Mass. governor bans all travel beg. 4pm today

This afternoon, Massachusetts’ Democrat governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency and banned all travel, due to the blizzard that is expected to bring up to – GASP! – 3 feet of snow.

As if Massachusetts had never had snowy winters!

Deval Patrick

CBS Boston reports, Feb. 8, 2013, that Patrick (photo above) signed an executive order to ban all travel on all roads in the state starting at 4 p.m. Friday, due to rapid snowfall of 2-3 inches per hour which will make for “extremely dangerous conditions,” making “safe travel nearly impossible.”

There are some exceptions to the ban, including emergency workers, those who work in hospitals and media, and others required to be at their jobs.

If you don’t have an exemption and you’re caught on the road, the penalty could be as steep as a $500 fine or, at worst, a year in jail.

Public transportation will not be an option either. The MBTA is shutting down at 3:30 p.m.

This is the first time that a Massachusetts governor has issued an executive order like this since the Blizzard of 1978. But back then it was put in place after, instead of before, the storm.

At a news conference at the MEMA bunker in Framingham, Patrick told reporters it’s not about the punishment, they simply need the roads clear during the blizzard. “Essentially we want everyone off the road,” MEMA spokesman Peter Judge told WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller.  ”We’re talking common sense here.”

Patrick did not say when the travel ban would be lifted.

Below are some readers’ reaction to the ban:

fred125 •

I will go out if I want to. If I get into trouble, I will help myself even though self-help is discouraged in this gulag of a state. Does this ban include the Police ? If they are not on the roads, It means I can go about my business without getting a jack-boot on the back of my neck.

Reverend Ken •

Everyone within walking distance of this tyrant should go sledding on his front lawn.

planeboy •

Just wondering..If your still at work when to ban takes effect then what? This looks like a test run to see who they can control… nanny state running amok…

Reverend Ken •

For sure has to be a socialist dictator !!  Has he declared ‘martial law’ for the state as “The Messiah” KING OBONGO would love too for the entire country ????

John Sheridan •

Well, he IS the Governor of the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts isn’t he?

Contrast Deval Patrick’s wimpiness with the pioneer spirit of the folks in Northern Michigan one very very snowy winter:

What about FOTM writers and readers in Massachusetts? Let’s hear from you!



27 responses to “Mass. governor bans all travel beg. 4pm today

  1. Did you see the news conference? With the fat lady fanning herself and the psycho sign language lady, I didn’t even hear what the governor said.

    It’s tyranny by shiny things. Look! A squirrel!


    • Sally, I saw the Psycho sign lady! She absolutely upstaged the little runt!
      Did you see the statement by Boston Mayor, Mumbles Menino?


      • I didn’t see that. Bless his heart (to quote Herman Cain). 🙂


        • Hi Sally,
          Here’s a recording of some people trying to translate Mayor Menino’s words. Menino is the mayor who gave away a multi million dollar South Boston property for a fraction of its value to an islamic organization to build a huge mosque.


        • Sally–Herman Cain is not the only one to say, “bless his heart”. LOL. As a Dixie girl, we were all raised by our mamas and grandmamas to say that phrase for someone we pitied or greatly disliked. I use it often and proudly.


          • Me too! I’m from Iowa, so I’m a non-native speaker of “Bless your heart.” But I first heard it from a colleague in Little Rock, speaking of Chelsea Clinton, “Bless her heart, she’s an ugly child.”

            It’s been in my vocabulary ever since. It’s the perfect rejoinder to just about anything. 🙂


  2. This is the same governor who, a few years ago, persuaded companies to close down all at once, turning 5 inches of snow into the worst traffic nightmare since the blizzard of ’78.

    The blizzard of 78 happened when Mike Dukakis was governor, another lunatic leftist. See a pattern here of Democrats overstepping their authority?

    BTW: Who the hell voted for John Kerry? How did such a snob ever get enough votes?


  3. Wow,two to three feet of snow and winds up to 75 miles per hour shutting everything down in the state.In Alaska we call that kind of weather winter.
    Wild Bill


    • Wild Bill,
      That’s what we call it in Massachusetts, too. I don’t know what planet, much less what state, Deval Patrick comes from. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for great snow storms.


      • Trail Dust
        The point I was trying to make is that after the storm of “78 the powers that be should have made contingency plans for future re-occurrences of storms of this magnitude.Get rid of the liberal politicians and tell the EPA to stick it where the sun don’t shine in regards to snow disposal and you will weather the winters like we do in Alaska.To get through the rest of the winter just remember all the beautiful Massachusetts scenery you will get to view come springtime.In the meantime,I wish you all the best and Godspeed.
        Wild Bill


        • Thanks Wild Bill,
          I hope you don’t think I was offended by your remark. I think we are in agreement on all points. 😀

          We’re just getting up, and looking out. It’s a good sized storm, but no different than countless others. The people running this state are an endless source of annoyance to the citizens. I was just thinking how good it was to not hear the term, FEMA, when somebody on TV mentioned the emergency is being managed from a bunker 40 feet underground, by MEMA.


  4. You get what you vote for, fools!


  5. ROFL!

    Well, when you vote for security over freedom, don’t be surprised when totalitarianism breaks out.




  6. Perhaps if they spent $$$ on snow removal instead of welfare and food stamps you wouldn’t have to close the state when you get a winter storm. When you live in an area that is prone to storms, like blizzards, you have the snow removal equipment and in sufficient quantities to deal with it. Deval Patrick another O’Bomba look alike and act alike. How did the weenies vote for a horse’s ass like that?


  7. Since when has a democrap politician talked common sense ! All he is . is an obamawanabe .


  8. Achtung! No travel for you!


  9. Im going out even if it is against the law:)


  10. He’s a fierce ruling diva. NOT!!!


  11. “I will not engage in the politics of fear”

    Just words?


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