The Mad Jewess is Going to Bring his skinny arse down. 😀

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It is ‘rumored’ that this is a rumor.  However, CNN reported this: CNN: Army- Hot breakfasts in Afghanistan cut due to logistics, not budget Hat Tip, QV.   Some Vet/combat men are saying that the soldiers have grown vaginas.  BUT-Isn’t it hot in Afghanistan? Don’t men need to eat?  Why not cut back food-stamps here at home? Obama-phones?  Why not cut social workers?  Hmm?  What do they do? Nothing but indoctrinate idiots to collect more money and food from the US taxpayer.

So, why would Obama cut the soldiers off from breakfast?  Didn’t the bastard have a 3,000 calorie dinner at his majesty’s coronation?  Why cut them off from food? Especially in the morning? He will have to feed these WHITE soldiers. He is just going to send them to WW3 in our name.  What a sonofab*tch.

As originally reported on the congressional website of Republican Rep. Bruce Braley…

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  1. I WISH!


    • MJ, If I had to bet, I’d say you’ll be near the front of the parade.
      Say hi to David Please. Did he tell you we ran into each other on another site? I was kinda in a brawl and David was Like, well, Got to go with Steve and his post on FOTM,.,.He rocked..


  2. He sure loves to pose using that middle finger doesn’t he? My heart is just screaming right now. Something needs to be done. I think it’s time for all militia to gather and begin!


    • I heard about a citizen-militia in Colorado arresting a judge for not upholding his Constitutional Oath. Maybe it HAS begun, Patriot Angel!!



        Dec 27, 2004:

        members of the Americans for Justice Militia entered a judge’s office to place a sitting judge under arrest. At 9:45 this morning the small, unarmed group arrived at the 2nd District Court (1437 Bannock Street), flashed their AJM credentials, and instructed the clerk to escort them to Judge Wilson’s office.

        Judge Wilson was read the charges and was peacefully arrested by Denver AJM members Tom Cooley, William Adamson, Jeffrey Wilson (no relation), and Cynthia Washington. The four calmly walked the arrested judge without handcuffs to the neighboring police station for booking and incarceration, pending a bail hearing. Police Captain Hermano Gutierrez refused to comment, but William Anderson, a senior AJM member, read the following statement for the media:

        “Judges in Denver and throughout Colorado were first put on notice by Rick Stanley in 2002. Every judge has taken an oath to uphold and defend the constitutions of the United States and the State of Colorado, and the citizens of Colorado have the right and the duty to enforce that oath. Judges who show blatant disregard for the law are held accountable to the law, if not by our hired servants in government then by the citizens themselves. Regretably, this is our nineteenth arrest. We would prefer this to be the last, but that is entirely up to the judges.”

        The militia dispersed by 10:15 a.m. when they returned to their full-time jobs as store clerk (Cooley), programmer (Adamson), elementary school teacher (Wilson), and peace officer (Washington).


    • I copied and pasted that pic. and sent it to everyone I know, and made the comment,”He sure likes to use that middle finger a lot”! This POS literally makes me want to puke!


  3. Patriot, I’ve kinda been wondering how does someone go about that. I mean do we send out invitations, advertise?. 😀
    I think we’re going to have our own “Reichstag” moment


  4. David is a good man, he will stand without insulting people.
    You think “I” would be at the front of the parade?
    Ty, thats quite a compliment.


  5. I think that O’Bomba should have used the photo accompanying this article for his campaign posters. Maybe, just maybe, the folks that voted for him would figure out just what he thinks of this country. Why don’t we cut back on POTUS and family taking taxpayer paid vacations, that might help bring down costs too.


  6. If mr soetero gave up one public relations flight or one White House party, they would have enough funds to provide hot meals. They should be ashamed to even think of depriving our armed services hot meals.


  7. I e-mail with my son (he’s in Afghanistant) regularly, and he said this is true. You talk about an angry old lady, I am it.


  8. I adopted a soldier from whose unit is stationed in Afghanistan. They said their chow hall closed for breakfast on 01Feb13. You can go to the website and search the word “breakfast” and find soldiers that need breakfast foods. That sux for our soldiers who are sacrificing their lives.


  9. OH!!!! ps! if they have the logistics to get the supplies to them for dinner and lunch, and midnight chow for those who work all night, they can damned well get breakfast to them too!!!!!


  10. The Communist in Chief sucks.



  11. i think he should take that middle finger of his and stick it up his ass where it belongs


  12. He needs to keep his darn breakfasts, and his logistics.
    He needs to learn that people can’t be bought with breakfast or logistics, and that if he wants the whole of America to follow suit and give up breakfast for logistics sake then we should be glad not to have to eat his darn breakfasts. What exactly has a logistic got to do with breakfast anyhow? Is it a greedy sort of locust that has alighted on the military kitchens that prepare breakfast and gobbled up the eggs and bacon, and drunk all the orange juice. This is another question that Jay Carney could answer like he answered the drone killing questions, “It’s legal, it’s wise, and it protects Americans”. John Brennan most likely has droned the chefs and they can’t find any replacements because they are all scared of being called terrorists, suspected of not planning an attack on the US. Mr Brennan wants to discourage people joining the military because he can do so much damage with the drones and his torture programs that this may be the Administration’s way of reducing guys and gals and heshes from enlisting so that the poor unemployed Al Quada militants can get the job and they won’t be grumbling over their breakfast or not. This stuff is not loosed on earth and loosed in heaven or bound on earth and bounded in heaven, heaven isn’t part of this and those who are part of it are not spirit filled, they must be operating out of the flesh.
    So, the time is running out for this system and the banksters who are hoarding the cash which could have provided our guys with their breakfast have their hands dripping with blood by now. They will be wandering around their mansions and castles like Lady MacBeth saying Out out damn spot, to no avail. They will be wishing they could escape their nightmares. Oh well………………………


  13. suzanne little

    breakfast most important meal if the day soldiers need that to fight need food


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