Before Sandy Hook -You Are Cordially Invited to Participate in a School Shooting, Parental Consent Required

This was originally posted on March 3, 2011.  With all the focus on Sandy Hook, it cannot be overlooked.  ~LTG

school shooting handout

I got an  email about Homeland Security and and FEMA shenanigans in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. 

It sounded goofy— a mock school shooting to be staged on March 26th, 2011.  The email stated that,  “The premise of the mock shooting has been changed to suggest that a student, whose parents oppose illegal immigration comes to school with a gun and shoots a Latino Student”  The link provided in the email did not work.  I did my own search and found two links that are official.  They do not go into detail about the scenario or script they will be following.   

The powers-that-be have been soliciting school children and adults to participate as actors in a “mock” school shooting scenario; apparently playing assigned parts as victims and bystanders.  I didn’t notice anything about who will play the starring role of “the shooter”. 

Here are the links I found:

Participant Handout:

Actor Info Waiver Form:

School Announcement Handout:

Chicago Tribune Article Mentions the Illegal Immigration Scenario: 

“…exercise director Doug Reed said the scenario incorporated the Immigration issue to get Homeland Security funds to cover the training exercise. To qualify, Reed said, the exercise needed to be about terrorism, which the federal government defines as the use of violence to intimidate or coerce a government or population as a means to further a political or social objective. ”,0,5490388.story

What do you think? 

H/T to my buddy Kelleigh


15 responses to “Before Sandy Hook -You Are Cordially Invited to Participate in a School Shooting, Parental Consent Required

  1. In all of my many years teaching we practiced fire drills on a monthly basis. After Columbine we practiced different kinds of drills, silent ones, black outs, lockdowns, etc. Never in my wildest dreams would I create a scenario of a shootout. Never in my wildest dreams would it be racial and/or ethnic violence that they wished to portray. Someone may lose their job over this and it will be justified!


  2. Fire them all.



  3. Gee, are the parents in the scenario TEA Party members and have Don’t Tread on Me flags too? (Ooh, they’re probably Republican and voted for McCain! Racists!)


  4. Public schools = indoctrination.

    I am ticked my tax dollars fund this crap!




  6. I agree Linda,I’m putting them on my defund list,they have proven to be pretty much useless. Except ole Chertoff hit the jackpot with these scanner machines didn’t he. Rumor has it TSA will be the regimes little army.


  7. Thank you LTG for this most interesting post. I have learned now that staging shootouts is not unusual! Amazing!


  8. Reality is no longer available.


  9. This just keeps getting crazier and crazier! I don’t know what to believe anymore, but expect another false flag soon to cinch the gun control thing!


  10. What troubles me is the relentless attempts to redefine terrorists to look like conservatives. This did NOT happen until Obama was in office.


  11. Once again white taxpayers are made to look evil, as lawbreakers are made to look like victims.


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