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  1. White Knuckle Driver

    Terrible acting. False flags are government established precedents to take something dear to its citizens. Remember: UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS ARE NOT LAWS. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR GUNS.


  2. Ditto that white knuckle
    Umm The girls don’t seem to have legs. Going for more duct tape.
    Great catch Eowyn. Wow deeper and deeper we go.


    • I see the legs… the girl with the fingers in her mouth, her legs are in white with tights on….one leg is swung over both sides of her dads leg.


    • I clearly see both legs of the little girl w/her fingers in her mouth (by the way, the reason her hand looks deformed is that her palm is facing out) at first glance, I thought she was sucking on her fingers w/her palm facing in, but it’s not… But that seems kind of unnatural, considering children usually suck their fingers the other way… But as for the legs, they are there, one on each side of her “fathers” leg (like she’s riding a horse) the tights are falling down in the middle which makes it seem like she’s missing a leg


  3. The exact same situation occurred with the Madeleine McCann disappearance in Portugal in May 2007. The McCann parents were setting up a fund (still running to this day) to pull in money for their allegedly “abducted” 3 year old daughter. The fund was set up within days of the incident. The parents had no tears and showed the most bizarre emotions. 9 days after Madeleine McCann’s reported disappearance was the date of her 4th birthday. The parents are laughing and joking on that day as they exit a church where there had been a service for the missing girl. Madeleine was also a little blond girl who looks just like Emilie Parker.


    • I noticed also that the 2 girls look almost identical. They would be around the same age also. Could there be a connection? Could the Mccann and Parker girls be the same? There could have been a kidnapping and then later the Mccann girl used in the Sandy Hook incident. I know that it is a way out theory however this stuff goes on. Look at the pictures of the 2 girls online. They look like twins.


  4. White Knuckle Driver

    Here’s a picture of one of the sacrificed teachers 4 days before the event.

    Note the gesture made by the old man.


  5. Where is Aaron Schwartz when you need him?
    Where is Breitbart when you need him?
    This train has left the station already, it’s already steaming towards the abyss…………………………
    All Aboard!!!!!!!!!
    Who dares to pull the emergency cord?
    Will the train stop?
    Who exactly is the guard?
    We better look to the hills, from whence cometh our help?
    From the LORD strong and mighty. a very present help in times of trouble. Halleluyah!!!!!!!!
    Praise praise praise………………….HE is worthy.


  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post, wherein you have asked questions that must be asked; God gives us the power of reason “for a reason,” to discover truth. I agree with you, that the more facts that are pointed out, including observations of body language, how people are reacting or how they are not reacting, the more questions we have about what happened. I would have to say that overall, the most odd thing to me is the lack of grief that I see on the faces and body language of the relatives of the victim child as has been shown in this post. I remember when I have grieved for someone who has died whom I loved very dearly, that my tears would be non-stop and this would affect my nose and my face, becoming swollen and red. This would go on for days and it would certainly be impossible for me to stand for a picture with a normal looking face and a big beaming smile. Even the smile on the king is bewildering to me. All of the observations with regard to these people on this post are so bizarre, considering the tragedy. I do not understand.


    • Joan– agree completely about the grief reaction. My “baby” brother died suddenly seven years ago, and I was in an inconsolable state throughout the funeral and visitation. I was not able to eat anything for the whole trip from NC to Mississippi. The reactions of these parents is not anything near normal.


      • I am so sorry to hear about your baby brother. Once again, the reaction of these people in this post is not behavior consistent with someone who has experienced such a horrible tragedy.


    • There is one factor you are not considering. I have worked with victims of tragedy, and there is a very different feeling when you have other small children around, who cannot appreciate the gravity of the situation. Emilie’s siblings are too young to appreciate death. At such a time, parents can feel the pressure to fake normalcy for the sake of the surviving children. Putting on a brave face is common.


  7. Seriously. Look at the “Obama-in-the-middle” photo. Now ask yourself –
    Is this the kind of photo people pose for, given what has allegedly happened just 2 days prior? The worst public school massacre in history?
    No stain of grief whatsoever. The feeling the photo portrays is one of people celebrating a “congratulations, we did it!” moment.


  8. I hope the link works. The man in the video expresses where I am on this and other events. “He speaks for me” I guess! This needs to be sent to every major talking-head celebrity.


  9. If anything of this nature had happened to my child when she was little, I would be in a hospital under heavy sedation, not out yucking it up with the president!

    Dr. E.- great work putting this together. I know you’re not a conspiracy theorist, so for you to put this together speaks volumes. Wish you worked for the MSM!


  10. Nice post Dr. Eowyn!! Did anyone see the Youtube vid of our dear Emilie in the New Mexico news. They reported that she had attended school there!!


  11. I think Dave has just about reached that limb.

    This whole thing is becoming more and more malodorous as each day passes.



  12. The pics are creepy, bizarre and totally out of context. They don’t represent real life emotions the way the majority of normal people would have reacted to the loss of a child only two days later. Who the hell are these people, how are they being controlled, and specifically, who are the ones orchestrating this? We already know obama and others in the government who have a face are pawns. I’d like to see more research into some of those fund raising webpages that were set up on the 11th.12th and 13th of December. The evil ones behind these events are becoming more blatant with each false flag event, making obvious mistakes, yet it appears no one with national/international influence has the courage to take them on.


  13. Look at the chins on Emily, her sisters, and the girl in the obama photo. No way that’s either of the sisters.


    • Anon, I don’t know. I can see the same square chin on both.
      Not that I want to get dragged down this rabbit hole anymore.
      Had a pallet load of duct tape delivered yesterday. LOL


  14. who dresses little girls in black and red anyway? little girls are pink, pink and more pink!


  15. Look up on YouTube “The Sandy Hook Shooting fully exposed.” Brings up a lot of questions.


  16. We better redouble our efforts to get the truth out to the American people about this. Gun Confiscation is getting closer to a reality. And it will be a bloodbath. We must use our free speech to stop this while we still can peacefully. Learn what these monsters did in Russia once they terrorized the Russian people into allowing gun confiscation. They terrorized the Russian people for 40 years through staged mass shootings, assassinations, bombing, and ritualized mass murder, etc… And the media lied and manipulated and covered up the events just like here. Once they terrorized the people into and the Czar into giving up their weapons like the communists and media wanted then the wholesale murder began. A minimum of 66,000,000 people in Russia were starved,were froze to death in Siberia, worked to death in gulag slave labor camps or were machined gunned or ritually murdered with fire, acid, runover by tanks and trucks, buried alive, etc. It is the same thing that is coming here if we don’t stop it. Only now they have bigger guns and the first armed 30,000 drones ready to use against those who resist the gun confiscation these monstrous mob bosses threatened today: O’Mally, Bloomberg, Cuomo and evil some evil politician scumbag in IOWA. And Schulmer and Feinstein are pushing gun confiscation hard!…While they simultaneously support fully automatic weapons for all Israeli citizens and full armements and mortals and missiles to be used against the innocent women and children in Palestine. Look up and see who Rachel Corrie is. And why she was a true courage hero who gave her life as a true martyr laying her life down to save the lives of others. If a few hundred of Us had a tiny fraction of her courage we could stop the genocide these monsters have planned for US. The FEMA camps, homeland security and 30,000 drones aren’t for nothing or just for for fun. They are for US. War by deception is what they are waging against US now. But soon it will be unparalelled mass murder. Please read about what the Bolshevics did in order to get the reality of what is happening here concrete in your head! Have courage. Present the truth to as many people as you can and some will open their eyes and awaken others and so on…


  17. The youngest is sucking on her fingers PALM SIDE OUT. You CAN see her thumb behind her other hand. She has chubby fingers. The other, Samantha is simply pointing. It looks to me like she was trying to point at something and her father pulled her arm down and held it there.

    Do you see the patch of white on Mr. Parkers’ leg? Those are her white tights and the other girl is just sitting farther back on his other leg so her legs are hanging to the side and Mrs. Parkers’ leg is helping conceal it.

    The family photo was taken in 2010 – when Emilie was 4 years old. Think about it just a little longer, people.


    • Emilie Parker

      Also I just tried sucking the two middle fingers of my left hand, with my palm side out. It’s very difficult. Try it yourself.


      • That means I Love You in sign language!!!! I always did that when I was little, I even remember my parents teaching it to me. It was like secret language between parent and child, a way for the kid to say “I Love You” and the parent to say the same and give some silent support to a child who might not want to say “I love you Mommy!” in a public place.


        • Thanks, Melissa. I now remember some of us had an interesting back-and-forth comments on another thread about the “I love you” sign language resembling the devil’s horns sign.

          Once again, my question is: Why would American Sign Language adopt that signing for ‘I Love You’ when it looks just like Satanists’ devil’s horns? Why settle for a hand signal that also means one is a Satanist? And if I were a parent, I would never let my little kids make that sign, well knowing it’s also the devil’s horns sign. Yuck.

          Since the hand sign of “I Love You” and the Devil’s Horns are one and the same, I can’t help but wonder who the “you” is.

          If I were to design a sign language hand signal meaning “I love you,” I would use the Cross. What greater love than Jesus’, who died on the cross because He so loves us.


          • I agree with you Dr. Eowyn. And furthermore, if indeed this sign also stands for love (which is very strange), one still cannot set aside the possibility that it was the devil’s horn sign.

            Also, with regard to sucking fingers, that is strange for a child. Usually, a child sucks the thumb.


            • I just want to begin with the fact that I agree, there is something sketchy with the whole Sandy Hook event. A lot of evidence has proven that. Thank you and bless you, Dr. Eowyn, for helping show the flaws made in this sad attempt of whatever they’re trying to do.

              Be that as it may, I would like to politely and respectively disagree with two comments that were expressed.

              The first being the “I Love You” sign. [*I know there is another article so I hope that it’s okay for me to comment on this*] For starters, yes both signs look identical. With just the flick of you thumb, you go from a sweet gesture to horns of Satan. I have been doing American Sign Language (ASL) for years. The sign for “I Love You” is just a combination of the letters “I”, “L”, and “Y” from the ASL alphabet. I do not believe that this sign was created for any intention of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) community to throw around that they secretly love Satan or something along those lines. This abbreviation of the sentence “I love you” is just the same as everyone texting, tweeting, and facebooking “ily” at the end of almost everything. It takes longer to sign out each word just like it takes longer to type out each word.

              This is a link to show the math: http://www.start-american-sign-language.com/i-love-you-sign-language.html – Scroll to the bottom and look at the pictures please.**

              ASL is a very hard language to master and even those who have, have to watch what they do. In a normal conversation between two people “speaking” in ASL, the movements can be fast and you must pay close attention or you’ll miss something. Just like in EVERY spoken language. There’s also the fact that one would have to forcefully place their thumb across the middle and ring finger, and hold it there, to make the horrid sign of the devil’s horn. The thumb naturally lays to the side, so when signing “I love you”, you only focus on those two moving fingers.

              The second is to the sucking fingers comment. I knew a girl a few years ago who sucked on her middle and ring finger every day even though she was 10 or 11. I asked her why and she told me they help keep her calm. The girl I knew was not like little Samantha here. Samantha is doing some freaky, palm out finger sucking and the girl I knew had her palm facing her. So yes, children do suck on their fingers and not their thumb, but whether or not these children are showing off some a devilish symbol is up to you I guess. So to joandrc, I half agree with you. And I, like Dr. Eowyn, tried to suck my fingers like Samantha. It’s awkward and it hurts.

              **Whoever wrote the passage before the picture is a little aggressive though. You can almost hear the anger or assertiveness in the words as you read it. There is also a quote from an article called ‘Signs of Satan’ but it is used to further their view on how both signs are different. And yes, there are comments there too. I was not able to go to the link that one person put up though. If you can, will you let me know what’s there? Thanks 🙂


              • Thank you for clarifying on the ASL sign for people. As a mother to a deaf son we use the I love you sign all of the time I have the sign tattooed on my body. The signs are not the same they may be similar but they are not the same.


          • The devil sign you would leave the thumb down like the rock n roll sign. It’s sad the mockery that’s being made of this tragedy.


            • Why is it “mockery” if I use my God-given critical intelligence to ask questions and investigate when the Establishment Media refuse to?
              By calling this “mockery,” you are attempting to stifle questions.


    • I was about to say, before I saw somebody else said it, that her hand was palm out.


    • No offense, but you state “Think about it a little longer, people.” – so I did…If Madeline is 4 and Samantha is 3 in this photo, as stated beneath the photo, then this would have to be a fairly recent photo. Emilie would be 6, or at least very close to 6. EMILIE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN 4 YO IN THIS PHOTO. If she was 4, Madeline would have been about 2 (and NO WAY does she look 2 years old in this photo!! I actually think she looks OLDER than Emilie in this picture) and Samantha would be but a year old. Why doesn’t the photo state Emilie’s current age in the photo, but states the ages of her younger sisters (unless it is very recent, and since everyone already knows she was 6 at the time of her death, then it wouldn’t NEED to be stated)? And not sure why you think the photo was taken in 2010, when it states the ages of the younger sisters as their current ages? Just curious. I am in NO WAY decided whether this was a hoax or not. Just looking at the info provided.


  18. Her legs are right there in white stockings…is everyone crazy. They are spread across his legs. Maybe this pic is 3 yrs old and the girl, with Obama is the little girl all grown up…


    • What about the other girl, Madeline? See any of her legs?

      So asking questions in America is now “crazy.” What a rude and obnoxious person you are. Just remember you’re “crazy” the next time you ask an unpopular question.


      • Shiava, I can see maybe one leg. Now I see white on the other side but looks like it’s flat as a pancake. The other girl, no legs there. Sorry and thanks for playing.


  19. I agree 100% that something weird is going on, I just think the girls are straddling each of the dad’s legs, and maybe the one to our left (the dad’s right) has both of her legs in between his. It’s just hard to see since there’s not much shown at the bottom of the pic.

    I do know before I heard anything about a conspiracy, that I watched an interview with the parents of Jessica Rekos, and it really stood out to me how fake the emotions were. It seemed the mother was attempting to forcibly cry.

    But what does everybody make of this: Dr. Charles Stanley said he spoke with the mother of one of the kids. Were some kids killed and others not? Is the “mother” that spoke to Dr. Stanley a liar? Is Dr. Stanley being threatened into saying things in the pulpit to help cover for this? What?


    • Here’s the interview with the parents of slain child victim Jessica Rekos.

      Watch it in full screen. Mrs. Rekos is making sobbing and sniffing sounds, dabbing the corners of her eyes. But not only are there no tears streaming down her face, there are no tears welling up in her eyes. And after much sobbing and sniffing, her eyes are not red (1:56 mark), she never blew her nose (despite the sniffing).

      We have all wept. Think what’s involved:

      First, tears well up in our eyes. Then, they stream down our face. Moisture also forms in our nasal membrane, and we have to grab a tissue to blow our nose. Our eyes and nose are red. After we’ve cried for a while, we look in the mirror and see that we have under-eye pockets and we look like hell.

      Mrs. Rekos does not show ANY of the above signs. All we see and hear are sobbing-sniffing noises and dabbing of non-existent tears. Just like other Sandy Hook family members in the 3 videos LTG posted: https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/crisis-acting-or-true-grief-you-decide/

      Not one tear. Not one nose-blowing. Not one red eye. But a lot of sobbing-sniffing noises and pretend dabbing of invisible tears.


    • As for what to make of all this. I have no idea, and even if I do, they are mere conjectures and suspicions.

      The important thing is to observe, gather evidence, and ask questions. After which, hopefully the pieces will come together and form a clear picture.


  20. Dr. Eowyn, these are great circumstantial observations on your part. But they are entirely subjective. A child is very limber and shoving two fingers into his mouth is not an usual feat for someone as pliant as a two year old. What you read into the child’s posture is entire your own subjective opinion. And the father laughing prior to speaking at the mic. I see this as nervous laughter, a psychological reaction to “loosen up.” He is clearly under some stress. And then there’s Obama posing with the family. Although the event was horrific, this was no reason why everyone concerned would put on their grimmest face and walk around scowling. People laugh and smile as circumstances warrant. Do you want to take a photo with a sour face?

    There is far too much being read into these photos. Kids do look alike, particularly if they’re siblings. If you’re bent on seeing someone in place of another, you can be excused. The similarities between these kids are just too close.

    On the other hand, here are somethings that do bother me about the incidents in Newtown, and no one has talked about them.

    What more can we learn about the mother of the shooter? Who did she socialize with? And why would she keep so many weapons in the house, knowing the sort of child she had to deal with? And what about the father? Who is he? Clearly someone well to do if he can afford to give his ex-wife 300K yearly to keep her happy. There is no information on this guy.

    And what about the Church of Satan connection? Was the mother, father, or anyone else in town associated with this dark institution of worship?

    Those things do bother me. But I scratch the “crisis actor” theory, along with the Mossad connection.

    Down the road there will be plenty of books written about this event and maybe some of our questions will be answered then.


  21. I feel I am now qualified to comment on these people crying.
    I have spent the last 3 days watching u-tube vids, and searching google trying to find something, anything. While I may not have found a
    smoking gun I have found a few oddities
    Anyway after watching 75-100 different vids with all the same players who have given multiple interviews,
    Not One Damn Person produced one Single Tear
    People react differently I know. I’m sorry but this is not natural or normal.
    If it was my child I’d be out hunting someone, anyone.
    And yes I cry, know what ? Water comes out of my eyes.
    Don’t know what it all means, except it’s just not normal human behavior.
    Has anyone seen any survivors parents? I haven’t.


  22. You’ve done a good job, Dr. Eowyn.
    This is the worst scandal I have EVER seen.
    What is so terrible about this is the fact that people just believe this insanity.
    I even question if this all even happened.


  23. First of all, great job putting this together, Dr. Eowyn. I’ve linked it in a post over at imnsho.us
    The more I read about Sandy Hook, the more questions arise. Thirty years ago if you had told me our Govt. was capable of committing such atrocities, I’d laughed. I’m not laughing anymore.
    I fully believe that the Establishment will do whatever it takes to achieve it’s agenda. That I believe- no if’s ands or buts. Time and again such has been proven…despite the media’s countering otherwise.
    What the future holds, I have no clue. But given the past, it doesn’t look too pretty..
    That’s just my not so humble opinion.


  24. It is rather curious. As a parent, I would not be able to compose myself for an interview. That said, there are plenty of stoic people out there who could.

    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with anything here. I am merely observing and thinking.

    About the American Sign Language: I have no idea who came up with it or why the I love you sign seems like the horn sign. And, I’m not sure which came first actually. What I do know is that in the I love you sign the thumb is out. It is your first finger, your pinky, widely stretched with the thumb out. I have used this sign with my children since they were infants. It is a sign I will continue to use without ever linking it to the other symbol. It is a sign of love and it can be seen from a distance. My kids know what it means and they flash it back at me. It’s an awesome gesture. One I refuse to associate with the other. Just my opinion. 🙂


  25. just want the truth

    On Jan 7th you posted an article “Crisis Actor Photos” today I was looking at old youtube videos and I found something interesting, look at the mother in the James Holmes Video (2012 Full Conspiracy)

    pay special attention to his mother at the 18:50 mark.
    Is she his mother or his lawyer as portrayed in the pictures from his first court appearance or the same actress who also appears in the the Sandy Hook interviews?


  26. Thanks for the presentation of the many questions surrounding Sandy Hook, Dr. Eowyn. In the past year I have been reading your blogs, I have never seen you as someone who sucumbs to careless rumors or conspirancy theories. I see alot of thought put into what is presented, and people can come to their own conclusions about what they read. You only put forth the evidence that draws questions, and that is good.
    We are at a time in this Nation where so many changes-and not for the best-are happening, and someone had better start questioning !
    We hardly see much objective journalism anymore. There certainly are clues that something is going on-that we are being “herded” in a certain predetermined direction. And, like other “herd animals”, we follow without any meaningful , organized resistance.
    We have been manipulated to believe what we hear, & also to “see” what they want us to believe.
    Nothing is too far-fetched when it comes to pushing an unpopular agenda forward !
    There are certainly many questions, but I do know there are multiple things that do NOT add up !


  27. Emilie Parker died…period…let her parents let her rest in peace. No motive, just a tragic loss, Get real people…let it NOT happen to you. Keep your stupid options to yourself!


  28. how old was Emily? 6? or 8? or 5?
    if Brook Prothero have 3 children age 8, 5 and 3, how could Brooke be pregnant at the same time as her friend Alissa Parker with Emilie ?
    how could Emilie be 6?
    Newtown school tragedy: Emilie, the way she was
    (Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune) Brooke Prothero recalls being pregnant at the same time as her friend Alissa Parker when the latter was carrying her oldest daughter, Emilie.
    Brooke Prothero’s review Oct 03, 2012
    NEVER have my kids been SO excited, inquisitive and interested in a book before! They absolutely LOVE this book. They love to understand what is going on with their bodies. They are fascinated!! I can hardly read it without being interrupted a hundred times with questions and commentary. It’s STUPENDOUS!! Engages my 8 year old down to my 3 year old!! They all have bodies and they love to learn about it! Top pick for SURE!
    Brooke Prothero’s review Jan 12, 2011
    This is such a great book for the kids. It goes through how annoying it is to the little girl for a mom and dad to interrupt her playing to ask her to clean up, or to help set the table, etc. And how frustrated she feels about ALWAYS having to help. But then the father talks with her about the many times she has needed help and how everyone stops their day to help her. It fully illustrates the importance of being there for each other to help and to make our days go better. I love this book. And my kids love it too. It is a great one. My boys are 3 and 6 and both of them get a lot out of it.
    Updated: 12/14/2012 10:17 pm | Published: 12/14/2012 9:38 pm
    Reported by: Cristina Rendon
    Ogden girl killed in Connecticut school massacre
    OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Love and prayers are pouring in for Emilie Parker, an Ogden native who was killed in the Newtown, CT school massacre.
    The 5-year-old was born in Ogden to parents Robbie and Alissa Parker. Emilie has two younger sisters.
    Brad Schultz, a close family friend, said the Parker family moved to Connecticut last year. Emilie’s father is a physician’s assistant and found work in the Newtown area.
    Emilie, a kindergartener, was one of 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary Friday.


  29. Brooke says her boys are 3 and 6 in the review from Jan 12 above. They may have just been pregnant at the same time for a few months.


  30. This whole thing was staged to take our guns period . Everything adds up. The Fathers of the shooters in Colorado and Sandy Hook are in the same business with the banks that brought the housing bubble down. Bothe were to go in front of Congress and never has. Valerie Jarrett in the White House was a Teacher years ago at the same school as James and she knew mind control and practised it and taught the Teacher who was close to James very well. So here is another link you can check out. The shooters under mind control must shoot themselves but James didn;t. But if you look at him he is still in the same trance !!!


  31. So what everyone seems to be saying is that an entire police force, emt’s, county coroner, funeral directors/embalmers and whoever organized this massive conspiracy is keeping totally silent about what really happened (if anything really happened)? And I’m just playing devils advocate here…but:

    1) Are we saying that none of the children actually existed as real students? Or were they real students that have just disappeared (and if they disappeared, where did they go?

    2) Did the gov’t randomly select the shooter for this event and kill not only him, but his mother also? Or did they simply seize an event and make it worse by pretending to have all these children killed?

    3) Why were there no pictures of bodies being removed from the school? Were there any bodies, or did the media, in a solidary move of compassion ALL suddenly decide not to show any of the bodies on TV or in print?

    4) And who, exactly, are we blaming for this conspiracy? Progressives, FEMA, DHS, the President?

    5) And if it’s not just a conspiracy, but it really was false, why isn’t anyone in the media investigating this? I mean, besides the conspiracy theorist. I mean, the guy that found the six kids in his driveway told two different stories about who left the kids there…so why hasn’t the main stream media (or even FOX news) jumped on this?

    Just saying that contemplating a theory is one thing, but explaining all the additional details is something else.


    • Marley,

      First off, not “EVERYONE” is saying what you’re putting in our mouths. For my part, I’ve been looking at anomalies and presenting them. Point to where I’ve made an actual factual assertion (or what you mistakenly call “theory”) about what and who are behind or can account for the anomalies.

      Second, inform yourself about a MASSIVE government conspiracy that, thankfully, did not come to fruition. See Operation Northwoods:
      In other words, the kind of massive conspiracy you’re positing is neither impossible nor improbable.


    • Marley, welcome to the rabbit’s hole. Where up is down, and down is up.
      You ask some real good questions for which we have no concrete answer.
      What we have is a lot of things that just don’t add up. Sheesh I walk around and think am I insane ( I am BTW ) 😀 for thinking this thing stinks? Your right in the amount of people that would have to be involved.
      But if you think about it there were supposedly 26 people killed. I have seen the same 4-5 families being interviewed. The link below is to all the stories we have done on this tragedy.


      I don’t haven’t a clue what happened, but I know somethings do stand out.
      First like you said the dude that found the kids has changed his story like 4 times. Go to the link or any U-Tube of any of the players being interviewed.
      I dare you to find 1, just one tear out of any of them. I have watched about 50 vids and they all sob and moan, but not one real tear. It is not normal.
      And why are these same 4-5 families the only ones being interviewed? What about survivors parents.
      Who we blaming, no idea. I will tell you this I have never seen a conspiracy story blow up so fast and so wide.
      Either it just stinks real bad to everyone, or no one trusts the Gov at all. Prob a bit of both.
      Steve Admin


  32. While there are many questions, I must disagree with the circled photo…the legs missing indicate she is straddling his leg, the 4 yr olds so-called devil sign hand, misleading since the pinky finger is too covered to be able to specify if it is folded or not, inconclusive would be the best way to put that, and the fingers in the mouth, I have seen this MANY times with 2,3,4, yr-olds, and even though an adult would have a harder time doing such, a child really doesn’t have a hard time, they are more flexible the first couple years or so of life…The problem is nobody, those that do photo comparisons for crime for a living, has taken the time to just sit down, do what they normally would do, and prove either way that it is or isn’t Emilie in the photo with Obammy…

    The father’s reaction, some have tried to chalk up to mental stress, shock, etc, but his actions, going from laughing to working up the emotion of sadness before speaking, is typical for an actor, not a grieving parent that lost their oldest child just 24 hours before…

    I also wonder where all the security footage is, crime scene photos of such things as the front door, and more…I have never seen such a case as this being so tightly closed up from the public eye…history in this nation shows us to be somewhat macabre, wanting details, even if horrific, yet in this case and in Aurora, we either get no details or limited details (selective) .. I want to see the security footage, I want to see the photos, I want to see how the “official” story matches the crime scene (I bet it doesn’t)…

    I don’t care to see the blood, don’t need to see bodies, that’s all too easy to fake, so it is irrelevant anyway…

    The constantly changing story, from 2 guns, to 3 guns, to 4 guns, to other suspects to no other suspects to the gun in the car being a rifle to being a shotgun (video, in my opinion, and many others, is a rifle, not shotgun) and zero details about the kind of shotgun it was (probably because they can’t get one, doesn’t exist, that would match the video)…

    Too many questions, few answers, and physical actions that defy belief…I think a shooting happened, but the facts surrounding it I don’t fully believe…


  33. too many questions, no answers…
    in which classroom was Emilie Parker?
    did all children from Ms Soto class survived?
    Let’s count the survivors from Ms. Soto’s class at Sandy Hook
    1. Police – finding “7 kids safe in the closet.”
    [link to http://www.usatoday.com]
    [link to http://www.courant.com]
    [link to http://www.courant.com]
    2. 6 kids (4 girls 2 boys) at Gene Rosen’s house. “Mrs. Soto is dead.” They each left with parents.
    [link to http://www.huffingtonpost.com]
    [link to http://www.nbcconnecticut.com]
    [link to abcnews.go.com]
    [link to http://www.nypost.com]
    [link to http://www.thehour.com]
    [link to http://www.insideedition.com]
    did Gene Rosen, parents and group walk over to firehouse?
    [link to http://www.newstimes.com]
    3. Aidan Licata plus 1 girl and 1 boy ran away
    A woman picked them up in her van and took them to police station.
    [link to http://www.thedailybeast.com]
    [link to http://www.kvia.com]
    [link to transcripts.cnn.com]
    “The children got out”
    [link to http://www.cbsnews.com]
    4. Jen Maksel sees 5 additional Soto students at firehouse, while searching for her son, and-
    5. 5 more Soto students, boys, including Bryce Maksel have been taken to Newtown police station by “two moms”.
    [link to http://www.people.com]
    [link to http://www.examiner.com]

    26 students survived from Soto’s class.
    Soto’s class picture shows 15 kids.
    Yet they finally said 5 of Soto’s students perished?

    It’s hard to make sense when you don’t know which ones survived.

    “5 slain 9 survived” 14?
    [link to http://www.examiner.com]
    class of 16?
    [link to http://www.thedailybeast.com]

    Class picture: no Emilie Parker
    [link to img832.imageshack.us]

    What can you make of this?
    Teachers on Facebook:
    “He killed her and not one of her children were harmed.”
    Friend on Tumblr: “Not one of her students were harmed.”
    [link to http://www.thedailybeast.com]
    [link to http://www.kcentv.com]
    [link to http://www.newcanaannewsonline.com]
    [link to http://www.chron.com]
    [link to http://www.dailyheraldtribune.com]
    [link to http://www.sfgate.com]
    Soto hurried her first-graders into a bathroom near Classroom 10, just beyond the school’s main glass doors. Two students stood on the toilet. Others huddled on the floor. With no space left, Soto stepped out of the small room herself, a witness said. A 20-year-old man wearing black stepped into the classroom and shot her before quickly exiting the room.
    [link to http://www.washingtonpost.com]

    Not to mention that there was apparently 14, not 15 victims
    in Mrs. Rousseau’s class.
    “…14 of her students and a special-education aide.”
    [link to http://www.ctnow.com]
    “The gunman shot all 14 students in the classroom, law enforcement officers said.”
    [link to http://www.cnn.com]


    • http://2easyquestions.blogspot.com/p/survivors.html


    • Is this what you’re missing?



  34. Tani, hope your still here. Great research, links and all. That’s all we’ve been doing is running down leads.
    Top of page is link to all our Sandy Hook Massacre Stuff. Just a FYI.
    never mind I put it right below 😀
    You have some great stuff here. I have heard the Number of children in Soto’s class vary too. I don’t think we’ve covered that yet.

    I know we have a pic or two around here of Soto’s class. You provide a link , but it’s not good. Do you have another.
    Like I said we have I believe 2 picture’s of 1st grade class’s Would you know how many 1st grade classes there are? That’s one reason we’ve held off running them We need some verification that they are the only two.
    As for the Teachers on FaceBook I’ll let you know when I read which is going to be now. We/ the world is starving for info.
    Right now I’m trying to run down an official Report on the whole thing.
    Funny thing is the media just stopped covering it like 3 days later.
    Maddening. I’m thinking bozo gave the cease and desist order. LOL
    Any help you can bring would be appreciated and same here. I’ll check your links and see what I can find. Thanks,
    Steve Admin


    • Tani, umm your links just lead to the website, not to specific article. When doing research you need to copy the URL of the story so a person can jump right to story. Hope you don’t mind me giving you a little help on researching. It’s kinda what I do around here.
      You’ve still raised some good questions.
      If you have anymore info please share. 😀


  35. hi Steve
    Yes I am here
    in which classroom Emilie Parker was???
    was Emilie Parker 5 in kindergardten as Brat Schultz said
    and same age as Brooke Prothero son?
    Updated: 12/14/2012 10:17 pm | Published: 12/14/2012 9:38 pm
    Reported by: Cristina Rendon
    Ogden girl killed in Connecticut school massacre
    OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Love and prayers are pouring in for Emilie Parker, an Ogden native who was killed in the Newtown, CT school massacre.
    The 5-year-old was born in Ogden to parents Robbie and Alissa Parker. Emilie has two younger sisters.
    Brad Schultz, a close family friend, said the Parker family moved to Connecticut last year. Emilie’s father is a physician’s assistant and found work in the Newtown area.
    Emilie, a kindergartener, was one of 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary Friday.
    Soto and her aide, Mary Ann Murphy, were killed there,
    as were six students. Six other children escaped because,
    police believe, Lanza stopped firing briefly either because his gun jammed or he had trouble reloading his gun. Seven other students survived because Soto hid them in a closet.
    Five children were at the fire station and
    five children were at the police station ( could be eight children ?

    The class photo from Victoria Soto’s class does not line up with these numbers. [link to http://www.nypost.com

    First, 6 killed,
    6 escaped, and 7 hidden adds up to 19 kids,
    and there are only 15 students in the class photo.
    Were four kids really absent the day they took their photo?

    And how many children were at the police station? Five or eight?
    one group of five children (Bryce Maksel )?
    and three more children (Aidan Licata) group?

    Second, the Courant says that 14 kids died in the first classroom and
    6 kids died in the second,
    but the photo only identifies 5 children who died.
    It is possible that at least one child was absent.
    Victoria’s friend reportedly posted on facebook that Victoria had 16 students. [link to http://www.dailymail.co.uk

    P.S. This is the class photo from the other class [link to hollywoodlife.com]

    As much as I hate to feed the Emilie Parker conspiracy
    tards, she’s the one who’s missing from either photo.
    Robbie Parker apparently told the Daily Mail that she was in Lauren Rousseau’s class but was absent that day,
    but that doesn’t make sense if 14 children died in that classroom.
    All 14 of those children are accounted for in their class photo.


    • Hi Tani, thanks for getting back to me. See the difference between the links? You left this one.

      I had to search to find other.


      So when doing research copy the link of the article you are on. Hope you don’t mind me helping you. It’s so much easier to then go back to your work.

      BTW great research and a lot of work went into it. So let’s get started.
      First off we have Emily being 6. I don’t know why , but that’s the number we’ve been using. It’s in another of our posts. But when I searched for the pic on the NYPOST.com site there was this little blurb

      “They are the children she saved — and the tragic lives she couldn’t.Before
      a mad gunman did the unthinkable, they were just your typical first-graders “.. So I’d say she was 6 and in first grade.
      If Soto has 16, and 15 in pic I could see one absent. But your math brings us to 19. That’s a big jump.
      You wrote “Robbie Parker apparently told the Daily Mail that she was in Lauren Rousseau’s class but was absent that day,”
      Robbie is saying she was absent what day? Shooting or class picture?
      I don’t have answers to these and it only muddy’s the water more.
      Something about this stinks. Some things just don’t add up.
      2 points. Have you watched many interviews with parents and stuff?
      They all sob and get hysterical which is a normal reaction.
      What is not normal is I have watched about 50 U-Tube interviews,
      and not one, no not one sheds an actual tear. Watch for your self.
      And second notice the dates on things you are linking to.
      I’ve been searching today for an “Official Report” of the incident. After around Dec 15 -16 there is no more coverage other then the blogs.
      I think we just put up a new post on it. Let’s go read that and see what rabitt hole this leads to.
      I don’t know what to believe anymore. There are to many thing just wrong about the story. Either that or we are total nutjobs..LOL


  36. I think it’s just the way she sucks on her fingers. See here: http://www.dailyrepublic.com/media-post/robbie-parker/attachment/robbie-parker/


  37. Look at how long the mystery girl’s hair is in the picture where the family is posing with Obama. Emilie’s hair looked about that long in the family photo, but her sister’s hair looks much shorter…


  38. William K Zabel

    I think that I might be able to shed some llight on the theory that Emily was not in class that day. I have dispatch traffic from Newtown Police Department where an officer at the school is on his cell phone and tells the dispatcher that he has kids from the first grade that were not in class and were not in the regular lineup.

    If the webmaster here wants the audio, I have it and can send it to him.


  39. I have been boggled by all this and while I definitely think there is something wrong..and especially with that little one’s hand being double or triple jointed I can tell you what you are looking at as far as legs. As a photographer and based on the way the girls are sitting..the little girl closest to mom is wearing black tights..in professional pics…the pic can come out looking like there is no lines and are blended or another words you cant tell where her black leggings are and mom’s dress is. They blend together. Then with the baby..It looks to be a white slip that is under the dress but they probably put black leggings on her too so that she would match the others. So even though we see white her leg would blend in with dad’s pants and it cuts off so that you don’t see much. BUTTTT!! YES I AGREE with the Obama picture! I pay attention to little things that others may not. Look at the 2 girls hair..notice anything?..her sister’s hair parts almost from the left and Emilie’s is always parted down the right..in every pic I have seen…so looking at the pic of Obama…that child’s hair is parted just like Emilie’s. I have 3 daughters and 4 sons and I can tell you that the way they part their hair has been the same since their hair was long enough to part! They never change it. So while some of this stuff can be explained there is definitely some that can’t…good work my friend!!


  40. Cyco Cat is clearly a fake account.


  41. I saw a larger picture of the 3 girls with the family. The youngest one has legs in white tights. I’m not sure of the one on the left near the mom, though. I went to Robbie Parker’s Facebook page and there are photos of the girls at different ages, even a couple videos. The one baby in the one video has her back to the camera. It’s possible it’s “Jake’s” baby (the one who is hiding under a sheet, in the video. Just not sure. There is definitely something wrong with this whole thing. Something we are not quite figuring out. I know this is a fake. I just hope that little girl didn’t really die some other way with her parents’ knowledge. So sick….the whole thing!


  42. The little girl with her fingers in her mouth isn’t doing the devil horned thing and her hand isn’t deformed its just that she has her hand twisted around so her palm is facing outwards


  43. I dont see any legs, either.
    I see smiling crazies laughing like Robbie Parker, lol <

    I see all kinds of websites that posted the incident on Dec 10. Someone ALWAYS seems to come up with an excuse for that, but more and more evidence is turning up.

    I know that Dr Eowyn is not into conspiracies and I am not either. I came across this whole mess by ACCIDENT, myself.

    Something is totally wrong here, and since I am not an expert on the whole thing, I had to let it go–however, I think this was some sort of a staged incident and NOBODY is going to change my mind about it.

    Hang in there Dr.
    We are not crazy-we are just searching the truth out. Why? Because the powers that be want to create a Reichstag event to disarm us.
    Thats the end of the story.


  44. AND, I believe some people that are searching for things just as we ARE.

    BTW, Dr. See this:


    Caution; this is a Jew/Israel hating site. I dont care what they think, the truth is the truth.


  45. thanks Steve… Its just unbelievable.
    And the EXCUSES people come up with.
    I see the 404 error. A 404 is an error that the net makes or a blogger makes when they trash a story.

    WHY did these people do this?
    To TAKE OUR GUNS. Period.

    Why do people think that Obama would not do this?
    Or his buddies?
    He is EVIL, he is AN anti christ, just like hitler


  46. Isn’t it a strange coincidence that two of the children are making the devil’s horn sign? Whoever did the photoshopping must have snuck that little detail in. I salute the the photoshopper hero!


  47. The children look Scandinavian and the parents definitely do not. Is that possible?


  48. http://metabunk.org/threads/1054-Debunked-Emily-Parker-Still-Alive-after-Sandy-Hook
    The photograph was taken two years earlier. Her sisters have grown and Madeline can now wear Emilie’s dress ~ perhaps even as a tribute.

    Samantha’s hand is in her mouth with her palm facing the camera, thus the “deformed” look. Devil’s Horn? Seriously?

    The Facebook page was started by someone in Ogden, Utah near where the family USED to live. Have anyone of you ever felt helpless from afar and wanted to do something, anything that could ease the pain for others and/or yourself?


  49. I just copied this from other web….
    More Insanity Adam Lanza – Social Security Death Record – Thursday 12-13-2012!
    « on: Today at 02:55:04 PM »
    He is deceased the day before Sandy Hook!


    Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
    Name: Adam P. Lanza
    State of Issue: New Hampshire
    Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
    Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
    Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
    Confirmation: Proven

    His mother cannot have been murdered by him, right?


    Nancy Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
    Name: Nancy Lanza
    State of Issue: New Hampshire
    Date of Birth: Tuesday September 06, 1960
    Date of Death: Friday December 14, 2012
    Est. Age at Death: 52 years, 3 months, 8 days
    Confirmation: Proven
    Make a copy of the screen before they change it!
    question -if Adam Lanza died December 13/2012
    who murdered Nancy and 26 victims at Sandy Hook?


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