Wildlife want privacy too


H/t Break



4 responses to “Wildlife want privacy too

  1. That had to hurt. Apparently nobody warned him about golden eagles. Awesome birds. One hint: keep them well fed.


  2. That’s a big stinkin’ eagle. Yeah, trail dust, that what the bird is attempting to do, keep himself well fed. I wouldn’t want to be that photographer.


  3. Maybe the photographer is an Obozo supporter?
    Eagles are me favorite bird and raptors in general, awesome critters. We have quite a few in Central POORegon. Had one down in the canyon last week eating a bunny. Tried to sneak a pic or two but the bird was too wary and did not trust people. Smart bird! Plus I know how these birds can be so I made sure I did not get too close.


  4. Ow! 😮


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