In Honor Of The Nigerian Scam. Damn it only cost me 5,000 and 3 times to figure it was a scam.

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~Steve & Eowyn  ~                             H/T    Wild Bill Alaska


7 responses to “In Honor Of The Nigerian Scam. Damn it only cost me 5,000 and 3 times to figure it was a scam.

  1. NEVER EVER answer an email asking for money. It could be a crook, or it could be the IRS. But then I’m repeating myself.


  2. I wonder if any woman actually fell for the “free mammogram” scam. LOL


  3. It would ruin this guy’s day if Al Gore took him up on his offer for a free mammogram.
    Wild Bill


  4. What about the Federal Reserve scam. How much are they spending on buying up worthless paper on our behalf each month, each year? So they can give more money to the banks that are gambling people’s money away and paying themselves huge salaries to do so.
    These people are just coming up with ways of making money and since it’s almost impossible nowadays unless you want to work for a arms and weapons manufacturer that is arming militants to fight against us so that we can engage in perpetual war and ravage country after country with drones and bombings.
    Sure people resort to desperate tactics. Sure people are willing to almost anything to be able to carry on, to pay their rent, to fill up their gas tank and sleep somewhere that’s under a roof, not in their car or on the street.
    Can we please get the Return to Prudent Banking Act please on the House of Reps. agenda, so that the banks are not bailed out any further, and have Congress to utter credit so that we can engage in meaningful projects to put people back to work and give them some hope for a sustainable future.
    We need to organize out minds around the principles governing classical music composed by people such as Bach and Mozart, and attend performances of plays w ritten by Shakespeare and get back to the science that is truth and embodies morality, that allows us to distinguish what’s right from wrong.
    People are so starved of classical culture and the beauty that comes along with it, and the intimacy that is experienced with our Creator when you participate in the performance of classical masterpieces as a player or part of the audience.
    It’s a long shot………………………………………….


  5. The mammogram one is funny!


  6. Alice the Wolf the Fed and social security are the world’s largest ponzi schemes. Unfortunately when it all blows up the perpetrators won’t be sent to jail they’ll be sent to the Caiman Islands with all of our money!


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