Would you want to die if you were deaf & blind?


Deaf Belgian twins, 45, win right to die after losing sight

Fox News: Identical Belgian twin brothers, born deaf, becoming blind and unable to bear not being able to see and hear each other, had their wish to die granted in a case testing the boundaries of legal euthanasia.

Doctors gave the 45-year-old twins lethal injections after they had had a cup  of coffee together and said goodbye to each other, a spokesman at the UZ Brussel  hospital said on Monday.

“It’s not simply that they were deaf and blind that they were granted the  right to euthanasia. It is that they could no longer bear being unable to hear or see the other,” he said.

angelBelgium is one of few countries where euthanasia is legal. A patient must be an adult, capable of making a judgment, and the wish to die  must be voluntary, overwhelming and repeated. The patient must also be suffering  persistent and unbearable mental or physical pain beyond medical help. In addition, the condition must be serious and incurable, and have been  brought on by illness or injury. “Unbearable suffering can be mental as well as physical,” the hospital  spokesman said. “The brothers were inseparable. They lived together and had the  same job.” He said the brothers died on December 14 and that their family supported  their wishes.

Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002 and the number of cases has risen every  year since. In 2011, 1,133 were granted the right to die, of which 86 percent  were at least 60 years old and 72 percent suffering from cancer.

The Netherlands and Luxembourg have both decriminalized euthanasia.  Switzerland allows assisted suicide if the person concerned takes an active role.

I find it sad that after 45 years together, they couldn’t find other ways to communicate and enjoy the lives they had. Many deaf/blind people have gone on to lead very productive lives.

“If the Lord wills, we shall both live, and do this or that” (James 4:13–15).



5 responses to “Would you want to die if you were deaf & blind?

  1. I confess that I struggle with this issue. I had a brother-in-law who died in excruciating pain from cancer, and wonder what possible lessons are meant to be gleaned from watching someone painfully waste away.

    Despite not being terminally ill, these twins’ unique bond as deaf brothers who’d lived every day of their lives as a team meant they depended on one another like devoted marriage partners. Knowing they’d soon BOTH be unable to see must have been terrifying. Facing blindness — losing a vital sense of connection to one another — and knowing they’d also be surrendering the independence they’d managed to create as a team must have been too much to bear. I find I simply can’t judge them for this. Personally, I don’t think I’d be strong enough to find a new way to live in a dark and silent world after the blessings I’ve known in a visual, audible one.

    I would love to know if they believed in an afterlife, believed they were somehow shedding defective shells, and would be whole and together still once they passed through Death’s portal. I wonder if they found the peace and release they sought …

    At the moment my brother-in-law was passing, his expression of pain turned suddenly to one of surprise. He patted his thigh eagerly and seemed to be calling out to an unseen entity. I believe it was his dog, Samantha, who came to greet him. Our lives are truly miraculous and mysterious …


    • Stephanie, so sorry for your loss. I have witnessed several people die painfully and it can be quite the most difficult thing to do in life. Pain is a part of life, IMO, just as our Savior demonstrated. Everyone has a story when it comes to witnessing death. I would share mine with you as they turned out quite peaceful yet, for personal reasons, cannot share details. Suffice it to say my belief in God got me through, as did those who died.

      As for the brothers losing a vital connection, I guess that is their choice. Yet as a woman in love with a soldier serving overseas, if he came home and I was blind and deaf, it would be enough for me to hold him in my arms. Again, my personal belief.

      Everyone thinks about it differently.


  2. Tell me left/liberalism isn’t evil…


  3. here we go as we descend even deeper into sin & the carnal mind that is an enemy of god. this is further proof that we are living in the end times that christ spoke about. “many shall arise & decieve many”. how long will we play god & decide who lives & who dies? this is god’s realm. he decides when it is time to go. this is the devil’s way of playing god once again. the scripture says,”he is in wrath because he knows that his time is short”. we as believers are to live humbly & prayerfully. there is no afterlife as many would believe, but only a resurrection at the end of the world. you don’t die & go off on your own. that would be playing god,too. if that were the case then why don’t we all commit suicide & move on out of this rotten world? we die because of sin, then wait on the resurrection at the end of the age as the scriptures state. this is the true afterlife. in the revelation of jesus at the end of the bible it says that everyone shall receive that which he deserves. what shall someone get that deliberately took anothers life? i would think that the lord would say, who were you to play me!


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