most famous case and abused the boys brought to him for help.

[…] Before Money’s theories had been publicly discredited however, Marxist-influenced feminists combined his concept of gender as socially constructed roles with the idea that all history is the history of class struggle. According to their theory, the first class struggle was between men and women, and women were the first oppressed class. If Money were correct and the differences between men and women were not natural, but the result of socially constructed gender roles imposed by an oppressive patriarchy, then the way to eliminate the oppression of women was to eliminate all differences between men and men. This would be achieved by mainstreaming a gender perspective under which every societal recognition of the difference between men and women would be eradicated, and quotas imposed so that men and women would participate in every social activity in statistically equal numbers and receive statistically equal power and rewards. Any deviation from absolute statistical equality would be regarded as evidence of sexist discrimination.

[…] Gender feminism has been strongly influenced by women involved in same-sex relationships. The denial of the natural differences between men and women leads to a redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples and the promotion of adoption by same-sex couples. If, as the these radicals argue, all differences between men and women are artificial constructs, imposed by an oppressive patriarchal society then why should same-sex relationships be treated differently? However, if men and women are different, if motherhood is fundamentally different from fatherhood, if children need a mother and a father, then a multitude of reasons exist to privilege marriage between a man and a woman.

Recently, those pushing the gender agenda have pressured governments to add the concepts of “gender identity” and “gender expression” to anti-discrimination laws. They argue that while sex is “assigned” to a baby on the basis of observation of its genitals, some people do not accept this designation. For example, a biologically male may argue that, while he has a man’s body, he believes he has a woman’s brain. He may want his body surgically altered to resemble that of a woman or simply to dress as a woman. He may demand that his birth certificate and other documents be changed and that he be allowed to marry a man. Things are more complex, however. Some of the men who have been surgically altered to resemble women are still sexually attracted to women and claim to be lesbians. Some of the “transgendered” may want to be accepted as the other sex even without surgical alterations

In the past, persons who wanted to be or thought they actually were the other sex, or who rejected the clothing and interests of their own sex and adopted that of the other sex, were considered to be suffering from gender identity disorder (GID). Recently, this designation has been dropped by the American Psychiatric Association in favor of “gender dysphoria”, reflecting the idea that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the other sex so long as it doesn’t make you unhappy, and that if society’s refusal to pretend you are the other sex makes you unhappy then society has to change. Including gender identity and expression language in anti-discrimination laws would essentially prohibit people from refusing to pretend that people have changed their sex.

While the gender feminists fought to eliminate everything they considered a stereotype, the transgendered frequently adopt clothing and behavior which reflects narrow stereotypical concepts, almost caricatures, of what it means to be a man or a woman. Some of those who go through so-called sex changes try to wipe out their pasts and pretend they have always been the sex they want to be. However, many find this continual deception difficult to sustain. Rejection of the reality of one’s sexual identity and the pursuit of mutilating surgery suggests a severe psychological disorder. It is neither charitable nor required for others to go along with the pretence of sex change.

“GenderQueer” is an ideology founded on a rebellion against all restrictions on identity, behavior, and sexual activity. The GenderQueer claim a right to present themselves as male, female, or neither and to change their identity at any time and to have sex with persons of either sex. Riki Wilchins, author of GenderQueer: Voices from beyond the sexual binary, “Gender is the new frontier: the place to rebel, to create new individuality and uniqueness, to defy old, tired, outdated social norms, and, yes, to occasionally drive their parents and sundry other authority figures crazy.” According to the New York Times article cited earlier, the progressive universities are catering to this rebellion. For example, Jack (born Judith) Halberstam a transgender professor at University of Southern California, is the author of Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal. Society is under no obligation to encourage such rebellion against reality.

[…] Gender theory in whatever form it takes is a denial of the reality of sexual difference. Those who have adopted the theory into their lives are in rebellion against their own nature, which leads to feelings of alienation. Rather than recognize that their theory is fatally flawed, they denounced anyone who defends reality as a “homophobe”, “heterosexist” or a “bigot”. They demand that those who speak the truth about marriage, family, motherhood and the needs of children be silenced.

We need not surrender to this bullying. We have a right to point out the inadequacies and inconsistencies in their theory of gender. A first step towards exposing its errors is never to say “gender” when we mean “sex”.

Dale O’Leary is a US writer with a special interest in psychosexual issues and is the author of two books: One Man, One Woman and The Gender Agenda. She blogs at What Does The Research really Say?

more initials I warned you there’d be more initials!



19 responses to “LGBT is so passé. All hail LGBTQIA

  1. This stuff is being imposed on kids in public schools right now. It’s up to every parent to stand up and resist it for their kids’ sake. When told about a special “anti-bullying” day that was actually a day of indoctrination on this subject, I called my son’s high school principal, and told him my son was staying home. The principal thanked me, and said he wished more parents would resist this stuff.


    • Remember, bullying is about homosexuality and therefore requires redistributive progressive social policies to rectify… for the children!! (Or something like that… of course this is left/liberals’ argument on everything.)


    • Good for you Trail Dust! We need more people with courage in the public forum!


  2. Just a point of information: “intersexed” people are those who are born with both male and female genitalia – it’s felt to be a less intimidating word than “hermaphrodite.”


  3. BLT on rye? Uh, wait…


  4. One initial would cover it all – P for perverted


  5. It is anathema that for 40 years Key West has hosted “Fantasy Fest”, the movie, ” The Boys In The Band” was released forty five years ago, “La Cage Aux Folles” has hit the forty plus year mark, ” The Crying Game” is twenty some-odd years old, nobody gives a rat’s ass anymore, yet suddenly we’re all homophobes. The abject nonsense of forcing the ideology of sexuality in the school system to children who aren’t even yet adolescents is tantamount to robbing them of their childhood. Someone should write a book titled “How To Create Homophobia By Force”.


  6. Sheesh, no wonder kids are confoosed.



  7. The insiders can’t tear the country down unless they promote wickedness. So what is the objective of that? It’s simple, a ruthless police state. Don’t worry, it’s coming.


  8. Queer is Queer. And homophobe implies an un-natural fear. I’m not afraid of devients. I just don’t like or agree with them.


  9. Wow, talk about overload…

    Laserboy, you should read more of what this behavior does to someone. I recently came across a detective that had over 30 years experience and he stated the most violet crimes he saw were from the homosexual community. I don’t hate these people, I pray for all my brothers and sisters in WHATEVER sexual sin they may be in.

    But I could not help but remember what I read last week- you can’t take away the rights of the predator unless you first take away the rights of the prey.

    What a world, what a world, what a world…..


  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative and educational post. Frankly, I find it so boring that people must identify themselves most importantly through their sexual preferences, and that all of these “drama” queens and kings find their notoriety through controversies over these issues, making me think of a comment in one of Shakespeare’s plays, Hamlet, :”I think the lady doth protest too much.” We are all tired of you drama queens and kings. Do something with your entire identities which includes your brains, your intellects, your wills, your physical bodies which should be working and what spiritual sacrifices you might be doing for your neighbors in this world. I am utterly tired out of my mind of your identity crises’, your anger, your confusion and your selfishness.


  11. @joandarc
    How about this one? “God gave you one face and you make yourself another.” :o)
    kinda of scary that it seems to fit now days… yes?


  12. Bob: Wow could they add any more letters?
    Tom: Uh… actually yes they can.
    Add P for pedophilia, Z for zoophilia and N for nechrophilia.


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