General Motors is becoming China Motors

In 2009, the Obama regime used $80 billion of the hard earned dollars of American taxpayers, i.e., the 49% of U.S. adults who still pay the federal income tax, to bail out General Motors to prevent it from going bankrupt.

For what?

So that General Motors “outshores” moves, not just its manufacturing, but increasingly even its R&D (Research and Development) to China, effectively morphing into China Motors?

H/t FOTM’s gysgt1



2 responses to “General Motors is becoming China Motors

  1. this is sickening, another huge crime by the evil snakes. Everyone needs to quit paying any kind of taxes till we throw these communist germs away, State and Federal. Quarantine D.C. remove and replace with Constitutional Representatives.


  2. But it was such a good deal for America and all those union workers kept their jobs….HA! Do ya think nobama lied? How dare he!
    Wonder how many want to transfer to China to work……what? They won’t be paying the same ridiculous hourly wages plus benifits over there……, my!


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