New ethical flu vaccine by Novartis does not use aborted fetal cell lines

America is in the grips of the worst flu season since 2009.

To date, 20 children nationwide have died from the flu. Record numbers of people have already fallen ill. In New York state alone, more than 19,000 confirmed cases have been reported so far this year (2013) — five times more than all of 2012. Here’s the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest flu map:

flu map

The news this morning is that many places are running out of flu shots. The most vulnerable — children, elderly, those with impaired immunity system — are urged to get a flu shot, although according to the CDC, the flu vaccine is effective in only 62% of cases.

Others, myself included, have eschewed getting a flu shot because flu manufacturers use aborted human fetal cells and tissue to grow their vaccine, including non-flu vaccines.

For conscientious flu-vaccine objectors, there is now good news!

Novartis is producing a new flu vaccine, Flucelvax, that does not rely on aborted fetal cell lines for its production.

EWTN reports, Nov. 23, 2012, that a U.S. pro-life group that monitors pharmaceutical research says the Switzerland-based company Novartis’ new vaccine Flucelvax is ethically produced and does not rely on aborted fetal cell lines like some others in development. Novartis has chosen to use a mammal cell line rather than the current, slower process using chicken embryos.

Debi Vinnedge, executive director of the Florida-based group Children of God for Life, said “We are extremely pleased to see Novartis advance in the market over those such as Sanofi Pasteur who are developing influenza vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines.” Novartis should be commended for “listening to public concerns.” Vinnedge encouraged the public to write the company and thank them for a vaccine that “will not force anyone to violate their religious and pro-life beliefs.”

Cell lines from two babies aborted in 1964 and 1970 have been used to create vaccinations for diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella, hepatitis, polio, rabies, chicken pox and smallpox.

The production of vaccines from these aborted fetal cells drew condemnation from the Catholic Church’s Pontifical Academy of Life in 2005. Though the pontifical academy said the use of such vaccines is morally permissible because those vaccinated do not directly cooperate in producing the vaccine, it stressed the “grave responsibility” to try to use alternative vaccines and to object to vaccines with “moral problems.”

Aborted fetal cells have also been used in the development of consumer products like anti-aging creams and artificial sweeteners. The San Diego-based company Senomyx, many of whose patents involved an aborted fetal cell line derived from embryonic kidneys, drew scrutiny when business agreements with soft drink maker PepsiCo and Campbell Soup came to light. Campbell Soup cut ties with Senomyx, while PepsiCo in April 2012 announced that it does not conduct or fund research that uses tissue or cell lines derived from embryos or fetuses.

Click here to read more about the use of aborted human fetal cells in vaccines, cosmetics, and even food/drinks.

So if you’re getting a flu shot or another vaccine, make sure you ask which manufacturer produced the vaccine. Tell your hospital, physician, or drug store to procure flu vaccine from Novartis.

Here’s the contact info for Novartis’ headquarters in the USA:

Novartis Corporation
1 South Ridgedale Avenue
Building 122
Hanover, NJ 07936

Interested in investing in Novartis? Here’s the e-mail address:


20 responses to “New ethical flu vaccine by Novartis does not use aborted fetal cell lines

  1. White Knuckle Driver

    If you eat healthy and have faith in Christ, there is no way you can get sick. Why would anyone allow unknown substances in their bodies, especially when they are only 40% effective- and the 40% is probably luck. Medicine is a business and healthy people are a bad customer.

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    • Babies, too, although they are too young to “have faith in Christ”?

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      • White Knuckle Driver

        The infants, aside from their many angels, should have faithful parents who not only pray over them and for them, but feed them as was intended from the beginning. The mother should know that “we are what we eat”. Disease cannot exist in a slightly alkaline body. 1 in 80 children become autistic and the medical establishment aggressively diverts the sheep from seeing the correlation between the developmental disorder and the widespread delivery of vaccines into their fragile bodies.

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    • God also expects you to take care of yourself and to use medications that can assist you in that regard. And, we have the responsibility to take care of the weakest among us, namely, babies, children, the infirm and those with compromised immune systems. Medication is not “bad” as you have proclaimed. You are wrong.


      • White Knuckle Driver

        The United States, besides Britain, has one of the most unhealthy populations on the planet. The medicines you purport are necessary are patented drugs which target the symptom, not the source. God provides us with many various naturally occurring cures which cannot be patented, so it is no surprise R&D money is not poured into healing the human completely. Do some research before you reach such conclusions. WE RANK 34TH IN INFANT MORTALITY! 30 YEARS AGO 1 IN 10,000 BECAME AUTISTIC. NOW IT IS 1 IN 88. He who has ears to hear….

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  2. Jesus is my armour & my protection
    Jesus is the air I breath & my lungs
    My Savior is my health & medicine
    & why I walk fearlessly until He returns in Glory.!

    as for vaccines…not w/a ten foot pole.

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  3. 1. I had no idea about the use of fetal tissue!
    (It puts a negative slant on the pneumonia shot I had 3 months ago.)

    2. Knowing this, your message is very good news!

    Thank you for sharing this information Dr. Eowyn.


  4. I don’t get these. Ask yourself, do you trust the govt. and pharmaceutical companies?? The evil dealings run deep.

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    • I give a hearty NO! I do not trust the CDC, the WHO, or the gov to tell me what is best for my health. My children and I have never gotten the flu shot or the flu. Well, I had it as a child. My DH got the shot one year and was very sick. My Mom and neighbor get the shot every year and also get the flu or at least very sick every year. I believe at the very least it busies your immune system and distracts it thereby weakening it to other incoming assaults. I’ll stick with healthy foods, Vit D & C, rest, and lots of hand washing.
      I guess it’s good news if this is true, but I’m not sure I really believe it.

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  5. “give Him everything with faith and trust and never doubt. ”


  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this tremendous post that informs us about the corporation, Novartis, who has made an ethical flu vaccine called “Flucelvax.” Once again as I said above, God expects us to use proper and ethical means to take care of ourselves, such as this ethical vaccine, and to seek help from ethical doctors in this regard. God gives us these opportunities, and if we reject these opportunities, then we have rejected faith and trust in God.


  7. This post was intended to applaud a pharmaceutical company for an important ethical choice. Unfortunately it has become a forum on whether Christians should turn to medicine, or lean solely on faith.

    On that subject, please allow me to ask a question. If God was against the use of medicine, then why did He choose Luke, a physician, to write one of the four gospels?



  8. I wonder if they are cooking the numbers a bit. Yes, there are a lot of sick people out there but, my hubby was a bit under the weather and went to see the NP. They did a nasal swab and told him he has the flu and gave him a script for Tamiflu. He only had a slight fever for a few hours, some congestion and cough yet it’s considered flu. No crazy aches and pains. Me and my two boys on the other hand have been hacking for over a month now but the pediatrician said it was not the flu. :/ I’ll take his “flu” over whatever I have. Oh and no flu shots here but I love my doc!


  9. debbymanynations

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.


  10. I’m looking for some help – I’m a nurse and am immunizing new mothers with flu and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines. I found the info on Rubella and Merck, the company that makes it has the cell line listed right in their info. But we also use Fluzone from Sanofi Pasteur – they are listed on the table as using aborted fetal cell lines in “development” of new flu vaccines. Where can I find out if the existing 2012-2013 vaccine has these cell lines? I’ve spent hours looking for the info and can find it nowhere. The Children of God for Life website states: NONE OF THE 2012-2013 FLU VACCINES USE ABORTED FETAL CELL LINES. Does anyone here know anything different about that? Do you know where to find the official information regarding all aspects of the Fluzone vaccine development?
    Thanks for you help. I appreciate it.


  11. While I don’t have much to say on this subject, other than bravo to Novartis, I do wonder about the numbers…

    “…more than 19,000 confirmed cases have been reported so far this year (2013) — five times more than all of 2012. ”

    How is that 2 weeks into 2013 we are already at 5 times the total for 2012 (for New York)? What is the cause of such high numbers? I find this odd…This could speak of either fear-mongering to get more people to get the vaccines, which makes the pharm companies money, or if something is afoot to actually make people sick…I’ll leave that to the conspiracy theorists to figure out, I’m not into such things….though I would be willing to believe the first suggestion, large numbers to create fear and “force” more people to get a vaccine to create more wealth for pharm companies…after all, we KNOW greed is commonplace here…

    I am not a big believer in vaccines, having seen the many hazardous materials used in making various vaccines, and having seen how today we have a greater risk of contracting some of these illnesses than we did before vaccines were widespread as today…

    I used to have to get a flu shot every year in the Army, and I would get sick every time, yet today, I have been out about 5 1/2 years and have not been sick, except for the minor cold, which I have right now and which has nearly run its course…

    Knowing parents with several children, whereas the first 1 or 2 children have had vaccines and are prone to getting sick quicker than their children that they refused to vaccinate after learning of some of the ingredients…children who rarely ever get sick and when they do it runs its course quickly…

    I have issue with vaccines as they are, and won’t use them. I do, however, believe in the knowledge we have been given by God to create a vaccine ethically and without using dangerous or unethical material in that creation…If Novartis doesn’t use any hazardous chemical in the making of the vaccine along with not using the cells of an aborted child, then I will support their efforts completely…God gave us the knowledge, and we must use that knowledge in a manner that is right and proper…

    Again, Bravo to Novartis for not using such cells!!!


  12. Why is it better to kill chicks than use a pre-existing line of cells?


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