Gun crimes increase in Massachusetts after state passed gun control

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More evidence that gun control is not the solution to gun violence.

Gun crime on the rise in Mass. since 1998 firearms law

By Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times,  2/5/13

Murders, aggravated assaults, and robberies involving guns have risen dramatically in Massachusetts since the state passed a comprehensive package of gun laws in 1998, the Boston Globe reports.

The escalating nationwide gun control debate has posed a variety of reasons for increased crime in stricter states and cities: On the one hand, gun rights groups argue that restricting law-abiding citizens from arming themselves give criminals an advantage. On the other, gun-control advocates argue that strict laws in one state mean nothing if its adjoining state is lax on guns.

“The quality of your gun-licensing laws is only as good as those surrounding you,” James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University criminologist, told The Globe.

The report finds that many guns found in Massachusetts travel only a short distance: 133 crime guns were traced to New Hampshire in 2011, and 79 to Maine, according to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Those states accounted for nearly one-third of the 669 crime guns traced to states outside of Massachusetts.

The state recorded 122 murders using a firearm in 2011, up from 65 in 1998. The state passed a package of laws in 1998, banning semiautomatic “assault weapons,” requiring strict licensing requirements and a mandate that firearms be stored safely, the Globe reports.

From 1998 to 2011, aggravated assaults with guns rose 26.7 percent. Robberies with firearms increased 20.7 percent during that period, according to an FBI analysis conducted for the Globe.

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17 responses to “Gun crimes increase in Massachusetts after state passed gun control

  1. When guns are outlawed , only the outlaws will have guns !


  2. This will unfortunately only fuel more action to do the same draconian laws in the lax-law “neighboring states”… reason why the law didn’t work. The liberals will say it was the right thing to do, but not only in the state where it was enacted….but the 4-5 neighboring states that touch it too !!


  3. And if every state passed laws banning guns, they could just as easily be obtained outside the US from Mexico, China, India, wherever.


    • This should be required viewing by the politicos…let’s look at FACTS and not wallow in EMOTION.

      Since this portal is “preaching to the converted” ( I presume), allow me to urge everyone who is in favor of showing fact-based data, forward this Youtube video to everyone you know.


  4. Liberals want to take our guns for the same reason King George III did.


  5. We that have any common sense know what happens when you remove the citizen’s guns! The criminal takes over with no worries that someone will shoot him! The Media and This Socialist Communist Government will swear differently, they will try to tell you that you are safer, WRONG! Just ask a Criminal that does his crime for a living! Or better than that, just ask anyone in Kennesaw, Georgia where all heads of households own guns. Check out their crime rate there, and NOBODY has been killed in years! Then again the Crooked Government and Media will NOT let you know that! Semper Fi.


  6. Liberals will never learn. Criminals don’t obey the laws, duh!


  7. Yes indeed. Here in Southern California we are turning in our guns in the hope that a madman won’t be able to kill us after he turns his in as well.


    • Yes, Frank, your legislators know that all the bad guys will either move out of state or turn their guns in too. BAAAWAAA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA, sure they will HA-HA-HAAAA. What a bunch of looney-toon law makers we have running around in this country.


  8. Let me see. I’m going to rob someone. I’m going to use a gun because if the victim is unarmed that gives me more power over the victim. But, using a gun, even posessing a gun is against the law, so… But isn’t robbery, rape and murder against the law? So, what’s the big deal; you break one law you break them all. Gun control only keeps the honest people disarmed and unable to protect themselves from criminals.


  9. Someone needs to send this report to Piers Moron, damn, I mean Morgan.


  10. debbymanynations

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  12. Massachusetts has become such a welfare state, There are gangs from all over. that bring their low class mind sets with them. They only know how to settle problems with weapons, have no moral code and life has no meaning. I see it all over, especially in liberal states that have brought them in from third world countries as a “humanitarian ” gesture than dump them on the welfare rolls. Does anyone remember the crap the poor Mayor of Lewiston got a few years ago? I do, he was right on the money.


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