What We Can Learn from Republicans and Mass Murderers

I tried to reblog this important post by Doug Parris of  The Reagan Wing yesterday; but, WordPress didn’t co-operate.  So, I’m posting a few excerpts as an enticement to read this riveting piece at The ReaganWing.com because it deserves the widest possible exposure. 

To quote Doug’s speech at a May 2008 Tea Party Rally in Spokane, WA”

“The world awaits a generation that is undeterred by social convention, that is not psychologically disarmed, that’s willing to ignore immobile leadership, and not to push the teacher’s desk in front of the door either.  They’re going to get up from their desks, cross the classroom and kick the door down, locked and loaded.”


…..Adam shot his way through a locked glass door, confronted Ms. Hochsprung and Ms. Sherlach, the school’s principal and psychologist, and dispatched them both with momma’s carbine.  There were no confrontations after that. Hundreds now fled before Adam. The demon danced inside him and the children hid and their elders cowered, helpless in the kind of self-defense-free zone typically constructed by the American Educational establishment.

Let the bodies hit the floor…”

This could not have happened in 18th Century America. But now it happens over and over. We have become a people universally depending on “the system” for our basic needs. The children were told to hide in closets or huddle in bathrooms or corners and wait to be rescued. Their elders hid, too….

Each different time it keeps being the same.

Remember Ismail Ax?

That was the “super villain” identify, the “face” Korean-American and Virginia Tech English major Seung-Hui Cho took on when he filled the title role in the same nightmare in 2007. It is as if the outline of the scenes has been distributed from Central Casting. Cho transformed himself into a character of imagination, fully armed, equipped, and costumed. And in his final appearance on Earth, he was pagan-god-like, dealing death, unimpeded through 32 victims on the Virginia Tech campus before taking his own life. The story includes the impotence of the police and victims obligingly assuming roles as sheep.

We know that even after they realized a killer was loose, students and faculty both, sat frozen in their seats, waiting for others to decide their fate.

We first chronicled the story here.

That ingrained and epidemic inertia, that sheep syndrome, that makes adults hide under desks and in closets with children, waiting to be rescued, is at the root of America’s crisis.

It is the same inertia that Western economic consultants found in the human wreckage remaining after the fall of the Soviet Union. Men and women who had become sheep… an entire culture that had forgotten basic human skills, compliant subjects waiting to be ruled. Socialist fodder.

The killers wave guns like wizards’ wands and bring it forth… summoning the slave heart beating in the chests of the new disarmed American.  And the socialists call out for more disarmament.

They’re working together, you know.

The socialists and the killers have the same spiritual father and the same ends in view.

And they are coming down the hallway of Classroom America, dressed in black with death in each fist. Butchering property rights, exterminating national sovereignty,  attacking industry and agriculture, fomenting famine in the name of the environment, eradicating sexual morality and love, recycling rapists and literally slaughtering innocent children by the thousands.


8 responses to “What We Can Learn from Republicans and Mass Murderers

  1. How America has fallen — from the can-do pioneer spirit of old.

    I will not go, cowered and cowardly, to my execution!


  2. Exactly their goal, get ’em while they are young, through public indoctrination.


  3. When,not if,but when the economy crashes,all of these political elitists who believe that they know best how to feed and protect the American populace will find themselves in dire straights.Without any tangible skills they will,like the current crop of government educated young people,face the realities of a world where you have to earn your own food,shelter and safety through personal initiative and real world skill sets.No more government handouts.Perhaps a person who spent (wasted) four years in college earning a degree in creative dance will survive the coming hard times,but I seriously doubt it.


  4. I can speak as a parent and I can so without a single shred of doubt that if my child had been killed in any way I would not be sitting and chatting it up 2 days later with the news media. I would be a basket case. These people all look well rested, hair and makeup look great. This kind of appearance would be 1 year after the fact not two days. Not a single tear. Lousy actors.

    6-10 year old children do not write letters to the president about gun control and little boys don’t make a point of talking about it either-unless they have been instructed to do it. God – people are such gullible saps eating all this BS up like lap dogs.

    So this tells us that the television news media is all in it. Everything we are seeing no matter what news you watch is just drama whipped up from Obamanation to keep us all occupied while they play act for us. I have shut them all off and I don’t subscribe to any newspapers. in addition to that I have shut off Hollywood. We should all do that. Stop going to see the moveis that keep those lefties all rich and happy. Take away the thing that gives them power to persuade the public.

    We the people are on our own. Keep up the great work with calling out this fraud.


  5. Left/liberals hate individual self-defense, beause “all violence is wrong”… except when Democrats need to redistribute wealth to their supporters,


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