My Ideas on Controlling Gun Violence

Want to Know How Stop Gun Violence, Try These On For Size Feinstein

That since most illegal weapons are smuggled into this country, the borders with Mexico and Canada must be completely sealed and all vehicles crossing the border to enter this country must be thoroughly searched.

All cargo ships must be thoroughly searched at every port in the United States for illlegal weapons.

Anyone who commits a felony with a gun is automatically given a life sentence without parole or the death penalty.

Any illegal alien caught possessing a gun will be automatically deported on the first violation. If same person is detained again, jailed for life without parole.

Anybody connected to or involved in the gun runner scandal be immediately prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and incarcerated.

All legal and registered gun owners will no longer be threatened with lawsuits or be threatened with confiscation of their weapons.

All gun laws presently on the books will be strictly enforced and no new laws will be written that violate the Second Ammendment.

Think of all the jobs that could be created just by building the border walls/fences alone.

Tom in NC


7 responses to “My Ideas on Controlling Gun Violence

  1. There you go Tom….tryiing to make sense 🙂 I like all the ideas though!


  2. These very common sense proposals should have been in effect many years ago, except of course, the ones that refer to more recent events. They won’t happen because those running the government are determined to remain on a course toward chaos. When was the last time a majority of the citizens of this country won regarding legislation that was critically important to everyone? I’m sure there have been some things (I hope), but I definitely need some reminders……


  3. Tom your ideas make way to much sense for the current administration to understand. Plus you are forgetting a very important fact. The POS in OUR WHITE HOUSE wants no individual to be armed when he and his band of thieves declare martial law and take over the country.


  4. Thanks Tom – excellent suggestions.

    So far most of the focus on gun control has been directed AGAINST citizens who have the Constitutional right to have weapons (2nd Amendment). Citizens are NOT the problem.

    Beyond the smokescreen of the liberal/socialist rhetoric for more gun controls is the ominous conspiracy of DHS/FEMA. This oppressive/tyrannical Federal Government Bureaucracy has conspiracy plans and weapons procurements to intimidate, arrest, detain and Exterminate American Citizens who disagree with them. We have been labeled terrorists. DHS/FEMA has purchased billions of rounds of ammunition, millions of weapons, surveillance drones, armored vehicles, body bags, plastic coffins, etc. And there are hundreds of confinement camps spread across most states to accommodate approx 16,000,000 people.

    There are many sources of facts that document this outrageous conspiracy.

    The risk to citizens and our Constitutional government is the DHS/FEMA subversive/oppressive/tyrannical agenda with its weapons, its funding and its personnel. DHS/FEMA should be dismantled, disarmed and changed back to its original limited charter: protect citizens from natural disasters. The confiscated weapons, etc should be turned over to the DOD which has the responsibility to defend citizens from all external threats (including terrorists) and internal threats (such as DHS/FEMA). Only then can citizens have renewed confidence that they will NOT be subjugated by intimidation, arrest, detainment and extermination.

    There is NO WAY we who DEMAND our Constitutional freedoms/rights/liberties can EVER allow our guns to be taken.



  5. establish a prison colony on the moon…for repeat criminals and violent criminals.


  6. Works for me. 😀


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