Mary Had a Little Lamb

Thanks to Charlotte Iserbyt for sending this email.  I wish I could thank the unknown author!  ~ LTG

Mary Had a Little Lamb


4 responses to “Mary Had a Little Lamb

  1. LTG, thank you for this post. It cuts right to the heart of the problem.


  2. It really applies, now more than ever. Thanks, Char, for putting it all in perspective!


  3. Reposting to my FB page w/ props, of course.

    It does cut right to the issue, that’s for sure. Even after that horrid woman took prayer out of school, before I was even old enough to go, by the time I was in school, I remember saying the Lord’s Prayer before school along w/ the pledge and “Our Country T’is of Thee”. (Oh dear! *shocked!* That spoke of… *whispering* “God”! *looking around for that horrid lady*) And I was in Montgomery Co. MD! If you recall your history, she fought and got it taken out of the Baltimore MD schools. I still don’t understand that, it’s not like we were in the country – we were as DC as we could be, w/o being 3 inches over the line! (Kensington, that’s def. DC, only w/o being in the Capitol or White House.) Too bad it was, at best, only until 3rd grade when I moved. CA was much further along on their humanistic evil court decisions. *snerk*


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