Obama says guns make us less safe…

…as he surrounds himself with guns

guns make us less safe

Typical Leftist motto: “Do as I say, not as I do”



8 responses to “Obama says guns make us less safe…

  1. I hope this posts because WordPress has me blocked from my own blog.

    I would like to point out the subtle wordplay that escapes most people within the Talmudic frame of mind.

    Guns make US less safe, is always erroneously taken to mean that the speaker includes the listener when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Goyim, Cattle, Beast of Burden mentality that surrounds the attitude of the speaker to the listeners shows that there would never be an inclusion of the listeners. It was a declarative statement that those who occupy power are made less safe if the sheep, cattle, slaves have guns.

    In that context, the statement is 100% accurate and makes 100% sense.


    • Why are you referring to “Talmud”, “Goyim”, when Obama is not even Jewish?

      Nor do all Jews subscribe to the Talmud and refer to non-Jews as goyim. Please take your anti-Semitism somewhere else.


      • Ditto! Thank you Dr. Eowyn! The post herein simply shows the hypocrisy of the king: plain and simple. No other meaning with regard to race, creed or heritage is expressed or implied.


  2. “Hey Obuma where’s my free gun!”.


  3. obamaisms saying things that have no value. i’ve been to 57 states. here is another of my fake birth certificates ha ha. so many lies so much bull crap. and as the picture above points out he is surrounded by gun men as are his two daughters at their school so why not everyones son or daughter. have armed guards at all schools. let some teachers conceal carry i believe that would end the random violence in one big hurry but the fact is ending the violence isn’t what obama is about he is about taking the guns away from those that follow the law and leave us unarmed so his thugs and criminals can do as they wish sitting in a cafe drinking a latte and being white hey that apparently is like an atm to some demented crooks shoot the white guy take $10 and his cell phone much worse than the crap that surrounded trayvon martin one murder made national headlines the other nada nothing


  4. As opposed to, say, abortion, legalized pot and the Arab Spring.


  5. Barack Obama cannot shoot from the hip. He is so un hip it is embarrassing. His kids must be mortified. They have to face their peers at school everyday, but I guess they have all been warned about the “kill list”.


  6. What a hypocrite……it is very easy to spout this crap when he himself is guarded every single day by individuals WE PAY FOR that are armed. I would like to see him say these exact same words without bodyguards and guns. Better yet move back to IL and see how far he gets!


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