They’re lining up early for Obama’s inauguration!

lining up early

Like sheep to the slaughter….

A big h/t to FOTM’s Tina!



6 responses to “They’re lining up early for Obama’s inauguration!

  1. Someone said “free cellphones”…


  2. It lends new meaning to “Shear” stupidity


  3. The picture pretty much sums it up . Lambs being lead to slaughter by the wolf in sheeps clothing . He has got to be the sorriest excuse of a pres. this country has ever had . And the alternatives weren’t a whole lot better . What does that tell you ?


  4. That’s a riot!! I thought for a minute I was going to see gun toters!! Thank you for off setting these most troubled times with some great humor and a cord of sad reality. It really does make one think and reflect!


  5. Sheep aren’t that dumb. It’s people that elected Obama, people that were allowed to vote that is, and some of them were forced to vote for him because their employers threatened them with a pink slip if they didn’t.
    RT is going to publish a report on the un democratic method used to elect an American president, which apparently doesn’t conform even to International Standards for the election of a president. The raising of money by candidates was not transparent enough and the result was bogus to say the least. Insulting sheep isn’t going to cover up where the responsibility for this mess lies. We have to repent and ask God for mercy.
    The Lord is my shepherd…………………………………


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