Caught in the headlights again…

That moment when everything goes slow-motion, your legs feel glued in place, and situational awareness descends into a hypnotic state…

Eyes on the Surprise

Eyes on the Surprise

We all know that experience. And with the oval office occupied by the most misguided individual in American history, we are feeling this way with greater frequency. One news story follows another, in a long succession of alarms.

I want to tell that deer it’s chances of survival will increase if it can take its eyes off the thing it fears most. And so I’m reminded to do the same, and avoid being mesmerized. It’s time to read a book, take a walk, watch a sunset, say a prayer, laugh at a good joke. Heck, the headlights will wait.




5 responses to “Caught in the headlights again…

  1. That is the most sane advice I have ever heard. God Bless you for reminding us. It only saps our strength, when we dwell on the current events.


    • I beg to disagree. If citizen activists and bloggers don’t look into current events, who will? I can understand the need to take a break, but NEVER to look the other way. This post’s title “Caught in the headlights again” may express what Trail Dust feels. But speaking for myself, I don’t feel I’m being “caught in the headlights” and I do not choose escapism!


      • Just trying to inject some humor. That “caught in the headlights” experience is the feeling I got when I learned about the FEMA camps, and the Bohemian Grove, and the death of Andrew Breitbart, and now the highly suspicious circumstances surrounding the murders in Newtown, Connecticut. We need to be aware of these events, but we also must stay agile and quick, and not frozen in fear.


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