Project Veritas “Outs” the Anti-Gun Newspaper Hypocrites

This “hot potato” just went up on James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Youtube Channel.   I have a feeling it may be doomed to a short life on Youtube.  If you want to download it, see “How To Snag a Youtube Video Before it Disappears.”  ~LTG

PROJECT  VERITAS Describes their latest escapade in citizen journalism:

Posing as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence,” we visit the homes of journalists working for Westchester Journal News, MSNBC, and the Star-Ledger. We also visited the home of Eric Holder. None will take our signs that say “THIS HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE.”

Since these reporters and editors did not consider it a violation of the privacy and safety of others to reveal which homes have guns and which homes don’t, we went to see which of them would be willing to put a sign up publicly declaring their homes to be gun-free zones. While we didn’t find any members of the media with the strength of their convictions, we did find quite a few guns, and some good explanations for why they might be necessary….. Guns for Me, but not for Thee.



9 responses to “Project Veritas “Outs” the Anti-Gun Newspaper Hypocrites

  1. We do NOT have a gun problem, we have criminal with guns… You can not make a metal object submit to law, but you can make people that commit crimes go before the court, and thats when you can deal with the problem of crime… if the courts are going to release people with evil in thier mind back into the community, each time they commit another crime, thats when the system fails… these courts must be held accountable each time a repeat felon committs another crime, then in time the GUN issue will become just another bit of history, because honest people dont rob, steal, murder, carjack, or shoot people for drugs, just criminals and our justice system has become a revolveing door for lawyers to make more money,. The system is broke.
    Did you see anybody tell Biden that, nope, he jsut ran a little circus to show the public that he did something important. The whole thing was written long before these shootings, they, Obama, Holder, Biden, Frankinstien and the rest of there ilk have just been waiting for the crisis..


  2. Great work, James O’Keefe!


  3. The created crisis, d. h. We are being led down the garden path daily. How many of our elected officials are actually in on the deceit and treachery? Sandy Hook, Aurora, etc. etc. Created crises that the main stream media is in on, along with elected officials, to gain control of a country. It has happened all over the world and now it is our turn. No one knows where to turn even though the evidence is everywhere. We are seeing out spoken fighters mysteriously die everywhere with very little investigation. Heart attacks, suicides, out and out murders that are never solved. Five military leaders ousted in short order with very little questioning. The evil ones barely try to cover up their evil deeds because they know the average citizen is helpless. Stolen elections, preplanned atrocities and life goes on with the average American just trying to keep his job and his head above water. Satan and his demons are doing quite well in America.


  4. This was excellent!


  5. I love this guy! He has the guts to walk right into hell.


  6. Awesome stuff outing these snivelling libtards!


  7. The solution to laws being broken is not always make another one. The root of trageties involveing guns isn’t guns themselves. For example in the instance of Sandy Hook. If the pricipal of the school had a gun, it would have ended in the office.


  8. Virginia has a ‘No Parole Policy’. If you get locked up you do your whole sentence. The jails are full, but crime is down and the left/liberal/dunderheads are absoultly stunned. For a while we had an operation whereby gun crimes were tried in federal court. A conviction for possessing an illegal gun brought a mandatory 5 year sentence. Using it in a crime put you behind bars for a mandatory 10 years. We don’t need to be tough on guns. We need to be tough on criminals and once jailed we need to be tough on prisioners and remind them every day why they’re behind bars and show them on a daily basis why they don’t want to come back after they are released. I’ve had more than enough of this S*it that’s going on now.


  9. Ok, so we already have gun laws that were implemented in the name of public safety as laserboy pointed out, however, those that have implemented such laws don’t seem to be enforcing them and this seems to be part of the root of the problem. As dh also pointed out, the system is broke leaving us with little to no recourse to fight the problem as a whole. This has been bothering me (and im sure many others) for some time now, however, i did see something just today that gave me a glimmer of hope. I have not had much time to research this to much extent, nor am i any authority of law, but it was brought to my attention that there might be a way to indeed fight this without blood. An organization known as americaagain made some valid points regarding prosecution of seemingly untouchable elitist through the use of state law instead of federal law, which supposedly supersedes federal jurisdiction. Does anyone know if this holds any merit? I would much rather see a peaceful solution to our current situation verses the alternative of inevitable violent confrontation that im afraid we are rapidly heading towards.


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