Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters is bringing us yet further down the rabbit hole.   Hang on kiddies as it’s going to be a bumpy ride.          ~Steve~

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John Noveske

Natural News Jan 10, 2013   Mike Adams

What you are about to read is astonishing. I’m not even sure what’s the right conclusion to draw from it. But here’s what we know so far:

John Noveske is one of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers in America. His rifles, found at are widely recognized as some of the finest pieces of American-made hardware ever created. (I own one of his rifles, and it’s a masterpiece of a machine that just keeps on running.) Sadly, John Noveske was killed in a mysterious car crash just a few days ago, on January 4, 2013.

According to the Outdoor Wire, his car “traveled across the oncoming lane onto the dirt highway shoulder until it struck two large boulders. The vehicle rolled and Mr. Noveske was ejected.”

But barely a week before this incident, John Noveske posted a lengthy, detailed post on Facebook that listed all the school shootings tied to psychiatric drugs. At the end of the post, he asked, “What drugs was Adam Peter Lanza on?”

Mysterious death during gun control debate raises questions

John Noveske wasn’t the first prominent gun rights supporter to be killed in the last few days. Keith Ratliff, the creator of a super-popular YouTube channel featuring videos of exotic weapons, was also recently found dead.

The Daily Mail reports that Ratliff was “discovered on a rural road in Carnesville, Georgia. Ratliff had a single gunshot wound the head and police are treating his death as a homicide.”

Someone murdered Ratliff, in other words, and it had to be someone with the ability to get close enough to Ratliff to take him out without warning.

Beyond these two shootings, the widely-discredited CNN journalist Piers Morgan, wanted for questioning in Britain’s Daily Mirror phone hacking scandal, invited guests onto his show who threatened Alex Jones’ children and laughed about the idea of Piers Morgan shooting Alex Jones with an AR-15.

That astonishing video interview is available at:…

Steve Quayle, creator of, says “the red list is on!” This refers to the so-called “red list” — a secret kill list of Americans authorized by Obama and designed to be invoked immediately before an attempted radical leftist takeover of the nation. In support of this theory, Obama himself actually signed into law the NDAA which authorizes secret assassinations of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

Instead of the red list being “conspiracy theory,” it appears to be a key component of Obama’s domestic policy.

Beyond coincidence: Pieces of the puzzle rapidly coming together

Sure, a car crash involving John Noveske could be a coincidence. It could also be a coincidence that no video footage has been released from Sandy Hook showing Adam Lanza carrying any rifle whatsoever.

It might also be a coincidence that Dianne Feinstein just happened to have her detailed gun confiscation bill ready to release immediately following the Sandy Hook shooting.

It might also be a total coincidence that according to, the United Way Sandy Hook donation support page was created on December 11, 2012 — a full three days before the shooting took place.

It could also be a total coincidence that NBC News reported Adam Lanza’s AR-15 rifle was left in his car and was never used in the shooting at all.

I suppose it could be a coincidence that Bank of America slammed home an economic embargo against an online gun parts retailer in the days following the Sandy Hook shooting.

And it could be coincidence that Facebook suspended or shut down the accounts of hundreds of prominent people who advocated the Second Amendment, including our account here at Natural News.

And finally, it could be a total coincidence that police radio recordings seem to indicate there were multiple shooters involved in Sandy Hook.

But what are the odds of ALL of these coincidences existing simultaneously? Those odds are virtually zero.

Something’s fishy with all this. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that an order has come down from the very top to destroy, silence, threaten or execute true American patriots. Steve Quayle has long predicted this would be the very first step before foreign troops are unleashed on American soil to take over the country and deliver it, just as Obama has always planned, into the hands of the globalist crime syndicate.

It all sounds outrageous, I admit, and I’m not even sure what to believe myself. But it’s becoming more difficult by the day to deny actual events happening right before our eyes. Believe what you will, but don’t be surprised if people like Steve Quayle and Alex Jones were right all along. If we see any more mysterious deaths of prominent gun advocates, it’s going to raise huge red flags across the patriot community.



28 responses to “Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters

  1. I thought this within a couple of days after SH. Things were NOT adding up and now even more so. These are NOT accidents and there are no coincidences .

    I am pretty convinced this and other mass murders have been orchestrated by the gov’t to put fear into the sheeple to disarm those who refuse to see, hear, read and to turn the majority against those of us who are not buying into the LSM and administration propaganda.

    Leaving to buy more supplies right now. Know what I mean. Well done on this post!


  2. White Knuckle Driver

    Just a coincidence. Nothing to see here. Move along.


    • I’m not sure how to interpret your comment. Do you really think all of this is actually “coincidental?” Do you really believe there is nothing in all of this to pay attention to? Perhaps this was a sarcastic comment? Myself, I am quite concerned about this whole “gaggle” of occurrences. Please, please tell me you meant your comment to be sarcastic. We actually have more than enough people out there who are oblivious to what is going on around them.

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  3. Steve thank you for this most important post!! Wake up American sheeple the leftist, jihadists continue to trample on our constitution! It’s getting worse by the minute! Band together and pray!!


  4. ginny I firmly believe in prayer, but we will also need to help ourselves.We need to stand up and fight. Jesus was no wimp. Remember God helps those who help them selves

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  5. the convenient one car accident


  6. We have a gun but few bullets. Does anyone know if you can just go to Wal-Mart and buy extra bullets? Do you have to fill out paperwork, or can you just pick them up with your banannas? 🙂


  7. Too many coincidences indeed…

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  8. A ray of hope perhaps? Last night on the Manning Report one of the callers said that it is well known that Barack Obama’s right to practice law, his Law License from Harvard, was suspended. That means that a Federal Agency prohibited him from practising law.
    Therefore, how can he legislate? He is signed bills into law and initiating Executive Orders. Can an/yone make sense of this? Can we stop him in his tracks


  9. I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but the way Obama has won his elections I can easily believe this.
    My question is, do executive orders have the same weight as laws? How can you be prosecuted for something that is not a law?


    • From Wikipedia:

      “U.S. Presidents have issued executive orders since 1789, usually to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself. Executive orders have the full force of law,[1] since issuances are typically made in pursuance of certain Acts of Congress, some of which specifically delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation), or are believed to take authority from a power granted directly to the Executive by the Constitution. However, these perceived justifications cited by Presidents when authoring Executive Orders have come under criticism for exceeding Executive authority; at various times throughout U.S. history, challenges to the legal validity or justification for an order have resulted in legal proceedings.”

      Of course, it is up to (the useless) Congress to challenge Obama’s executive orders, and (the useless) Supreme Court to judge his EOs unconstitutional.


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  11. By themselves the events are notable, but seems to me that the dots are beginning to be connectable, and that dark forces are ramping up their agenda.

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    • Linda, your feelings were accurate: time has proven them to be correct. In 2017 we see President Trump suborned by unmentionable dark powers behind those who only appear to be movers & shakers.


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