Sometimes the Drudge cover says it all

drudge coverTo read the linked article, go to:

Biden: Obama Might Use Executive Order to Deal With Guns


11 responses to “Sometimes the Drudge cover says it all

  1. Ain’t history grand?


    • Hi josephbc69,
      I hope better leaders prevail in Canada.


      • Well, we’ve had far better ones, but we’re often our own worst enemy due to ‘foot in mouth disease’. Little Stevie Harper and his Harpettes are the worst bunch to date: he’s falling all over himself now that he has a ‘majority’ w/35% of the vote, same as Hitler and Mussolini. He wants to be a world-class neo-con so badly it shows in his every move. If Bush 43 had asked him to lick his shoes Stevie would have in a heartbeat.

        To give a good example of how “we kill our best and elect the rest,” the old Progressive Conservative party had many fine people in it; two who should have been elected Prime Minister were Flora MacDonald and Robert Stanfield. Joe Clark was also excellent, but once again his own party dissed him, back-stabbing him in the worst ways, and off we went to the Liberals.

        I guess we don’t have outside enemies because those potential ones look at us and think “No need to, they’re suiciding!”


  2. Executive Order to ban guns? Hope and change…


  3. Sounds like a line in the sand to me. People make up your minds now as to whether you will stand, or roll over and watch your children slaughtered.
    Bring it you skinny ass punk.


  4. Drudge left out Mao and Uncle Ho.



  5. No kidding.


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