Welcome to the other side of the looking glass

Vice President Biden, accompanied by the Cheshire Cat, announced today that the president will assume dictatorial powers.

Biden and Cheshire Cat

Biden: Executive orders, action can be taken on guns

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9 responses to “Welcome to the other side of the looking glass

  1. For the past 4 years now, I wake up every day to a worse day. It seems there is no bottom to this abyss. We really are living in “Alice Through the Looking Glass” land. 😦

    Would that Biden were as harmless and charming as the Cheshire cat….


  2. Normally, this is where I ask, “Where the Hell are the republicans?”

    And as usual, the answer would be, “Nowhere to be found.”



    • the romanov martyrs

      They’re right next to their fellow elites, the Democrats, because the two party system is an illusion. NEITHER party represents you, they represent big money, power and elitism. They all truly want to make themselves the new nobility and everyone else their serfs. When you realize this, and you realize who is behind all of it (hint hint they’ve been kicked out of every nation on Earth…but they don’t know why! Must be anti-Semitism instead of their actions!) you’ll REALLY be through the looking glass. I suggest you read the Talmud to see exactly where we’re all headed. The USSR was just a warm up, the main show is about to begin!


  3. Take heart friends…more are realizing the truth.


  4. The first jolt people received was in their paychecks this year. Now, I simply cannot believe people will allow Obama to take their guns. My concern is ammo. If Obama can stop ammo sales we’re sunk.


  5. Gee, I thought we had legislative due process and a Constitution…


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