Retired at last..

Sorry folks, but once seen can never be un-seen.



~Steve~                     H/T   Miss May


9 responses to “Retired at last..

  1. Let’s hope so.


    “The horror…” –Apocalypse Now


  2. We only wish those two are really “retired.” I don’t think so!


  3. I think the Bhengazi hearings may have hurt her short term. American public has the attention span of a gnat so…..


  4. Monsters NEVER retire…


  5. not fair! she’s been hoarding the twinkies!


  6. No, wait, that’s entirely unrealistic… Hostess is outta business, she’d have eaten those Twinkies months ago.


  7. To paraphrase Larry David spoofing George Steinbrenner:

    “It’s just empty calories and male curiosity, eh, Bill and Hillary?”


  8. Bill looks like a candidate for a Jerry Springer show .


  9. Bill’s been a candidate for Jerry Springer since he was governor of Arkansas. It would be great to see a show with a long line of his former bimbo’s meeting up with him again. Who knows, he may have current ones too! After all, the relationship between Bill and Hilary has been one of convenience over the years.


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