Heart-stopping urban downhill mountain-bike race

Taxco urban downhill mountain bike race filmed on headcam.

In this footage filmed from a camera mounted on a rider’s helmet, we see race winner Brendan Fairclough’s hair-raising descent through the narrow streets of Taxco in Mexico.

Taking part in the 2012 Taxco urban downhill, Fairclough races down steep stairs, on a mud track, through suburban streets, squeezes through alleyways and jumps over makeshift ramps – all in under four and a half minutes. (The Guardian)

Brendan FaircloughBrendan Fairclough of the UK, age 24-25

H/t friend of FOTM, Miss May


7 responses to “Heart-stopping urban downhill mountain-bike race

  1. Two men who truly know how to live!


  2. Dayem.

    Just Dayem.



  3. Wow! That’s cool.


  4. And I thought I had seen some crazy mountain biking!


  5. Oh, big deal. Piece of cake. I could do it on a unicycle. [/sarc off]

    Not a chance in a gazillion lifetimes I’d ever try something like that!


  6. I don’t have the balls to do THAT! Hats off to those who do…


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