Dixieland Jazz – for Cows

This was first published a year ago, on Dec. 31, 2011.

Reader Joan W. requests that we run this again. I can sure use this reminder of fun and lightness too!  🙂


The audience was enraptured and respectful.

No one left in the middle of the performance, chatted, made noise with candy wrappers, coughed, used the cell phone or sent text messages.

Who says there’s no audience for good music anymore? LOL

H/t my dear friend Sol.


5 responses to “Dixieland Jazz – for Cows

  1. That’s was so cool! An entertained cow is a contented cow.


  2. lol! happy cows!


  3. The sun rises again. Thanks for a moment of levity.


  4. I remember this, it’s still funny!


  5. And a good time was had by all. Loved it. Love Dixieland. And I guess so do cows. 😀


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