Let me up please!!



6 responses to “Let me up please!!

  1. How anyone can say these little furry critters are just “dumb animals” is beyond me; I understood that garbled squealing perfectly! My sister has a Frenchie, too, named Stella, and she is a HOOT! xD


  2. No more Doggy Stew fur me!!!


  3. Awww.How adorable.I love dogs.They truly are man’s best friend.I could never understand how some people could hate them so.They save lives.No matter what you look like or what mood you are in,they are with you through ALL your ups and downs.You could yell at them all day long and they would still be there loving you.I know some of them are bad,but I blame that on the owners.Have you ever seen a mean puppy?People make them mean.


  4. I wanted to take that precious baby home with me. God really knew what he was doing when He gave us dogs–to love us, to delight us, to befriend us, to keep us going even in the darkest hours!


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