McChrystal has the solution…


Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal calls for ‘serious’ gun control measures, says military-style guns don’t belong on the streets of America

NY Daily News: Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal called for “serious” gun control measures on Tuesday,  saying the weapons used by his troops in Afghanistan don’t belong on the streets of America.

McChrystal said the M4 Carbine he often carried in the military held a  .223 caliber round capable of doing “devastating” damage to a human body. “It’s designed to do that, and that’s what our soldiers ought to carry,” McChrystal said on  MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday morning. “I personally don’t think there’s any  need for that kind of weaponry on the streets and particularly around the schools in America.”

McChrystal suggested that dramatic changes to gun control laws are needed  to protect Americans. “I think serious action is necessary. Sometimes we talk about very limited  actions on the edges and I just don’t think that’s enough,” he said.

The former general resigned his post as U.S. commander in Afghanistan in  2010, after Rolling Stone published unflattering comments by his staff about the  Obama administration.

McChrystal said on Tuesday that he didn’t think the media storm around the  article was “entirely accurate,” but he accepted blame for creating an unwanted  controversy for President Obama. “Whether it’s my fault or not, it’s my responsibility,” he  said.

Let’s see….our troops also use 9mm guns and knives which can cause “devastating” damage to the human body. Are those to be banned as well? Or only the weapons McChrystal deems can cause serious harm?

Wonder what type of weapons McChrystal has in his home…



5 responses to “McChrystal has the solution…

  1. McChrystal can go to Hell! If attitudes like his are prevallent among the current uniformed leadership of the DoD, then we’re gonna be in for a bumpy ride indeed. UnAmerican bastards! Damn them all, along with soft, squishy, sellout Republicans. As much as I abhor Reynold’s Wrap, this whole Sandy Hook massacre seems more and more like a staged event to me.


  2. Well, McChrystal was always an empty-headed liberal anyway…


  3. Our entire military has been emasculated anyway. Nothing worse than a liberal general!


  4. What with McCrystal and his collaboration with Rolling Stone ? Say What?????? And Petraeus and Allen with their slimy girl friends and their secret email accounts, and our Weekly Kill Meeting Holder President supposedly still in charge of our sexually revolutionized military and the alliances forged between him and the Al Quada together with Dian Feinstein et al with her pathetic admission that she couldn’t get enough votes in Congress to take guns away from the American people, I wonder why? it is no wonder that the forces of evil are in such a state of disarray. What with their green agenda that is really a genocidal agenda that would have us all living like survivors of Sandy the hurricane, not to be confused with Sandy Hook, did they run out of names or was it just another coincidence? we could be looking at a political indigestion catastophe or political diarrhea that will eclipse the recent collapse of our dear Secretary of State. In the OT God had the enemies of the Children of Israel sometimes turn on themselves and wipe each other out, history can and does repeat itself. In the meantime, get refreshed by watching T B Joshua and Wiseman Daniel casting out demonic spirits on EmanuelTV. God isn’t wasting anytime waiting for TB Jakes to get it together, the revival is in full swing in Lagos Nigeria. Halleluyah!!!!


  5. I think it’s important to understand that anyone in their right mind is in favor of gun control. Think about it: unless you believe that anyone with any criminal history and any sociopathic disorder should be allowed to buy any firearm of any size with unlimited ammunition choices and magazine size, fully automatic, semi-automatic, whatever, you are in favor of gun control.

    OK, now that that’s settled, it’s simply a matter of where we draw the line. The opposing sides in this debate are not mortal enemies; they both want a safer society. Gun-control nuts think banning all guns will make us safer; gun nuts believe that since “good guys” with guns neutralize the “bad guys” with guns, more guns (specifically, good guys with guns) make us safer.

    It’s an important debate to have, but it doesn’t do much good for each side to demonize the other. Sorry, gun-control nuts, but gun lovers don’t enjoy mass killings; they just think that an armed citizenry can protect itself better than the police can. And sorry, gun lovers, but gun-control advocates aren’t really in favor of the government taking away all your guns and enslaving you (who knows, there may be someone like that, but no one is listening to ’em).

    As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between (IMHO). Is it really that awful to say, yes, people can own firearms, but let’s put a limit to the damage one person can do? Do we need large-capacity, detachable magazines and armor-piercing bullets? When a deranged individual goes off on a shooting spree, what often stops him is that he has to reload (sometimes, like in the recent Colorado murders, the gunman brings multiple weapons to the party, but even then it at least slows him down a little). Imagine one of these nut-jobs with 100-round detachable magazines and a fully automatic weapon. On the other hand, I suppose if everyone in the crowd is carrying, he wouldn’t even get through the first magazine before someone took him out. Still, I for one would not be comfortable knowing that amount of firepower is out there being sold to whomever.

    This is complicated, folks. There are no easy answers. You can limit weapons, but you can’t limit human ingenuity; I mean, with a little know-how, it’s not that hard to turn a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle. Just don’t ask me how I know this… 🙂


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