Romans 8:28

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”       KJV Romans 8:28

The three elements of editing a video consist of the onscreen images, the key audio track and adding other audio effects for impact.  When the three elements are inspired, something remarkable happens.  This is brilliantly done!

Blackstone Fims



5 responses to “Romans 8:28

  1. Interesting video……I noticed the end of the video “Blackstone Films” … I wonder … Depending on who you read, Sir William Blackstone, has been referred to as a failure and his commentaries as flawed…But, this failed, flawed man contributed, sometimes in spite of himself, greatly to the Constitution, laws and leaders of the United States. For that, if nothing else, he was a success after all…Interesting to note the name…A little history education can reveal a lot about him….some positive, some negative…


  2. oboma wants to remember the 26 slain in sandy hook but wants to forget the 50,000,000 that have been murdered over the years, and that he has personally put forth laws for partial birth aborthion 3 times. what children is he trying to save?


  3. The only difference between Lanza who commited the murders of the children at Sandy Hook and the abortion doctors who perform hundreds to thousands of abortions each day, are the tools. Lanza, who was not a registed gun owner, who was mentally unstable and stole his mothers weapons after killing her, used her guns to commit the slaughter of those children.

    Then you have board certified doctors and registered nurses who perform abortions of innocent children in the womb, over 55.8 million since 1973. They use scissors, uterine currettes, forceps and suction machines to cut, pull apart and extract the body of the dead child. I personally call into question the sanity of abortion providers.

    Guns, scissors and forceps. All are harmless instruments in the hands sane, competent individuals and can be used in safe nonviolent ways, but guns in the hands of criminals have killed between 1976-2005:
    4.0% of children less than 1 year old
    7.6% of children 1 year old
    11.5% of children 2 years old
    16.8% of children 3 years old
    22.9% of children 4 years old
    27.9% of children 5 years old
    34.1% of children 6 years old
    34.9% of children 7 years old

    While surgical instrument in the hands of abortionist and have killed over two thousand times more children almost during the same period.

    So who is the biggest threat to our children, registered law abiding gunowners, or registed abortion doctors and nurses.

    Think about it


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