Object Lesson

How many lives would have been saved at Sandy Hook if the principal and teachers had been armed as this Georgia mother was?


7 responses to “Object Lesson

  1. Good for this mom!


  2. No doubt some would consider her morally superior if she had been unarmed and dead.


  3. You don’t back a mother bear with cubs into a corner and expect to come away unscathed. I commend her for protecting her children with the means she had at hand and the slimeball got what he deserved.


  4. Awesome story. Proof positive that the right to bear arms should never be messed with.


  5. Most of the kids would have been unharmed.


  6. Heck, yeah!


    • Let’s not get caught up in woulda, shoulda, coulda as your not dealing with facts only what-ifs. Too many strange “facts” flying around that need answers to to get distracted. My opinion is the REAL TRUTH has not even come close to being revealed yet!


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