How a redneck cooks a turkey dinner

I know it isn’t Christmas anymore, but this has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!



21 responses to “How a redneck cooks a turkey dinner

  1. Hilarious! I wonder how that turkey really tasted? LOL


  2. That’s Red Green, one of Canada’s best-known exports, although a few wanted to deport him! He had a weekly program for many years, but the Word came down from little Stevie Harper through his Harpettes that Red and many other CBC radio & TV favourites had to go, make way for NWO crapola instead. Red was the fellow who many years ago came up w/the axiom about duct tape and WD40 being the only tools needed to make 98% ofh repairs. And if those can’t fix it, yah may want to chuck it. Someone needs to duct tape Harper to his toilet, so he can’t do any more damage….


    • joseph,

      Red was, of course, right.

      But the other 2% of the time, having some beer cans, baling wire, and some Chinese pliers around can be a big help, too. 😉



      • Yo, Dave! Yes, you’re entirely correct, and because of our long history of trade w/mainland China, we got those amazing cotton flannel lumberjack plaid shirts –are ya ready for this?– C$ 5 in 1969-74, the best five years of our lives. And about those shirts: yes, it’s true they were guaranteed to shrink 300%, but that’s why yr skinny Minnie wife bought herself the XXXL Sasquatch size, so they’re fine after the electric dryer did its thing.

        You forgot to mention that the beer cans had to be emptied before they could be used, and that was how we started Saturday home repair sessions, w/a case of beer to get ya through the hard parts, like duct-taping the neighbour’s squally brats to the car hood and taking them for a ride. Boy, did they ever get REALLY quiet afterwards!!

        Well, I could say more, but better leave it so Doug & Bob McKenzie can say their piece. Hey Hosers, are ya out there?


  3. Love Red Green! Years ago my son gave me the Red Green board game for Christmas. LOL


  4. We’ve been big fans of Red Green for years.

    “On behalf of myself and Harold and the whole gang up here at Possum Lodge… keep your stick on the ice.” –Red Green


  5. Joan,

    Thanks for posting this.

    That wonderfully hilarious show was one of the few that made watching PBS worth it.

    LOL – Having lived my entire life within a stone’s throw of Atlanta, it was always nice to see that rednecks are pretty much the same all over – even the Canadian variety.

    There were times when I actually thought I was going to bust a rib from laughing so hard when I watched it. 😀



  6. ok family, watch out for next year! (husband, are you sure you don’t want to go out?)


  7. Oh Joan, how that brought back memories!! My husband introduced him to me about 1995, but we haven’t seen hide not hair of him since about 1998/99 or so. That was awesome and yes, he IS bust-a-rib funny!!! I had a mother-in-law at one time, that if it needed binding (like entire books), fixing, attaching to the wall, fixing those paper plate holders to be actual plates (swear!) or even re-covering a head board, God made duct tape for all of it!! Oh and “framing” pretty paper place mats she got from the dining hall. *sigh* And I don’t think she EVER saw Red Green, because then she’s be in danger of laughing and laughing was a sin. She was a Christian Scientist and I’m not kidding you on that one either. (She’s dead now, guess they all die like we do, doctors or not!) She was a ball of joy to be around, esp. considering I was the “hoor” who broke up my 2nd husband’s family when all the wife did was finally see the light on his over-controlling hind end and left him!!! Didn’t know she had a grandchild – hubby being an only child and all – until he was 6 months old! That’s what you get for calling me a “hoor” and kicking me out of your house!! I’m a little guilty about using duct tape for a few things myself!! LOL!!


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