Fail safe auto alarm

cow on car

H/t Break



11 responses to “Fail safe auto alarm

  1. don’t have a cow man. oh, you ready have one.


  2. Do ya use the horns or ring its bell?


  3. 🙂


  4. Can you imagine telling the insurance claim adjustor this tale ? It takes the saying ” hoofing it ” to a whole new level !!! Guess he got tired of laying on Fords and Chevy’s and decided to mooooooooove on up in stature .

    B.M.W. now stands for Bovine Mattress Warehouse .


  5. watching “top gear” last week the boys spent some time in south africa where there happens to be a lot of crime well cars there come with a feature that if someone tries to car jack you you hit a button and flames shoot out of the side of the door turning the car jacker into a crispy critter..


  6. That’s funny!


  7. Bovine Motoren Werke.



  8. Reblogged this on Sunshine and Sarcasm and commented:
    These huge car logos are getting kind of ridiculous…


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