Why criminals avoid West Virginia

welcome sign

H/t FOTM’s Miss May!



13 responses to “Why criminals avoid West Virginia

  1. makes all the sense in the world!(really think about it):)


  2. I was thinking of relocating to Nigeria myself………………


  3. has anyone seen the latest video from “Anonymous?” pretty good it is!!!


  4. Well, I’ve been sitting here at the ‘Image Of The Beast’, suckling my java juice, and viewing my ‘flea’mails’, when this one came in. I am now very seriously ‘contempolating’, ’emigrating’ to West ‘Virginny”…As long I don’t have to undergo tooth extraction. But then, what’s a couple front teeth, when freedom is at st(e)ak(e).


  5. Awesome! This sign is great, but every time I think of West Virginia I think of this disgusting series of movies about inbred cannibals called Wrong Turn.


    • I only saw the first one , but then one was enough . The only thing the movie lacked was some young kid playing a banjo . As far as the sign goes , CLASSIC !!!……….and how much are you willing to bet the county’s crime rate is no where near the average big city .


  6. I Love it!!!!The sign is beyond awesome!!This country needs more of them


  7. and all of the “wrong turn” movies where filmed in west virginia chop chop mm mmm how delicious these people is.


  8. Clearly fake… Photoshoped. The post don’t line-up with the added green signs in the middle of the photo… But a “B” for effort.


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