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*Graphic* The Conditions at This MI Abortion Clinic Were So ‘Dangerous’ & ‘Disgusting’ It Was Shut Down

Michigan Abortion Clinic Shut Down Over Disgusting, Dangerous Conditions

(Photo: Target8 News)

A Michigan abortion clinic has been shut down by the fire marshal over conditions the city described as potentially “dangerous to human life or the public welfare.”

And when you see the pictures, you’ll understand why.

Michigan’s Target 8 News has background on the story:

The photos, obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, were taken by police when they entered the Women’s Medical Services Building on Dec. 26, 2012 to investigate a break-in.

The photos show unsanitary conditions, including stained medical equipment near an examination chair, trash near lab equipment and discarded in a storage room, and water stains and holes in a leaky ceiling that is falling apart. The investigator also reported “blood dripping from a sink p-trap in a room used by patients.”

Police did find evidence of a broken rear window connected to the break-in. But it’s what they found inside the clinic that prompted the fire marshal to shut the place down.

Here are a few of the photos:

Michigan Abortion Clinic Shut Down Over Disgusting, Dangerous Conditions

(Photo via Target 8 News)

Michigan Abortion Clinic Shut Down Over Disgusting, Dangerous Conditions

(Photo: Target 8 News)

Michigan Abortion Clinic Shut Down Over Disgusting, Dangerous Conditions

(Photo: Target 8 News)

The Muskegon Chronicle details a few more of the disturbing discoveries made by police:

unsanitary conditions throughout the clinic including used hypodermic needles in unsecured containers, “blood on the floor and walls in multiple locations” as well as dripping from a sink trap in a patient room, and “uncovered buckets containing unknown fluids” in the operating room.

A police detective who investigated after the initial patrol officers’ entry reported seeing “dried bloody handprints on the ultrasound machine and smears and blood splatters on the walls and floors throughout the business.”

The detective reported that televisions, stereos and cash remained in the building, but police could not determine whether whoever broke the door had actually entered the clinic.

Authorities are investigating whether any of the damage was caused by whoever allegedly broke the back door, but much of the squalor appears to have built up over time.

But Dr. Robert Alexander, who ran the clinic, blamed the alleged intruders.

“The last time I was there, when I left, it was pristine,” he insisted in a call with Target 8 News. “It was good.”

Target 8 adds that Women’s Medical Services in Muskegon is not a licensed clinic, but that there is one in the larger city of Grand Rapids.

A little background history on Robert Alexander(I refuse to refer to a butcher as a doctor):

Abortionist Robert L. Alexander
By Matt C. AbbottThe following is a recent news release (slightly edited) by Monica Migliorino Miller, director of the Michigan-based Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and author of the excellent book Abandoned:

Robert L. Alexander, M.D., whose abortion clinic in Muskegon, Mich., was shut down Dec. 26, 2012 by order of that municipality’s fire department due to building and health code violations, has been hired to perform abortion procedures at Summit Medical Services, a Detroit facility, advertising itself under “Abortion Services and Birth Control,” located at 15801 McNichols Avenue in Detroit.

According to a Dec. 28 release of MLive.com and the Michigan Chronicle, the fire marshal’s order to close Alexander’s Muskegon clinic at 863 Apple Avenue followed after police officers, investigating a broken rear window, noted numerous code violations in the facility. Michigan’s director of public safety, Jeffrey Lewis, noted that the closure was in response to fire, health and building code violations.

Perhaps no other abortion provider in Michigan has had a more troubled and checkered medical career than Robert Alexander, plagued by violations of law, court convictions, jail sentences, a series of botched abortions, and the repeated revocation of his license.

For various reasons, Alexander’s Muskegon facility is his fourth clinic to close since 2008.

The discoveries made by city personnel at Alexander’s Muskegon facility are consistent with observations made at the former Women’s Choice facility in Ann Arbor, Mich., from which Alexander was evicted by court order in December 2005. Alexander had been using a spare room in that facility for months to store garbage, including medical waste material, because he had lost his contract with a waste removal company.

Alexander relocated his clinic to a store-front in Ypsilanti. In a June 2006 affidavit, a young woman who had accompanied her friend to Alexander’s 9 S. Washington facility in Ypsilanti states that “the clinic was in disarray, dirty and unsanitary.” (Affidavits are available from CPLS upon request.) Without notifying his landlord, Alexander moved out of the Ypsilanti storefront when he could no longer pay the rent on the offices. Many anti-abortion activists observed women leaving Alexander’s Ypsilanti clinic in a confused state of mind, had difficulty walking, and some even vomited in the parking lot, apparently because they were not given enough time to recover from the anesthetic used in Alexander’s abortion procedures.

More recently, complaints filed by Operation Rescue with Michigan state regulatory agencies cited the following violations at Alexander’s Muskegon facility:

The complaints include allegations related to 24 standard of practice violations, 23 facilities violations, and 7 environmental waste disposal violations. Some of the allegations include:

    a) Non-qualified personnel providing services.
    b) Violation of the 24-hour waiting period.
    c) Using a broken ultrasound machine to “show” patients their fetus and gestational development.
    d) Failure to remain on premises during the post operative portion of the patient’s stay.
    e) Failure to keep adequate medical records.
    f) Unsanitary surgical practices, including the use of unsterilized or reused equipment during abortions.
    g) Maintaining unsanitary facilities.
    h) Furnishment of false information on drug records.
    i) Failure to properly dispose of medical waste.
On January 3, 2013, for the first time, Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis indicated there were 11 potential fire and health-related violations. “There was a leaking roof, poor housekeeping resulting in a large fire load, several containers of hazardous material that was not stored in the proper cabinets and wasn’t labeled properly, combustible materials stored near an ignition source,” he said. Lewis believed that the “safely issues could affect the clientele that visited the clinic.”There was also no key box to allow fire department access to the building, the electrical panel and furnace blocked by stored materials and exit signs not properly lit and not functioning.Dr. Robert Alexander, who ran the clinic, told Muskegon city officials that he did not believe that he could meet the proper safety requirements and thus has decided not to reopen the clinic that’s he’s operated in the area for more than two decades.Alexander’s troubled history includes:

  • In 2006 Alexander was sued by Ameritech Publishing, Inc., for a debt exceeding $30,000 (Washtenaw County 2nd Judicial Court case no. 05-808-CK).
  • Alexander’s professional past has faced several legal challenges. Most notably, “In September 1988, [Alexander] was convicted in federal court, by jury trial, on 12 of 15 counts brought against him. The conviction included one count of conspiracy to distribute eight controlled substances and eleven counts of distributing or aiding and abetting the distribution of four of those controlled substances. [Alexander] was sentenced to several concurrent four-year terms of imprisonment, a $25,000 fine, and a three year special parole term…”
  • These violations and unethical practices resulted in the revocation of Alexander’s license. A lengthy complaint filed against Alexander in 2002 (File no. 02-682-NH) states that after suffering an abortion procedure carried out by Alexander, the defendant required “total abdominal hysterectomy and resection of her cecum and proximal ileum.”
  • A Wayne County case filed in July of 1993 (Docket No. C-255) states that Alexander used inappropriate instruments during an abortion procedure, causing perforation of defendant’s uterus. The complaint indicated that Elizabeth A., the woman who sought the abortion, was seven weeks pregnant, but Alexander had miscalculated that the unborn child was 16 to 17 weeks gestational age. Ironically, this abortion took place at the Summit clinic where Alexander was “moonlighting” at the time.
  • More recently, a June 2009 case argues that Alexander performed an incomplete abortion on a patient whose pregnancy was at 26 weeks gestation. Michigan law does not permit for abortions beyond 24 weeks except in cases involving health of the mother.

Tom in NC


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  1. k2globalcommunicationsllc



  2. Once I was writing comments along with a bunch of other people who were pro-life on a YouTube video about how abortion is wrong. One person that commented was for abortion, and his own father did abortions for a living. I brought up how in addition to the hideous crime of killing kids, how often abortionists damage the woman’s body, and I gave examples. The son of the abortionist reacted by cussing me out and saying things like my stories were “bullshit,” etc, and not giving any reasons as to WHY my statements were “false.”


  3. Totally appropriate for the Devil’s workshop!


  4. It amazes me how people can continue to turn a blind eye to the horror that is abortion. I recently spoke to a business associate by phone, and after catching up about our holiday activities, a comment was made about the November election. This man works part-time as an antique dealer (my connection with him) but full-time with the government as a security guy (I’m not clear on just what his work entails, but he has provided security to a number of administrations, including Reagan’s.) I told him I was appalled at the number of voting-age idiots in this country, and that collectively, we were now subjugating our rights and independence to a virtual dictatorship. He was rather shocked at my take on things and tried to tell me what a terrible person Romney really was, how Obama is really a nice guy, etc., but he got nowhere for 2 reasons: 1) I actually saw Romney in action at a company I worked for that he tried to fix while at Bain Capital, and I know not only how brilliant he is, but how genuine he is, and 2) the sting of Romney losing was still strong, causing my uncensored feelings to spill out (I usually opt for diplomacy with clients, but that’s not happening as much anymore – YAY! ;D)

    I believe my actual comment was “Come on, free cell phones and abortions bought this election!” My client, still taken aback by my strong emotion on the subject tried a different tack: “Tell me this: after all the progress that’s been made on Women’s Issues over the last few decades, why is abortion even an issue?” My reply: “Uh .. because it’s Murder???” He: “What about the rights of the woman?” Me: “What about the rights of the Child? Or the Father, for that matter???”

    Momentary silence. He: “It’s just tissue in the early stages.” Me: “It’s a living entity.” He: “But it’s not a child yet!” Me: “What do you think she’ll give birth to … Puppies???”

    Awkward silence. My client finally said, “I guess this is a topic we should avoid.” I replied, “Yeah. I guess.”

    I’ve thought about this conversation many times since, and realize I planted an uncomfortable seed in this man’s head. I also realize I need to be more “politically incorrect” in my business dealings — I feel amazingly liberated since speaking my mind, and if losing a client is the price I must pay to remain true to my God and my conscience, I will pay it. Abortion is just one way in which this country has been spiritually killing itself … I will no longer be an “enabler” by being silent on the issue.


  5. Remember the claim that if abortions were illegal, women would resort to back room abortions using a coat hanger? Image-wise, how this clinic any different?


  6. Perhaps the person breaking in performed abortions and left the mess!


  7. I thank God the Governor of Michigan has recently signed a new law that clamps down on this stuff. I pray that more clinics like this will soon be closed down.. I just wish they all could be closed…


  8. Consider the character of a person who chooses “abortionist” as a career?


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