Update: Armed Oak Harbor Citizens Stand Tall for the 2nd Amendment

Citizen commenter,  John Davis,  spoke for  all of our grievances in less than 2 minutes.  Bravo Mr. Davis!

The Cliff Howard Youtube Channel has posted the individual citizen comments.  I have a feeling these videos may soon disappear so I took this screenshot.

Cliff Howard Youtube Channel

The kick-off of this citizen showdown was sparked by the Oak Harbor Town Council meeting on January 15th that went viral and was posted here on January 27th.



3 responses to “Update: Armed Oak Harbor Citizens Stand Tall for the 2nd Amendment

  1. Yeah Oak Harbor residents!


  2. Hey Pam , when is the last time you had a cognizant thought ? Better to keep your mouth shut and just look like an idiot than to open it and prove it to everybody .


    • Now now, she is only exercising her rights of the 1st amendment ironically guarantied by the very amendment she is trying to subdue. (the 2nd amendment for those who still do not know) This in recent times has become a critical and most troublesome issue to face for those americans who do not understand the troubles we face by the powers that be. It would seem “Pams” all across this nation have been intentionally taught to not think and use logic regarding the very primal act of self preservation let alone the cognitive ability to even rationally consider the ramifications to themselves and others of the words one may spew regarding a subject of which one is uneducated or educated under false pretenses. I hear many say that the root of our problems are the ones who govern and make law, however I refuse to believe this as they exemplify reactionary actions that we the people allow. Which leads me to ask the question, how can we demonstrate to those with closed eyes just what exactly is happening to us as we speak in order to preserve the rights given to us in the form of the constitution by our founding fathers?


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