Typical liberal hypocrite…

Is that a bodyguard behind Simmons?

Is that a bodyguard behind Simmons?

Peacenik Russell Simmons wants unarmed mediators in schools

NY Post: Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons called for funding for unarmed peacekeepers in schools during a press conference on City Hall’s steps today saying, “when underserved communities are at risk, you’re all at risk.”

The hip hop mogul joined NYC Council members Leroy Comrie, Ruben Wills, Jumaane Williams and Terrie Williams along with NYC nonprofit Life Camp founder Erica Ford to draw attention to gun violence in the black community where he says the issue is being ignored.

Sure looks like a bodyguard...

Sure looks like a bodyguard…

“No matter how much we scream it seems that our calls aren’t answered,” Simmons said. “The recent Sandy Hook incident put gun violence in the forefront but there’s a Sandy Hook every weekend in Chicago.”

Citing a bloody weekend in Chicago when 56 young people were shot, Simmons argued that the story was dismissed because it happened in a minority community. “The Sandy Hook incident and other incidents like it are important and have brought this discussion to the forefront, but still it seems that these kids are left out.”

Simmons asked for funding for nonprofit organizations like Life Camp, Man Up and I Love My Life that promote peace through unarmed patrol officers and offer counseling to emotionally troubled people. “It’s a real national problem,” Simmons said.

“We have the peacekeepers in 25 cities and they’re just getting started but they need funding as well. We have to fund these programs. All of our underserved communities are at risk and that means you’re at risk.”

While I’m all for helping emotionally troubled people, “unarmed” mediators may not be the best way to stop a mad man with a gun. People that extreme tend to be dealt with in one way – stopping them with a bullet.

Wonder if that bodyguard behind Simmons is armed or merely an “unarmed mediator”?

Exactly how much of his estimated $500 million fortune he has donated to the programs he mentioned? Maybe he should donate the proceeds from his Prepaid Visa Rush Card.  After all, he supported Occupy Wall Street, saying it was his “moral duty” to do so. Typical liberal hypocrite – do as I say, not as I do.



5 responses to “Typical liberal hypocrite…

  1. Ah, more “peace and love will heal everything” tripe. Mr. Simmons, try convincing those who’ve had to helplessly stare down a gun barrel that offers of hand-holding and hair brushing will soothe the savage beast. You should also re-examine your peculiar support of the Occupy Wall Street bunch: you worked to amass your fortune – why shouldn’t they? What do you feel you “morally” owe these whining deadbeats? The only counseling most of them need is Job Placement Assistance. Peace is a lovely concept, but Life is Unfair and many who walk among us who are unbalanced with an axe to grind, sometimes literally. On some level you know this – you wouldn’t employ armed bodyguards otherwise. It may just be that the true Peacekeepers are those who are licensed to carry!


  2. Oh I’m sure being unarmed would surely deter an individual who is armed. You can’t fix stupid.


  3. Melinda Sanders

    I assume the underserved that Russell Simmons speaks of is the African American community. Let’s see; we’ve have affirmative action, the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, preferential hiring practices for the very best jobs, integrated schools to “balance” the educational opportunities. What more can you do for the underserved?


  4. Fuck Russell Simmons! I don’t listen to anything he says. Neither should anyone who thinks for themselves.It’a amazing to witness the behavior of some people AFTER they have made millions of dollars. You are correct, typical liberal Hypocrite.


  5. “unarmed peacekeepers in schools” — they’ll be the first ones shot, stupid, stupid, stupid idea….

    “The recent Sandy Hook incident put gun violence in the forefront but there’s a Sandy Hook every weekend in Chicago.” — a school shooting every weekend in Chicago? Really? What planet are you living on??

    “promote peace through unarmed patrol officers and offer counseling to emotionally troubled people.” — unarmed patrol officers are useless where gun violence by criminals and mentally unstable may occur, and counseling? Counseling after a tragedy is part of why we are weak-minded…100 years ago, even 50 years ago, there were little to no counselors after a tragedy, people were stronger, mentally, better able to handle such so-called “mental stress”….

    Pure ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy, and I could go on and on…

    And this guy is worth $500 million? He supported OWS, and that was rife with drugs, prostitution, crime…I am willing to bet he put more money into OWS than he would ever put into this “unarmed mediator” idea…

    A little telling about his religious beliefs, he is a strict and orthodox vegetarian…doesn’t eat meat and is opposed to the slaughter of animals for food. — (http://bible.us/1/gen.9.3.kjv) Genesis 9:3, “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.”

    Hypocrite in every sense of the word…


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