Crisis Acting or True Grief? – You Decide

Update (Aug. 30, 2015):

All 3 videos above are now “private.” But here’s an excellent video contrasting true grief from the odd grief displayed by the parents of Sandy Hook child victims.



18 responses to “Crisis Acting or True Grief? – You Decide

  1. It is driving me CRAZY, but I have seen that photo of the Parker family before. It was BEFORE the incident ever happened and I have watched almost none of the coverage since it happened so I know it wasn’t on the news. If anyone has evidence to help prove I am not crazy will be appreciated.


  2. Christy- You think you have seen this ‘family’ in another story somewhere? Is that what you mean? I don’t know what you watch or look at on line but I would look back to another tragedy maybe? Think it could have been 9/11 or something like that? I would love to find this family or one of these actors in another video somewhere. If I knew how to find it or help you look I would do it in a second. I want so bad to smack everyone up along side the head to wake them up I can’t hardly stand it. God when is the rest of the world going to snap out of it? The very minute this happened I was thinking well now isn’t this just the perfect little story for the anti gun groups. I knew this was bad, it was just too damn perfect. So frustrated trying to get people to wake up already.


    • I am pretty sure it was in an ad on the internet or possibly on TV. I do know it had nothing to do with 911. The mother is my main focus of my patchy memories. Sorry I know this not helpful but I cannot let it go.


  3. Crisis acting from the Michael Mooron school of lazy fat libturds.


  4. I’m sending this to Richard Eastman in Yakima, WA who is an excellent investigative reporter on the most important matters: Sept. 11th, the Pentagon ‘plane crash’, and mass shootings. He is very diligent on fact-checking, and digs deeply into backgrounds and history. You can email him at


  5. Isn’t there software that does face recognition?


  6. it seems to me that that some of the “actors” were purported to be teachers at Sandy Hook. Why not goggle them and go to the school website and maybe view the class photo. I know one person said she was a 3rd grade teacher there. I agree that I have never seen so many female family members without tears. And I know men can cry too, but most men who were not the father might not. However, all of the females who were trying to cry did not have puffy red cheeks and noses and moister coming from their noses and these seem to me to be biological human traits when crying. I do not understand why none of the “actual” parents from the school are not speaking out about these “actors”. It seems like they would know some of them or wonder who they were. I am very concerned and would like to see some of these “actors” outed in public if they are. We already know that the media is fully capable of lying for their ideology.


    • Did you ever see the DeNiro/Dustin Hoffman movie, “Wag the Dog”? It’s a textbook for manufacturing a false narrative to achieve a political goal..


    • I finally found the time to watch all three videos this morning. Indeed, not a single family member of victims shed a tear. They all pretended to cry, wiping away non-existent tears from the corners of their eyes. One girl buried her head in the bosom of another and seemed to be crying, but when she raised her head, you can see that she wasn’t crying.

      While they spoke with choked voices, seemingly fighting back tears, not a single one cried, or had tears well up, or blew their nose (from crying), or had a flushed face or a red nose. Those are all visible signs of crying and of grief. Contrast the Sandy Hook faces to the genuine unmistakeable grief shown by the woman at the end of this video of mourners in Aurora, CO (beginning at the 1:30 mark):


  7. Thank you grannie for this incredible post. I know that when a person actually cries, their nose is involved, their entire face is involved. I used to have all types of people cry in front of me during hearings, and most of the time, they were faking it and I called them on it. A person who is truly crying is obvious as all of the facial elements are affected; it is kind of like what Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember.” When you cry, you don’t have to remember how to hold your face or mimic crying, as it just comes naturally.


  8. Before any of this hoax stuff came out I could swear I seen Lauren the teacher in an episode of hoarders. Must look at the episode again.


  9. very similar in looks, but my mistake. The episode is Vula/Lisa. Lisa is a school teacher – they look similar.


  10. Apart from the Robbie Parker interview, It’s simply bizarre that these people would wait neatly in line to be interviewed, so soon after the tragedy, and have all these stories so ready for the obviously scripted questions. They don’t look like they’re grieving for recently slain loved ones. They just don’t. And for interviews to be conducted in living rooms! What! And with both the interviewer and interviewed smiling over this reminiscing, you’d think the children had been dead a few years.

    I’m not sure if these people are actors, though, at least not all of them. But I came across one possible angle here:

    Thought-compelling at the very least.


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